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Season 1

Trapped by Loki
After years of imprisonment in Asgard, Loki escapes to Earth to gain his revenge on his half-brother, Thor. Once there, Loki learns that Thor lives among humans as one of them, Dr. Donald Blake.
Chained Evil
Loki enhances the mental powers of Sandu, a carnival mystic. Sandu then uses his supernatural powers of levitation to battle Thor and to trap him beneath an entire building.
Battle of the Gods
Hoping to break up the love between Thor and Jane Foster, Odin heeds advice from Loki. Loki uses this opportunity to pit the Enchantress, the Executioner, and two powerful giants against Thor.
Trial of the Gods
Loki brings Jane Foster to Asgard and tries to convince Odin that it was Thor who brought her there. In order to prove which of his sons is lying, Odin sends both to Skornheim, where they must endure its deadly dangers.
The Absorbing Man
Escaped convict Crusher Creel is given power by Loki to absorb the properties of anything that he touches. As the Absorbing Man, Creel uses his fantastic strength to battle Thor.
Terror of the Tomb
Loki lures a hunter into The Temple of Darkness, a hidden tomb where the hunter's spirit enters the body of the Indestructible Destroyer, an enchanted suit of armor forged by Odin.
The Grey Gargoyle
Scientist Paul Duval gains the power to turn himself (and whoever he touches) into living stone. As the Grey Gargoyle, he attacks Thor hoping to steal Thor's magic hammer, which he believes will help him gain immortality.
The Mysterious Mister Hyde
Calvin Zabo, an employee fired by Donald Blake for stealing, vows revenge and uses a chemical formula to turn himself into the super powered Mr. Hyde.
Every Hand Against Him
Thor's nemesis Loki forges an alliance with supervillains Mr Hyde and the Cobra. The trio kidnap Jane Foster to lure Thor into a booby-trap.
The Tomorrow Man
Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man, travels back in time to 1962 to steal a cobalt bomb that he plans on using to make himself ruler of the 23rd century. Thor follows him forward to 2262 in order to defeat him.
Enter Hercules
When the Greek god Hercules arrives on Earth, he takes a fancy towards Thor's love Jane Foster. An enraged Thor fights it out with Hercules all over New York City.
Thunder in the Netherworld
Tricked into signing a contract to become the ruler of the underworld, Hercules must rely upon Thor to champion his cause and help him to win his freedom.
Molto, the Lava Man
When a race of underground lava men threaten the surface world with destruction, Thor gathers his Avenger teammates in an attempt to thwart the attack. The group is aided by an unlikely ally, their former team member, the Incredible Hulk.

 Season 1 

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