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Entertainment Weekly
A surreal, elegantly melancholy, and yet witty ensemble story.
Mr. Showbiz
Easily the best millennial movie, Don McKellar's Last Night is also the only one to use the idea of apocalyptic end-time as a vehicle to explore the absurdity of human desire.
Chicago Sun-Times
As the final hour approaches for the characters in Last Night, there are moments of startling poignancy.
San Francisco Chronicle
Writer and first-time director Don McKellar, also one of the film's stars, makes the plot gimmick an inventive jumping-off point for an exploration of humanity in a state of quiet panic.
New York Daily News
Though the film is dark and the ideas run deep, it's perversely fun to think about.
Christian Science Monitor
A gifted cast and a surprisingly delicate ending are the movie's best assets.
Miami Herald
A slight movie, and in the end you wish it said a little more, but it is also a startlingly honest production. When it's all over, you can't imagine it being any other way.
New York Post
A rare and welcome reminder of how original, provocative and moving a low-budget independent film can be.
San Francisco Examiner
A shockingly eloquent, nearly moving feat of Y2K-trendiness.
Austin Chronicle
In contemplating whether the world will end with a bang or a whimper, it reveals a little something of the human condition as we enter a new age.
There are poignant moments in this apocalyptic "what if" exercise.

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