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Rolling Stone
A riveting and surprisingly romantic ride.
New York Post
Uses the compelling true story of the triumph of the Enigma code-breakers as background for an invented but believable story of love, betrayal and heroism.
Chicago Sun-Times
What I like about the movie is its combination of suspense and intelligence. If it does not quite explain exactly how decryption works (how could it?), it at least gives us a good idea of how decrypters work, and we understand how crucial Bletchley was -- so crucial its existence was kept a secret for 30 years.
Think of Enigma as a cerebral thriller about the horror of war and the hope that people had in spite of it.
New York Daily News
A smart, old-fashioned spy thriller in which the weapon of choice is brainpower.
The film manages to crack all its codes, and even when it sags a bit, it's never lacking grace and some wit. Not enigmatically at all, it pleases and teases us -- in high style.
With its combination of intrigue, romance, and adventure set against a World War II backdrop, the movie has an undeniable appeal. Flaws aside, Enigma is engaging and ambitious.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The combined talents of Apted, Stoppard and the stellar cast make Enigma a puzzle worth solving.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Best of all, though, is Northam, whose sable hair and polished poise put one in mind of the young Cary Grant. In this no-sweat performance, he's an actor who conveys how restorative it is to think.
Snoozy, plodding film that never captures the inherent suspense of its subject.
Entertainment Weekly
A turgid muddle of romance, espionage, and geek valor, despite intimations that it might have turned into ''A Reasonably Dapper-Looking Mind.''

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