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The Ealing Studios Rarities Collection: Volume 3

(1932-50, Network, PG)

This third collection of less well-known (or unknown) movies from the British studio that ran from the early 1930s to 1959 includes two very minor low-budget B-movies from those early years when it was called Associated Talking Pictures and was run by Basil Dean, and two polished dramas from its glory days in the 40s and 50s under Michael Balcon's aegis. From the Dean era, only the motor-racing drama Death Drives Through (1935) is worth a look because John Huston co-wrote it. The Balcon productions, however, are polished dramas of considerable historical interest. Both are directed by the prolific Basil Dearden and star David Farrar, famous for playing cruel, handsome, middle-class cads in British movies and later for villains in Hollywood epics.

In Frieda (1947), Farrar plays an Raf officer who escapes from a PoW camp at the end of the second world war with the aid of a young German woman (Mai Zetterling,
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