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Season 1

4 Jun. 1962
Long Live the King
Training soldiers off in the countryside, Prince Richard is unaware that his father the King is ill. A messenger is sent to tell him, but scheming Prince John has him killed and a false message sent that causes Richard to go off to make a treaty with the unpredictable Lady Catherine. In the mean time, the King dies and John insists that in Richard's absence, he should become the new King.
11 Jun. 1962
The Lion and the Eagle
Back in London in 1189, Richard and his men receive no welcome, only to find his brother Prince John has kidnapped their mother, Queen Eleanor and is intent on installing himself as the new King. Searching for the Queen, the Lionhearts find a trail of her jewelry in the forest.
18 Jun. 1962
The Robbers of Ashdown Forest
Having returned to London to prepare for his coronation, Richard discovers that his brother Prince John has fled the country - taking with him Queen Eleanor, as hostage.
25 Jun. 1962
The Wolf of Banbury
In defiance of Richard's orders, Baron Giles gives protection to fugitives from justice. To add insult to injury, he abducts the Lady Rosalie, recently betrothed to Sir Geoffrey.
2 Jul. 1962
School for a King
Anxious to learn the plight of his subjects at first hand. Richard sallies forth in disguise - and soon finds himself arrested for not paying his taxes.
9 Jul. 1962
Crown in Danger
Having sent several of his friends in pursuit of three escaped prisoners, Richard is concerned when he hears that they have taken refuge in the castle of a knight who feeds his foes to his wild animals.
16 Jul. 1962
The Pirate King
Believing himself to be Richard's equal, Forked Beard, a self-styled 'King', seeks a treaty between himself and the English king. Having rejected his proposal, Richard is taken prisoner.
23 Jul. 1962
The Alchemist of Rouen
Lady Rosalie's appeal to Richard to help her father, whom she believes she has fallen under the spell of Villanus, an alchemist, almost costs Richard his life.
30 Jul. 1962
The King's Champion
Led by a bogus pretender to the English throne, a Black Knight issues a challenge that Richard, with too few knights at court, must accept - or forfeit his throne.
6 Aug. 1962
King Arthur's Sword
Richard leads his men to capture the thieves who have stolen King Arthur's sword Excalibur, from Arthur's tomb at Glastonbury Abbey, But danger dogs blocks his path.
13 Aug. 1962
The Challenge
Zara and her brother Umbaldo issue a challenge to Richard. He must choose a champion to defeat Umbaldo. Should Umbaldo win, Richard will pay service to Zara - should he be defeated, Zara will become Richard's bride.
20 Aug. 1962
The Bride
Urged by his counsellors to take a bride, Richard sets out in disguise to visit the court of Prince Frederick, to take a cautious look at his daughter.
27 Aug. 1962
The Strange Monks of Latroun
In Lebanon, Richard and his men find a dying boy near a supposedly friendly abbey with monks renowned for helping pilgrims and travelers. The monks have in fact been replaced by a band of murderous thieves who have assumed the robes of the friars. Richard infiltrates by posing as a fellow cutthroat.
3 Sep. 1962
The Great Enterprise
Queen Berengaria, honeymooning with her new husband, is unaware that someone is plotting treachery at Richard's court - returning home, she faces a charge of treason.
10 Sep. 1962
The Norman King
Unaware that King Tancred of Sicily and King Philip of France are plotting his death, Richard accepts their invitation to a banquet given in his honour.
21 Sep. 1962
When Champions Meet
Pursuing his plot to have Richard killed, King Philip joins forces with Richard's brother, Prince John. Together they challenge Richard to face Saladin, in a 'friendly' tournament.
28 Sep. 1962
The Warrior from Scotland
Determined to join Richard's Crusade, Kenneth, a young Scottish warrior, arrives at Richard's castle. While attempting to impress Richard. he loses the King banner - and sentenced to death.
5 Oct. 1962
The Conjurer
Ali, a Saracen youth with a flair for conjuring - bit a fear of killing - is ordered to infiltrate Richard's camp and slay the monarch.
12 Oct. 1962
The Lord of Kerak
Arnold, master of Kernak Castle, is a Crusader in name only. So when he hears that the King is travelling to query his absence from court, he plans to have Richard killed.
19 Oct. 1962
The Saracen Physician
Gravely ill with fever, Richard is taken to the vamp of his allies where, unknown to his friends, the attendant physician is in the pay of Saladin - Richard's enemy.
26 Oct. 1962
A Marriage of Convenience
On the pretence of Lady Edith's marriage to Sir Kenneth, Richard sends his confidant to Saladin to propose that the Moslem leader consolidate the peace between them marrying the girl.
2 Nov. 1962
Queen in Danger
Fearing for her safety, Richard orders Queen Berengaria to return to England, so she takes her entourage yet tries to travel in disguise. She's captured not by Saladin or Muslim raiders, but by unscrupulous rival crusader Conrad of Montferrat.
15 Mar. 1963
The Castle of Prince Otto
Prince Otto's castle is the only barrier in the Crusader's path. He insists on being paid before he'll allow anyone to pass - including the British sovereign.
29 Mar. 1963
The Vision Fades
Within sight of Jerusalem and victory, Richard readies for a final battle with the Muslim forces, but he realises his erstwhile allies are undependable. The Austrian King is losing interest because he won't get enough glory, and the French King and his troops outright leave the crusade, just as word is received the enemy forces are about to abandon the city.
12 Apr. 1963
The Fugitive
The sole survivor of a shipwreck, Richard scrambles ashore to safety. Unfortunately he's landed on the land of Duke Leopold - his sworn enemy.
26 Apr. 1963
Knight Errant at Large
Following his knight's vows, Richard helps a young woman in distress - and quickly finds himself a prisoner of the tyrannical Lord Rudolph.
10 May 1963
Guardian of the Temple
With his new friends, Hugo and Marta, Richard stops at a market-town to purchase fresh mounts - and finds arrested as an enemy spy.
24 May 1963
Within sight of escape from Austria, Marta collapses from fatigue, Though he risks capture, Richard refuses to continue until she has recovered.
7 Jun. 1963
A King's Ransom
Hearing that Leopold demands a price of 150,000 marks for Richard's release, Queen Berengaria commands Sir Gilbert and Sir Geoffrey to raise the money.
21 Jun. 1963
The Devil Is Unloosed
Told by a fortune-teller that Richard is dead. Prince John makes plans to proclaim himself King. He has reckoned without Robin Hood and his Merry Men - Richard's loyal subjects.
5 Jul. 1963
The Little People of Lyntor
The "Little People" of the subtitle are the tax payers of outlying counties. They've been dunned for four large payments and are nearly bankrupt. Richard finds they have been tricked into paying by false documents backed by Prince John's soldiers.
19 Jul. 1963
The Raiders
Out hunting, Richard and Gilbert finds the body of a murdered man - a discovery which leads them to a castle of a murderous knight, responsible for several killings.
2 Aug. 1963
An Eye for an Eye
Richard finds himself abducted by a knight with a grievance against the English Throne. Put on trail for treason. Richard is sentenced to be hanged.
16 Aug. 1963
The Caveman
In a small backward town, Richard finds the local peasants living in fear of a hermit living in a nearby cave, who blackmails them with threats of invoking a supernatural power over their water supply. After seeing the beautiful Lady Diane, the hermit insists she be forced to marry him, or the land will go dry. The King investigates the cave to find the source of the supposed wizardry.
30 Aug. 1963
A Year and a Day
After a desperate man steals Richard's horse, the squire of Fitzgeorge castle takes him in. He can't see the man's son though he served gallantly in a crusade with him. The serving maid tells of a plot, where it was actually a serf that fought alongside the King, and the real scion of Fitzgeorge hid back in England.
13 Sep. 1963
The Crown Jewels
A young knight in training is Miguel from Navarre. His days are spent under Richard's tutelage, but nights find him deeply in debt to disreputable owners of a gambling den in town. They threaten him with complete disgrace by exposure, unless he conspires with them in a plot to steal the crown jewels.
29 Nov. 1963
The Man Who Sold Pardons
A charlatan posing as a monk named Nicholas goes from town to town selling indulgences, and bearing a forged document of authority from King Richard, intends blackmailing nobles who supported Prince John's attempted coup. Richard seeks whoever is behind the phony friar, and pursues him to a country inn.
6 Dec. 1963
The Heir of England
Arthur, the young prince of England, is to visit his uncle, King Richard, from his home in Brittany. But the knight that's to escort him is waylaid and a kidnapper takes his place. To find the outlaws, Richard goes under cover as a lowly sailor to find out where their hideout is.
13 Dec. 1963
The People's King
As Richard's coronation in Westminster Abbey draws near, great importance is placed on the clothes to be worn by important guests to the ceremony. One such costume is smuggled out so that one of the lords, who will lose his status if Richard comes to full power, can disguise himself and get close enough to kill him so exiled Prince John will come to the throne.

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