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26 Feb. 1990
The Celesteville Enquirer
When Flora decides to do a newspaper story about Real Life of the Royal Family, the royal homestead is thrown into a panic as her photographs prove to be embarrassing to everyone in the palace.
5 Mar. 1990
Special Delivery
With Babar and Celeste spending all their time tending to the needs of her new baby sister Isabelle, Floras feelings of being unwanted ultimately lead her to run away from home.
12 Mar. 1990
To Tell or Not to Tell
When Pom and Alexander are left to baby-sit their little sister Isabelle, their preoccupation with covering up some palace mischief allows Isabelle to go missing.
19 Mar. 1990
The Coin
When Babar has to honor an old promise and grant the wish of anyone who returns pieces of an old coin to him, his entire kingdom is put in jeopardy as Rataxes shows up with a piece and demands to be made King of Celesteville.
2 Apr. 1990
My Dinner with Rataxes
While visiting Rhinoland to celebrate the peace treaty between their two kingdoms, Babar and Rataxes get caught up in a battle of one-upmanship which jeopardizes their attempts to rescue their lost children from a treacherous labyrinth.
9 Apr. 1990
Fathers and Sons
When Alexander and Victor use the father-son events of a family picnic as a way to determine which of them has the best dad, Rataxes cheating not only costs him the race, but the admiration of his son.
16 Apr. 1990
Witches Potion
Believing that magic is the only hope of Flora surviving a deadly snakebite, Alexander ventures into the dark forest to find an old lady he thinks is a witch.
23 Apr. 1990
A Tale of Two Siblings
Stuck baby-sitting his little sister Isabelle, Alexander spends the afternoon making up a fairytale which ultimately draws them closer together.
30 Apr. 1990
A Charmed Life
Burdened by the insurmountable demands of running his kingdom and family, Babar wishes he was never King. To his surprise and dismay, he gets his wish. Celesteville has become, Rataxesville!
7 May 1990
Uncle Arthur and the Pirates
When Uncle Arthur, the world traveller and adventurer, shows up at the palace, his tall stories propel Babars children into getting themselves mixed up in a dangerous dock side escapade.
14 May 1990
The Unsalted Sea Serpent
When a mysterious creature is sighted in the Celesteville lake, Babar calls upon a famous undersea explorer to help him protect it from the clutches of Rataxes.
21 May 1990
Ghost for a Day
Babars health is in question when he accredits his strange behavior to mysterious visits from the Old Elephant Kings ghost.
28 May 1990
Boys Will Be Boys
When Babar sets off with Uncle Arthur and Zephir to renew a childhood treasure hunt Rataxes seizes the opportunity to try and beat him to it.

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