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13 Jan. 1999
Final Chapter
Patricia is asked to be a guest speaker at conference, and her presentation leads her to re-examining the case of the missing prostitutes. Sioux, who is now a police informant for Kosmo, implicates Danny in the drug trade. Kosmo is forced to examine her feelings for Danny.
27 Jan. 1999
The Hunt
At a Seattle conference, Da Vinci, Leary and Sunny discover similar cases across the Pacific Northwest, including the death Da Vinci is currently working to solve.
3 Feb. 1999
The Capture
A victim escapes, leading to a manhunt for a pair of suspects and a critical decision for the investigation on both sides of the border.
6 Oct. 1999
A Cinderella Story: Part 1
Da Vinci calls for Vancouver to establish a red light district following the death of a high-priced escort and with the continuing mystery of the 28 missing prostitutes, all presumed dead.
13 Oct. 1999
A Cinderella Story: Part 2
Da Vinci calls for Vancouver to establish a red light district following the death of a high-priced escort and with the continuing mystery of the 28 missing prostitutes, all presumed dead.
20 Oct. 1999
The Hanged Man
Da Vinci investigates a death inside a prison and implications of police corruption. The death of an elderly woman during a suspected home invasion pits rookie Coroner Winston against the Chief Pathologist.
27 Oct. 1999
Tommy's on the Corner
Da Vinci investigates two fatalities that happened during a controversial high-speed police car chase. Shannon and Leary investigate the hold-up of an armored car.
3 Nov. 1999
His Wife
Da Vinci investigates two deaths. The first death is that of Marjorie Diggens, found at the bottom of her basement stairwell by her husband, Louis. Da Vinci believes the death to be an accidental fall down the stairs, but Patricia thinks it may be an from a fight between husband and wife. Leary and Kosmo, the Homicide investigators, discover the Diggens had a history of reported domestic problems. And because the determination of possible homicide was delayed, the accident scene has been contaminated, therefore there is no usable forensic evidence. When Chick ...
10 Nov. 1999
Sister's Light
While dealing with his own grief, Da Vinci investigates a boating accident in which three experienced fishermen drown. Da Vinci must wade through the difficulties of a divided family, a belligerent corporate lawyer, and his own sympathies to discover the truth.
17 Nov. 1999
A Nice Home in the Country
The Coroner's Office and Homicide investigate the finding of dead body - Robert Magus - buried in the yard of a private home. Beyond the fact that the body was obviously buried, the initial findings do not seem to indicate foul play. When a second body is found on site, the investigation points to the previous owner of the home, Viola McKnight, who ran a bordering house for pensioners there and where Magus was living when it is assumed he dies. An elderly woman, Viola, with her mentally challenged adult son Bert, has run a series of boarding houses catering to ...
24 Nov. 1999
Blues in A-Minor
Adolescent Byron Mizlowski is found dead on the shores of Burrard Inlet. It looks as if he either jumped or was pushed off the Ironworker's Memorial Bridge. Byron was a bright and responsible child and his parents gave him much leeway. They think that his biological father may have something to do with the death as Byron was physically abused by him in the past. However Patricia discovers in the autopsy that Byron was also sexually abused, as recent as the night of his death. Det. Bobby Marlowe from Sex Crimes thinks this case is linked to his case involving alleged ...
1 Dec. 1999
The Looking Glass
Simon Sloan, wielding a knife, is fatally shot by Constable Lyle Rook in what looks to be on the surface an attempted robbery at a retail store. The Coroner's Office decides to take the case to inquest to determine if there was any police misconduct in the shooting. Flynn wants Da Vinci to take a particularly hard stance against the police department as the inquest is heavily populated by individuals representing the police. In the words of one police officer on the scene, Sloan wanted to die. Most testify that the police took adequate and appropriate measures under ...
8 Dec. 1999
The Lottery
The dead body of Clarence O'Malley is found by his long time best friend, George. It looks like Clarence died of natural causes. What Da Vinci and Shannon also find in O'Malley's apartment is a series of lottery tickets. Although drunk at the time the winning numbers are announced, Shannon is lucid enough to know that Clarence owns a ticket worth $2 million. Da Vinci and Shannon contemplate what to do with this knowledge. They go through a series of options, including keeping the ticket for themselves, especially if Clarence had no living relatives. Their resolve to "...

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