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Another good performance by dharmendra

Author: dacait from Hong Kong
18 July 2007

The Whole movie relies on Dharmendra's performance. The direction is also OK. However the central characters played by dharmendra is not the usual dharmendra playing action hero in other films.

This is what to like about this film . that you will see dharmendra playing an well-educated man who reaches success in short time . But it only lasts for short time and his rainy days start over. His character is quite dynamic and compelling. he plays comic, tragical, sad, happy man in different phases of life in the movie. IF you think dharmendra can't act well. You should watch this movie. Then I believe you would have to change your opinion on him . He is not less than other talented actor in those days. However this movie's been low profile of his. I would recommend to this movie to every dharmendra fan and who likes Indian cinema of 70s. I ensure you will have nice time going through this movie. Rakhee playing the supporting role is also quite good but can't be compared to dharmendra. Performances are fine, songs are alrite, dharmendra's performance is to watch out. SO if you thinking of spending some free time at home? rent this DVD and watch it. You will have some nice time. so enjoy a good piece of work by satyen bose in 70s . have a nice time. And also this movie has 2 issues to talk about like is money more important or honour?

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Diluted Count of Monte Cristo !

Author: ahmed elshikh ( from Egypt
11 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Here's a remake of Alexandre Dumas's immortal novel. While this time it takes place in India of the late 1960s, it insists on leaving many of the original's powerful points out. Take for instance the matter of the lead being framed since one of the evil men wanted his girl. That point was never here, despite how its presence provides scarring the lead deeply (when his love gets married to the antagonist), adding more anger into him to revenge. The political conflict, interfering in the fate of lead and his enemies, was unneeded. The long period in prison shrank to 7 years. The matter of breaking from the jail was canceled. The wise and old prisoner, who gives away his money to the lead and dies had been changed to an old rich man who helps the lead out because he believes in revenge (?!), and he doesn't die at the end. The evil team looked mostly as a bunch of idiots. It creates another 2 idiots however as the lead's loyal friends and the movie's relief. And at the end it turns into a familiar gangsters' movie, as obviously it intended from the start, where it fabricates a double kidnapping, a dumb criminals, a big fight, and a rescue on the nick of time. By the way, this Count of Monte Cristo doesn't kill anyone; he only inclines to commercial rivalry or uncovering hidden crimes and the police take care of the rest (one of the targets loses his mind to get killed accidentally by a car though). So by now you must notice that there was a sense of easiness and mildness at dealing with everything. It even leans toward naivety sometimes such as the disguising as a holy man, needing to know all the target men (why since the lead will know them by his other disguise as a bearded businessman ?!). Or the matter of uncovering the demand's smuggling; that was done utterly artless ! Though I liked how they handled the character of the girl. Suspecting her, wanting to avenge her as well, then forgiving her due to the lead's blind desire to retaliate; all was perfect. The movie is dazzling in its own way. The colors are so beautiful and well-selected in every scene; the one at the old rich man's villa, where the lead narrated his story, is unforgettably fascinating. So the suits of the lead were many and so chick. Not to mention the charismatic stars themselves, (Dharmendra) and (Rakhee). Especially (Rakhee) who, in her first role ever, was more lovely and lithe than what she'd seem in her next movies. OH MY GOD her hair was an enchantment ! You'll not hear the usual 100 songs; on the contrary it has just 2 songs. One of them, (Jhilmil Sitaron ka Aangan hoga), is happy and dreamy, concerning the love of the 2 leads. And the movie, cleverly, reuses it yet in a sad version for the other half of the story. If there was something I did hate then it's the fake beard of (Dharmendra); that was shamefully CHEAP ! It's not a big production but it managed to look nice and attractive as short B movie. Well, after not too many years the same story would be produced bigly, noisily and yes bloodily. In the 1970s the formula would be made through hotter rage with the big B, and I mean both Amitabh Bachchan and his movies ! As you see this is a diluted Count of Monte Cristo, watchable, a bit enjoyable, and maybe more enjoyable as a time travel to view the very decent movie-making of Bollywood in the 1960s.

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Love, Money & Revenge

Author: bunnymehra1985 from India
7 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Dharmendra plays a poor college boy who is in love with Rakhee (a rich girl). He always prefer honor over money. After achieving great success in his college exams he got a Managerial job in Bank but due to deception by his colleagues he had gone to Jail. After releasing from Jail another accident happens and everyone thinks he dies. But, Then he takes help of an old rich man who trust him and takes revenge from all those who tricked him. This was a good movie of 70's. And Dharmendra is very different in his role. Rakhee is okay not special. Story is old but direction is good. 'Jhilmil Sitaron'is beautiful song. In last, I just want to say apart from Dharmendra different avatar and act there is nothing special in this movie.

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A poor adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo

Author: av-ankur from India
1 July 2015

For anyone who has read the classic novel The Count of Monte Cristo, this film is an example of how your most beautiful memories and dreams can be transformed into some mindless rubbish: while Hindi cinema specializes in such terrible adaptations, this one is one of the worst even among them. The film has no moments of stillness: everyone and everything breezes through, and while Dharmendra plays Edmond Dantes, Ramesh Deo is completely miscast as Danglars. Dantes' father is here replaced by Dharmendra's mother: more tear-inducing for an Indian context, though tears are not easy to sprout, anyway.

The film has one famous song: maybe its only saving grace. There is too much noise, and the plot adaptation is set in a bank, not a ship. So the romance of the sea - Mercedes waiting by the sea and Dantes' Herculean skill and woman's fickleness like the sea's and the miraculous arrival of the Pharaon - that romance is completely lopped off, already dooming the adaptation to the bins of poorly executed ambitions.

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