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5 Jan. 2000
Bang Like That
Three year old Terrence Ellison is found dead by his eight year old sister, Julie, in their backyard from what looks to be a head injury sustained from a fall from the swing. Based on the autopsy, Patricia and Sunny surmise he died from being shaken. On first glance, neither the parents, Ben and Claire, or Julie are capable of committing such a violent act, but the authorities cannot see how it could not have been one of the three that caused the death. Upon a site visit, Family Services is unconcerned about Julie being also physically abused if it was one of the ...
12 Jan. 2000
The police discover a man concealing a sex trade worker bound and gagged in his truck. Da Vinci questions whether the situation represents a consensual act or the work of a serial killer.
19 Jan. 2000
A suspected serial killer has been released on bail. Da Vinci and the police must find enough evidence to recapture him before his fantasies lead him to kill again.
4 Oct. 2000
That's the Way the Story Goes
Da Vinci investigates the death of a man found laying in the entrance of an apartment building on the downtown east side. Kosmo investigates a woman found killed by a chopstick through her eye. While investigating a double murder, Leary becomes concerned about Shannon's health and covers for him with their sergeant.
11 Oct. 2000
Bring Back the Dead
An inmate serving a life sentence for killing a police officer forces Da Vinci to interpret a heart stoppage in an ambulance as a death in custody. Mick and Shannon search for the son of a woman who was beaten to death in her apartment. Winston is trapped in an elevator with a corpse. Da Vinci looks for a piano for Gabriella's birthday.
18 Oct. 2000
It's a Bad Corner
Cory Wilkins, a squeegee kid, is beaten to death while washing a windshield. His girlfriend, Lily, happened upon the scene immediately following the beating and only caught a brief glimpse of a woman running away from the scene, that woman who either did the beating or possibly knows who did. They do find the woman, a junkie, who did witness the beating by the driver of the car she was chasing. They do identify the vehicle, which was reported stolen by its owner, Frank Carver. Leary, Shannon and Savoy recover some evidence from the found car and a possible murder ...
25 Oct. 2000
Do You Wanna Dance
Da Vinci and Kosmo investigate the relationship between a young boxer and his mother's abusive boyfriend. Shannon and Leary investigate the latest in a string of cab driver murders. Patricia and Bobby Marlowe teach a group of medical students about crime scene investigation.
8 Nov. 2000
The Hottest Places in Hell
A human skeleton is found in the Grandview Cut, just below an overpass. The body is determined to be that of Elaine Walker, a woman that has been missing for a year. The authorities suspect her husband, Robert Walker, as her killer as he has a $1 million double indemnity life insurance policy on her, a policy on which he was trying to collect even before conclusive evidence that she was dead. He also admits he was in an extramarital affair with a woman by the name of Melanie Stone at the time Elaine went missing, Melanie who currently lives with him. Leary and Kosmo ...
15 Nov. 2000
This Shit Is Evil
Eric DeWitt is found dead, his lungs filled with fluid, his mouth stuffed with dirt and his arms with burn marks. The authorities discover that DeWitt has a criminal past mainly related to drugs. Da Vinci pieces the information together that DeWitt was operating a crystal meth lab. DeWitt must have died from a leak at the lab. The problem facing the authorities now is to find the location of this potentially explosive lab. Sandy, DeWitt's strung-out junkie girlfriend, is of no assistance. The authorities ultimately find the lab when two more dead bodies, those of ...
22 Nov. 2000
An Act of God
Da Vinci investigates the death of a young man working for his father's construction company. Shannon and Leary investigate a decomposed body discovered in the back of a stolen truck. Kosmo helps a woman who thinks her husband is an impostor.
29 Nov. 2000
All Tricked Up
A charred dead body is found outside the wreckage of a burning car, the body which was bound before the fire. The car is registered to Phil Wilkins, a pool hustler. After uncovering some evidence, Shannon and Leary learn that the body is that of Wilkins, who lived life high but had no money. But the nature of the fire indicates that the perpetrator would have also suffered significant burns. Shannon and Leary suspect either one of his pool colleagues who he stiffed or Bobby, the manager of Wilkins' local pool hall as Wilkins was having a clandestine affair with ...

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