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Ah, Ya Can't See The Forest Because Of The Trees

Author: richard.fuller1
8 October 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recorded nearly a dozen episodes of this show off Cartoon Network over the years. I had thought it was a childhood favorite of mine as well, and I remembered the very effective (tho obviously just as PC) Saturday Superstar Movie that this came from, same scenario, Yogi and his friends in a flying ark, looking for the perfect place. The song was in that show as well.

And yes, now I watch it and it is eyebrow-furrowing to watch. The once brilliant zinging one-liners of Yogi, Snag, Magilla and Hokey Wolf reduced to this.

The flaws are obvious. Yogi and Quickdraw and Booboo are now pristine in their way of thinking. All they need is a soapbox to do their preaching from.

"Don't litter. Be Nice. Don't Be Greedy." I would like to say that there was at least some compensation in the usually better developed characters of the bad guys, but that don't apply here either.

Gossipy Witch says "Atom Ant is a musclehead. Yogi Bear has left the EArth, never to return" straining to make non-chalant gossip.

Interesting about her episode, most of her gossip involved characters sleeping. "Magilla sleeps with a bunch of bananas, Squiddly Diddly sleeps in water, Doggy Daddy sleeps with a clothespin on his nose to prevent snoring, Peter Potamus sleeps with a teddy bear" and so on.

One rather intriguing episode was Mr. Bigot. That the show even sought to touch on this subject was interesting. Alas, Yogi getting mad and discriminating against humans and dogs and hippos soon lost any promise.

Yet we do get Rose Marie of "The Dick Van Dyke" show as Lotta Litter, and she doesn't disappoint. She loved her trash.

Paul Winchell was the Sultan of Selfishness and the character seemed to display the life Winchell brought to his voices, with sudden jumps for joy.

Jesse White I do recall did Mr. Cheater.

Nevertheless it is the PC that causes the migraines.

Quickdraw to Gossipy Witch, "I don't mean to be rude, Gossipy, but I have work to do." Instead of blaming Lotta Litter, Booboo Bear points out that they are responsible for not picking up the trash.

Yogi and Huck have definitely undergone a lot of strange transformations since they first appeared; Yogi's Gang, Laff-A-Lympics, Yogi's Space Race, Yo Yogi.

Ranger Smith as a blonde like he was here in the '72 show was definitely one of the strangest.

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A True Classic that i hope comes to DVD soon

Author: Oddark123
15 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As a character creator myself there is nothing more exciting then seeing many characters come together and in this first instance from Hanna Barbera they show how to get it right.

Yogi's Gang is a typical Hanna Barbera affair, you know what you should be expecting. Limited Animation, Great Voices and expected jokes that never get old or unfunny In this show which laid groundwork for future HB shows of collecting characters together but here Yogi and a whole group of characters from the early years shorts come together in a flying ark to find a better place to live. (a shortened premise from the movie, which became parts to end the series) Along the way the gang come up against greatly created villains that represent the problems of man. Many of which who even though they maintain one appearance in history, have become easily memorable. Whether Peter the Cheater's epic line after being cheated himself, or the hilarious ramblings of The Sheik of Selfishness, or one of my favorites Mr. Hothead who blew his stack literally.

This show brought it's classic characters with the comedy and managed to educate youth like myself on some of the problems plaguing society. And maybe more importantly, it never gets old, i can still dig up my VHS tape and watch these cartoons over and over.

This cartoon is truly one of my favorite cartoons of all time and please let it see a DVD release soon

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Ugh thankfully this show is gone (may conatin spoilers)

Author: Tricer1447 from Dubuqe Iowa
26 November 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Ok this show is by far one of the dumbest ever made. I have felt more hatred to this cartoon than any other. Ok Yogi, Booboo and the other HB animals were complete morons. They were also unbelievalby wimpy. Once this jack tricked Yogi into signing this paper (this one was perhaps one of their most dangerous villains, he was a cheater GASP think he's bad you should the Greedy Gennie. The Greedy Genie? What the h-ll were they on?) that gave him ownership to his ark. Ok theres only one of him and they were all animals. I mean bears, (Yogi, Booboo and the hillbilly bears) dogs (Hucklberry, Auggie and Doggey Daddy) a cougar (Snagglepuss) a gorilla (Magilla) an alligator (Wally) a horse with guns (Quickdraw and why would such an uptight show have a character with guns?) a hippo (Potamus) and a super strong ant (Atom) so why the h-ll didn't they just like tear him to shreds or something? Think thats bad whats next is unforgivabel. Mister Sloppy. Ok get this. This slop turns on his tube 'Thats the neat alarm!'' He sees Yogi giving orders cuase they are going to some drugged up place called Neaters Ville (that is pathetic) SO he goes to a bookself. 'Time for my sloopy spells and he waves and becomes some bomb named Mister Neat (he's obviusly demonic or something, pagan worshipper? has to be) The show got dumber and dumber . Each episode was unbelievably stupid. Oh yeah and the thing was the laugh track that came on every 2 seconds over everything. Ok one guy was eating a steak and HAHA. ? thats just hilarius.

There are a lot of animated shows I really like (Samurai Jack, Mon COllie Knights, Justice League, Yu-GI-OH!, Digimon, Inuyasha, Jackie Chan adventures, Yu Yu Hakuso, Simpsons, Cowboy Bebop ect) and some I dont like or really care for (Kim Possible which is one I only saw a few times and wasn't impressed but was alright, Chalk Zone, Rocket Power, South Park which has been bad since the osama bin laden (phooey) episode, Jabberjaw, Superfriends and Fighting Foodons and I would say Butt Ugly martians but I only saw a few seconds of it and the whole thing was stupid though so might as well) but this is the worst 0/10 and that is deserves and is worth it.

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Social Relevance Invades Jellystone

Author: Brian Washington ( from Los Angeles, California
4 May 2004

When this show first premiered I thought it was great that Hanna-Barbera was bringing all of their major characters from the 1960's together in one show. However, when I saw it, I couldn't help but feel that it was a major disappointment. First of all, the show itself was too long due to the fact that it was an hour in length. I think that it would have worked better if it were just a half an hour in length. But, the big thing that I felt was wrong with the show is the fact that it was part of the long line of shows that came out in the 1970's that felt that it had to be socially relevant as well as entertaining. I don't need Yogi Bear or Magilla Gorilla giving me a weekly lesson on why we should protect the environment or how we should avoid the seven deadly sins. No wonder this show, or a lot of the other show's from this period are not remembered fondly or shown in reruns. This is one show I am sure to avoid at all costs.

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What the hell?

Author: dootuss from PA
12 November 2002

I have to agree that a lot of the shows that Hanna-Barbera made in the 1970's were good. However, a LOT of their shows made in this decade were well...plain crap. And this show is one of them.

The show features Yogi Bear, whom along with his companion Boo-Boo as well as many other HB characters like Snagglepuss, Huckleberry Hound, Quick Draw McGraw etc. flying around in a huge ark while trying to find the perfect natural habitat that is not overrun by pollution, and civilization. They usually ran into villians like Lotta Litter, and Mr. Plenty and of course like other cartoons stopped their evil polluting ways. Of course it MAY have seemed like a good idea, but this is absolute crap. I mean they changed Yogi Bear's identity. They changed him from a pic-a-nic basket stealing bear resident of Jellystone Park into this preachy, PC bear. That's degrading as heck!

Don't get me wrong, we DO have to clean up the environment, but we don't need our well known classic Hanna-Barbera characters to tell us too. Bottom line: This show is crap!!

This gets no stars.

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