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Season 1

8 Sep. 1973
Assignment: The Ahab Apparition
The ghost chasers meet up with the Partridge kids at a mansion in Peaceful Cove which is being haunted by the ghosts of Captain Ahab and Moby Dick.
15 Sep. 1973
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
The Partridge kids' concert is canceled when Macbeth's ghost begins wreaking havoc in the Globe Theatre.
22 Sep. 1973
The Galloping Ghost
The ghost chasers head to Wilt Chamberlain's dude ranch to investigate the headless horseman who's scaring away guests.
29 Sep. 1973
The Singing Ghost
The ghost of Frankenstein's Monster III invites Danny Partridge to his mansion so he can steal the boy's voice.
6 Oct. 1973
The Ghost Ship
The ghost chasers agree to take some publicity photos of the Partridge kids on The Sea Witch, a haunted pirate ship, but soon they all find themselves adrift and at the mercy of twin ghosts, one good and one evil.
13 Oct. 1973
Mummy Knows Best
The ghost chasers and Partridge kids are invited to Kahrobi, where they encounter the 2000 year old ghost of the former king.
20 Oct. 1973
The Haunted Wax Museum
The ghost chasers and Partridge kids get trapped inside Waxman's Wax Museum, where many of the exhibits have come to life.
27 Oct. 1973
Aloha Ghost
The ghost chasers head to Hawaii to investigate the ghost of King Manamoa, who seems to be haunting actor Michael Gray's family pineapple plantation.
3 Nov. 1973
The Wicked Witch Dog
The Partridge kids summon the ghost chasers to check out a Scottish lighthouse that's haunted by a devilish Doberman.
10 Nov. 1973
Venice Anyone?
The ghost chasers go to Venice to help a young couple who are menaced by a meddling ancestor.
17 Nov. 1973
Go West Young Ghost, Go West
The Partridge kids give the ghost chasers a call when they discover Funland's haunted house is actually haunted by the ghost of Ichabod Ipswitch.
24 Nov. 1973
A Hard Day's Knight
The ghost of Spanish knight Don Miguel interferes with a space shuttle launch.
1 Dec. 1973
Is Sherlock Holme?
The ghost chasers head to England and team with Detective Sergeant Roger Sherlock to investigate thefts at Blimey Mansion, which is haunted by numerous ghosts.
8 Dec. 1973
That Snow Ghost
The gang heads to an abandoned village in the Swiss Alps to get the scoop on the spirit of Oberdorf.
15 Dec. 1973
Inca Dinka Doo
Gilly's Aunt Wilma sends for the ghost chasers to join her in the South American jungle to see the ghost of an ancient Inca chief who guards a lost city.
22 Dec. 1973
Old MacDonald Had a Ghost: Ee II Eeyow
George MacDonald calls in the ghost chasers when he inherits a farm that's haunted by his deceased relative and a creepy scarecrow.

 Season 1 

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