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Season 4

30 Sep. 2001
Too Late for Mr. Early
Da Vinci, Shannon, and Leary investigate an apparent suicide in the woods of an ex-convict released on day parole. Patricia starts her new job as a professor at the university. Sunny finds some interesting artifacts in historic Chinatown. Kosmo tries a new approach to an old unsolved case.
14 Oct. 2001
Oppenheimer Park
Patricia, Sunny and Kosmo's new assignments are progressing. Patricia gets an office at the university. Another skeleton is found at the archaeological dig site. And Kosmo gains the trust of the some of the girls and johns in her investigation of the missing prostitutes, thinking that they may be able to assist in noticing unusual behavior during the course of their transactions. Kosmo befriends a young prostitute named Sue, who is thus far pretty open about her dangerous life. Meanwhile, Da Vinci investigates two separate deaths. The first is of an elderly woman ...
21 Oct. 2001
Banging on the Wall
Da Vinci investigates the death of an eight-year-old child. Shannon and Leary investigate the double shooting of a bouncer and a stripper.
28 Oct. 2001
Cheap Aftershave
Da Vinci investigates a Chinese boat migrant who dies on a hunger strike while in detention. Shannon and Leary's prime suspect in a double shooting is a possible stalker.
4 Nov. 2001
Ugly Quick
Da Vinci and Kurtz investigate Leary's shooting of an officer.
11 Nov. 2001
Birds Have Been at Her
Leary and Shannon are back at work following Josie's shooting. Leary is still feeling the emotions of the incident, and reflects on his life. Shannon wants to make Leary feel that he is there for him by telling him a dark secret about his past. With work, Kurtz delegates the worst jobs to them, their first case being an abandoned car belonging to Jessica Bailey. Homicide is investigating if only because there is a good deal of blood on the back seat. Jessica is missing despite having her car listed for sale. She is pregnant and soon to give birth. Her bank account has...
18 Nov. 2001
Shoulda Been a Priest
A young John Doe is found dead in a locked boxcar in the railroad yard. Da Vinci accuses the railroad security guard of purposely locking him in the boxcar, an accusation the security guard does not take too kindly. Da Vinci's words have a greater impact than he could ever have imagined. With the John Doe's notebook in hand, Helen tries to determine who this young man was. If she can't, he will be ultimately be buried in a pauper's funeral. Da Vinci's second case is that of Roger Wilford, a jumper off the Burrard Street Bridge, Wilford's dead body which is fished out ...
2 Dec. 2001
Sixes and Sevens
Da Vinci and Traffic Inspector Zack Mc Nab investigate a highway accident in which the driver is missing. Shannon and Leary investigate the murder of an elderly lady in a penthouse. Kosmo is stymied with her prime suspect in the case of the missing prostitutes.
6 Dec. 2001
Be a Cruel Twist
A basement suite fire claims the lives of two, Daniel Dupont and his infant son Peter, the house which was owned by Daniel's father who is distraught over the incident. Da Vinci and the fire investigator are about to rule the fire accidental, until Daniel's father offers some information about threatening shoplifters at Daniel's collector LP business and until the investigators find some cigarette butts outside the basement suite's window. Rose Williams, who helped Da Vinci with some robbery information, tries to use this case as a stepping stone into Homicide. Kosmo,...
13 Jan. 2002
Simple, Sad
As a favor to Gina Otaviani, Da Vinci looks into the case of Hanna Reese, a young incarcerated woman who gave birth in custody; the baby died shortly thereafter. Hanna tells of a difficult delivery made more difficult by harsh treatment by prison officials while in labor, especially guard Dolores Williams, who left Hanna shackled during delivery. The investigation shifts from the shackling to Hanna's prenatal care or lack thereof as a possible contributing factor of the death. It ends up being a case of he said/she said, with Da Vinci having to come to his own ...
20 Jan. 2002
Pretend You Didn't See Me
The dead body of Alexander Winchester is found in an apartment complex courtyard, an eyewitness who saw him fall from the sky. Alexander, a Jamaican national wanting to emigrate to Canada, was staying in his brother John's apartment in the complex. While canvassing the complex's tenants, Da Vinci learns there was music blaring from the apartment at the time of the incident and that Alexander was having an argument on the third floor with someone else or arguing with himself just before the fall. Leary and Shannon, investigating for Homicide, eventually speak to John ...
21 Jan. 2002
Gather Up All the Little People
Eleven year-old Nelson Kauf is found dead, hanging off the roller coaster. He is known to police as he continually called them regarding domestic problems at home. These were all deemed by the police to be nuisance calls. He was also cited by others for mischief. Da Vinci learns that Nelson was on antidepressants, the prescribing doctor - Dr. Ludlow - who has a history of over-prescription. Da Vinci is about to sign off that Nelson's medication dosage and his death have no relationship, until he learns more about the earlier death of Nelson's father, also with a ...
21 Jan. 2002
In the Bear Pit
McNab and Da Vinci find a dead body in the trunk of an abandoned car, the totaled car which was involved in a high speed chase and eventual traffic accident. The second car is nowhere in sight. The dead man, Joseph Leroni, died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Leroni is a known bank robber. The car, reported stolen, belongs to Charlie Victor who works at the racetrack as a trainer and who Da Vinci personally knows more casually as Victor Charlie. Victor doesn't know Leroni or how the car got stolen (there was no sign of forcible entry). An eyewitness comes forward who ...

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