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4 Jan. 2001
Coffee & Commitment
When they are asked to read at the civil union of two friends, Will and Grace verbally spar over her self-serving, get-and-take attitude where Will is responsible for everything -- but what's really bugging him is the overwhelming feeling that Grace is behaving more like a wife than an old friend. Meanwhile, Karen tries to help a caffeine-addicted Jack get over a failed crush but he's so jacked-up on Java that only a tough-love approach will work.
11 Jan. 2001
Swimming Pools... Movie Stars
Will and Grace get carried away in an escrow undertow when they pose as a wealthy couple shopping for homes of the rich-and-famous and visit Sandra Bernhard's posh townhouse where they become fast friends and make an fake offer -- but their ploy fizzles when she accepts their offer. Elsewhere, Karen is forced to attend her young stepson's swim meet and is uncharacteristically chastised by another mother for arriving late while Jack begins attending Co-dependents Anonymous meetings.
1 Feb. 2001
Crazy in Love
Will wanting to impress his new boyfriend who's a sport enthusiast asks Grace to teach him about sports starting with hitting a ball which he does terribly. Jack and Karen asks Grace to decorate Jack's apartment and initially they're difficult when she makes her proposal. But when they see a phony letter Grace made to get out of jury duty which states that she's mentally unbalanced, they give in to her demands not to upset her.
8 Feb. 2001
Brothers, a Love Story
Will gets upset when his new boyfriend refuses to recognize him as his boyfriend when they're in public and introduces him as his brother. Grace tells him he should dump him but Will finds it difficult to do that. And Karen discovers that Stan is giving a portion of his estate to charity in his will.
15 Feb. 2001
My Uncle the Car
Jack receives a letter that indicates he is black. Grace inherits an old a car from a deceased uncle. She sells the the car that she believes to be a lemon to a nun. Meanwhile, Karen discovers that Rosario is moonlighting for Beverly Leslie. Grace realizes that she should have kept the car and tries to buy it back.
22 Feb. 2001
Grace (Debra Messing) is apoplectic when she catches Will's (Eric McCormack) philandering father (guest star Sydney Pollack) on the arm of a glamorous stranger.
15 Mar. 2001
Mad Dogs and Average Men
Will is dating a guy who is not exactly attractive because he is fond of his dog. Will takes care of the dog while he's away and when Jack loses him, Will doesn't know what to do. Grace meets Karen's nephew and she keeps Grace from dating him by telling lies. Grace thinks Karen doesn't think she's good enough for him.
29 Mar. 2001
Poker? I Don't Even Like Her
Will and Grace play poker with Larry, Rob, and Joe but because of certain annoying habits, the guys want Grace out and tell Will he has to tell her. Will tells her and she tries to change, when she does, she tells Will what she's doing. Karen wants to have plastic surgery but she wants to see it done on someone else first. So she gets an acquaintance to have the procedure first.
19 Apr. 2001
An Old-Fashioned Piano Party
Graces fears Will is pulling away, so she buys a piano for them to bond over. Meanwhile Jack is depressed over a recent breakup and channels his energy into writing roman novels, which Karen quickly becomes addicted to.
26 Apr. 2001
The Young and the Tactless
Grace's (Debra Messing) new neighbor, guest star Woody Harrelson, is a slovenly lout whose disheveled lifestyle and grungy habits put him at odds with her well-ordered world.
3 May 2001
Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore
Will and Grace attend a funeral so that Grace can apologize for belittling a former classmate years ago. Also Jack gets ready for a gay cabaret award event with the help of Karen.
10 May 2001
Last of the Really Odd Lovers
Grace (Debra Messing) hates herself for her fatal attraction to a boorish neighbor (Oscar-nominated guest star Woody Harrelson), and wants to keep her newborn romance with him a secret.
17 May 2001
Sons and Lovers
Grace struggles trying to get Nathan and Will to get along. Jack prepares to meet his birth father, only to get a blast from the past.
27 Sep. 2001
The Third Wheel Gets the Grace
Nathan (Woody Harrelson) feels like the third wheel when Will returns from his vacation and resumes his friendship with Grace. Jack takes Elliot shopping for school clothes.
4 Oct. 2001
Past and Presents
Will's former bully from school is hired as a new attorney at his firm. Grace is upset that Karen's birthday gift to Nathan is better than hers.
11 Oct. 2001
Crouching Father, Hidden Husband
Karen cries wolf to Will too many times for his own liking, whilst Grace lends a helping hand to a dateless Elliot for his prom.
18 Oct. 2001
Prison Blues
Jack introduces Will to acting coach Zandra for help with a fear, and Grace stays at Karen's while Stan's in prison.
25 Oct. 2001
Loose Lips Sink Relationships
Jack tries to appease his new boss by setting her up with Will, and jealousy and fear complicate Grace and Nathan's relationship.
1 Nov. 2001
The Rules of Engagement
Nathan proposes to Grace but not in the way she was hoping to be. So he tries to do it again but things don't come out as she hoped.
8 Nov. 2001
Bed, Bath and Beyond
Will, Jack and Karen try to console a devastated Grace after her break up from Nathan
15 Nov. 2001
Star-Spangled Banter
It's election time and Will and Grace are supporting different mayoral candidates cause one is gay and the other is Jewish.
22 Nov. 2001
Moveable Feast
When Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen want to spend Thanksgiving together. But they each have to visit someone or go to another Thanksgiving dinner. So Will comes up with the plan to visit each place for one hour at a time. But each visit leaves them reeling and leaves them unable to enjoy their own celebration.
6 Dec. 2001
Stakin' Care of Business
Will has old and new boyfriend issues at the gym, and a business proposal causes problems between Grace and Karen.
13 Dec. 2001
Jingle Balls
Grace has found about Robert. Will doesn't want to introduce Robert to Grace, but Grace invites Robert to dinner and he accepts. Jack names Karen as his assistant on a designer job.

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