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Season 6

23 Nov. 2003
Thanks for the Toaster Oven
In the Police Department, there are some assignment changes. Suki has moved into the Robbery Division. Curtis is now partnered with Marla, an old colleague of Suki's from the police academy. Suki sees Marla as just a female version of Curtis. Williams has been promoted to Homicide, where she's partnered with Shannon. And Kosmo and Leary are now partnered. This change may do Leary some good as he, who still deeply affected by Josie's shooting death, has given away all his home possessions and has started living out of his truck parked on the beach. Kosmo, Leary and ...
23 Nov. 2003
Send in the Clowns
Da Vinci, Kosmo and Leary investigate the death of Lee Fallon, previously a police officer but now a boxer who was found outside they gym where he worked out. His body was found the morning following the night of a charity boxing event. Once Da Vinci hears the name of Gus Cook, the ring doctor, he immediately thinks the good doctor may have been involved in the death. Da Vinci previously pulled Cook's license for malpractice. Shannon and Williams investigate a dead body found in the middle of a field. The body was dumped there. They suspect that a gray sedan seen in ...
30 Nov. 2003
Bury My Own Bones
Kosmo and Leary investigate the suspicious behavior of an injured, bloody man at a laundromat, he stating incoherently that "they're all gone". "Michael" ends up dying quickly on them of a head wound from a bullet. Kosmo and Leary now have to find out who Michael was talking about, and if the who's are indeed, as they infer, dead. They do find Michael's house and the gruesome discovery inside. There is however one family member unaccounted for. They think they've found the missing son. Unfortunately for Leary, he can relate to what he sees as the motive for the deaths...
7 Dec. 2003
Iffy Areas Around the Edges
For twenty years, Farris Dunlap has been threatened by Wendell Quinn, who believes Dunlap killed his brother, Roger. Dunlap denies even knowing the Quinn brothers. The latest round of threats started when Quinn was released from prison, he being there for manslaughter. This threat includes the mailing of a severed finger to Dunlap. On the flip side, Quinn states that Roger was a police informant who witnessed some wrong-doing by Dunlap. Just as Roger was supposed to testify, Wendell received the severed finger, which he knows belongs to his brother due to a scar. ...
14 Dec. 2003
Twenty Five Dollar Conversation
A severed body is found by the railroad tracks, apparently run over by a train. It turns out to be a young teen-aged boy by the name of Shane Tyler. It sounds as if Shane was down by the tracks dealing drugs. Da Vinci learns that Shane came from a troubled home, and that his mother, Matty, is also a drug dealer. After the autopsy, Da Vinci further learns that Shane was chronically abused. Da Vinci is certain that Matty is his abuser. Although Da Vinci never confirms the root cause for Shane's death, he speculates Shane may have taken his own life to escape his abusive...
18 Jan. 2004
Can Bend, But I Won't Break
Kosmo and Leary investigate the death of Sarah Peters, her body found in the underground parking lot of her apartment building. They learn from William Chen that Peters was a material witness for the Crown in the homicide case against Roy Willetts. Chen also tells them that Willetts was incarcerated with Peters' estranged brother, Gary. Kosmo later also learns from Sue that someone is selling merchandise purchased with Sarah Peters' credit card. That someone is Dennis Lucas, who Kosmo and Leary pick up. Lucas admits that he knows who killed Sarah, but that the killer ...
25 Jan. 2004
Out of the Bag and All Over the Street
Da Vinci investigates the deaths of Ray Stone and Gloria Keane. It looks to be a double suicide, with a succinct suicide note for the pair: "AIDS x 2". Some alarm bells ring in Da Vinci's head when he finds some prescription bottles for AIDS medication in their apartment, as the prescribing doctor is Gus Cook, whose license was once pulled by Da Vinci for malpractice and who Da Vinci is currently investigating concerning the recent death of a boxer. Meanwhile, a woman by the name of Kathleen Mills comes in to speak to Shannon and Williams because of her nightmares. ...
1 Feb. 2004
The Squirrels Are of English Descent
The dead body of Robert Camden is found on the rocks offshore of Stanley Park. Da Vinci and the cops' first inclination is that his death is related to the fact that they are near a known gay stroll. Local reporter, Josh Warner, feeds the fire as he tells Da Vinci that the previous night, the police questioned but let go a bunch of rowdies in the area who were uttering gay slurs. The trail runs cold after speaking to all the known witnesses. But feathers are ruffled when the press runs with speculative stories. Kosmo and Leary investigate the death of a man on the top...
8 Feb. 2004
Jungle's Dark But Full of Diamonds
Da Vinci is involved in a vehicular hit and run traffic accident, the other vehicle doing the running. Da Vinci ends up with a gash on his head. There were two eyewitnesses, each with a different viewpoint of who caused the accident. Despite this bad start to his day, Da Vinci goes to work. His first case is that of Nick McLeod, who was found hanging in a new unoccupied house for sale. He is the realtor. He looks to have been squatting in the house. They later learn he was separated from his wife. But the unusual aspect of his death is that there is no physical way he...
22 Feb. 2004
There's a Story Goes Along with This
A traffic incident occurs when a man driving a stolen vehicle stops an ambulance, the driver of the stolen vehicle, wielding a shotgun, demanding morphine from the paramedic. After the incident, the driver of the stolen vehicle flees on foot, leaving the vehicle behind. The ambulance delay causes the death of the elderly woman being transported. Fingerprints retrieved from the stolen vehicle indicate the driver is probably Douglas James Shelby, who kidnapped his young daughter, Jennifer, from his estranged wife, with Shelby and Jennifer in tow currently on the run. ...
21 Mar. 2004
Okay It's Official
An eyewitness sees a car drive into False Creek. One male passenger in the vehicle managed to make it out of the water and flee the scene, whereas one female passenger drowned. The male ends up being university professor Harold Stanley Keller (it was his car), the deceased female one of his students named Ellen DeWitt. Shannon and Williams interrogate Keller, who initially tells a story of a purely innocent professor/student relationship and a malfunctioning car. After Shannon and Williams find some evidence to the contrary, Keller eventually tells them that he was ...
4 Apr. 2004
A Man When He's Down
Sue stumbles into Rick Prentice's apartment and finds him dead. Totally freaked, she runs out, but the next day informs the authorities. During the investigation, Homicide - which includes Kosmo, Leary, Shannon and Williams - freeze Curtis out, who tries to get in on the premise that Rick was his informant. In reality, the Homicide detectives all know in their hearts that Curtis killed Rick. With Rick's murder, Councilor Pierce finally decides to talk to Homicide about being blackmailed by Curtis, and admittedly asking Curtis if he could make Rick just "go away". ...
4 Apr. 2004
Seven Tentacles
With Williams away on another case in Seattle, Shannon is temporarily partnered with Donna. They are working on a case of a gunshot dead body washed ashore by the port, his face covered with a seven tentacled octopus. They discover he is Lawrence Brownfield, an American journalist. He apparently was working on a story about the drug trade and drug smuggling in and out of Vancouver. Shannon and Donna piece together the story and if it was somebody on the drug side of things who was not too happy about the story who killed him. Kosmo and Leary start their investigation ...

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