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24 Sep. 1998
A Side of Chile
Jesse is a single mother who works in her father John's bar while also applying into a nursing school. Jesse also has two brothers: John Junior, who is voluntarily mute until he learns to use language more efficiently, and Darren, who is trying to get rich with not-so-brilliant ideas. Jesse also has a son, Little John, who is handy in repelling jerks who try to hit on Jesse. Then a handsome Chilean, Diego, moves into the house next door and comes to borrow a can-opener. Jesse's dad takes instant dislike to Diego but Jesse feels attracted to Diego. Diego is pleased to ...
1 Oct. 1998
Goober Up the Nose
Jesse's annoying alarm clock keeps disrupting her dreams about Diego. Since Darren can't afford a place of his own at the moment, Jesse's very cute brunette friend from work, Carrie, suggests he stay at her place, but the dumb-ass just declines because he thinks he wouldn't get women then! Diego asks Jesse to go to movies with him, but her father objects. Jesse decides to ignore his opinion. Carrie and Jesse's other friend from work, the sexually aggressive Linda, help her choose something to wear. Then something unlikely happens on the date.
8 Oct. 1998
Bees Do It, Birds Do It, But Not in a Car
Diego gives Jesse a present: book of poems by Pablo Neruda. Jesse is impressed: no one has given her poetry before. Diego invites her to come over in the evening. There is just one problem: how to explain to Little John what exactly mommy is doing with a new man.
15 Oct. 1998
Live Nude Girls
Jesse forces Little John to take Darren as his roommate. Diego asks Jesse to come for dinner at his place on the following night. But then, when helping Darren move into Little John's room, Jesse happens to look out the window and sees that there is a mystery woman at Diego's place - a mystery woman who kisses him on the cheek and hugs him. What's going on?
29 Oct. 1998
Boo! He's Back
Jesse and Diego take a private holiday to consummate their relationship. Darren has ordered a two-person horse costume for Halloween, but there are two end pieces of a horse and not a single head piece. Then Little John's father returns after seven years of absence...
5 Nov. 1998
The Methadone Clinic
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12 Nov. 1998
The Kiss
Diego points out to Jesse that Roy seems to be around a lot and Jesse seems to enjoy his company a lot. They get into a fight about it just before Diego is due to leave for a trip to New York. Carrie has agreed with Darren to try to make Linda jealous of her while on their group date, which is supposed to awake interest in Linda towards Darren. Roy surprises Jesse with a kiss.
19 Nov. 1998
The Cheese Ship
Diego is not answering Jesse's calls. Linda starts asking about Darren, who has gone to pick up Carrie. Darren's plot to make Linda jealous is finally starting to work and Jesse realizes that Linda likes Darren. There's just the fact that Carrie isn't pretending to like Darren - she really likes him, he just doesn't know it. And the girls' "Code" says that they can't make a move for their best friend's guy. Jesse then invites Diego (who has a flu) for a Thanksgiving dinner even though Roy is coming there too. Diego refuses. Later, Jesse decides to take some soup over ...
10 Dec. 1998
Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World
Little John has a part in kids' Christmas comedy stage-play of Jesus and his dog Barko. Diego is still upset about the kiss between Jesse and Roy. Roy has actually asked Jesse out on a date and Diego becomes jealous when he hears about it from Linda. Darren is going to appear in a TV commercial. He asks Carrie to return the ring he gave her in order to make Linda jealous, since the trick did not work. Carrie has had it and "breaks up" with Darren (they only pretended to be together), and Linda sees that her opportunity has presented itself.
17 Dec. 1998
Boo! He's Gone
Diego appears on Jesse's doorstep in the middle of night to bang the door. He comes to bring an important message: Roy is "fundamentally evil". Jesse does not heed him. Linda has been arriving late to work for the whole week and Jesse's dad gives Jesse the task of reprimanding her. Meanwhile, Darren and Junior have a talk with Diego: their advice is: "Move along with your life." Diego then confronts Roy, telling that he is backing off. But that is not the conclusion...
14 Jan. 1999
The Best Possible Deal
Diego arrives at the bar out of breath. His car had broken down and he had pushed it for 8 blocks... in the winter. Junior declares Diego's car dead. Jesse apologizes about the incidents with Roy. They decide to try being just friends for a while. Since they are now friends, Jesse offers to help him get a best possible deal of his a new car. Darren and Junior have both been smitten by the same woman who visits the bar. Both think she is looking at specifically him. So they start competing for her attention.
21 Jan. 1999
The Mischevous Elf
Jesse estimates that she has served 200,000 beers at the bar over the course of 8 years and is sick of the bar. She has no high school diploma, so she decides to take night school so she can graduate and go study to become a nurse. Jesses math teacher then asks her out. But it's Diego she really likes. After encouraging from Carrie and Linda, Jesse gets the courage to ask Diego out, but before she has the chance to ask, Diego tells that a student asked him out and he said yes. So Jesse announces that she has agreed to go on a date with her math teacher. At Jesse's ...
28 Jan. 1999
My Casual Friend's Wedding
Linda has a break-up with her boyfriend. Jesse, Carrie and Linda's high school so-called-friend April is getting married and this would be the first time the girls met since graduating (except that Jesse had to drop out before that, of course). Jesse points that there would be a lot of single men there. So they attend the reception. April, however, does not recall Carrie, even though she claimed to have been close to April in high school. April asks Jesse to be her maid of honor, since her sister didn't make it all the way from Italy. Carrie is upset. Meanwhile, the B...
4 Feb. 1999
Hickory, Dickory, Death
Diego had mentioned a university cocktail party to Jesse, who assumed it an invitation to be his plus-one. However, at Diego's place, Jesse finds that Diego already has a date: the sexy student, Gwen (the apparently ageless Pauley Perrette, cf. NCIS, 10 years later), whom Diego has been seeing a while (since #1.12). Jesse goes nuts and starts to live an imaginary life according to the examples in the film noir marathon on TV... A life where Diego is a private eye and Jesse is a femme fatale. A life where someone kills Gwen in the first scene. Sad, but at least we see ...
11 Feb. 1999
Crazy White Female
When Gwen leaves Diego's side to fetch a mitten she forgot, Diego's facade cracks and she begs Jesse to help him, because Gwen is crazy! Meanwhile, John Sr. meets an old crush, Marianne Myers. Jesse urges his dad to ask Marianne out. Will he do it? Diego sees refuge in the bar because Gwen is stalking him! Jesse says she can't help him. Will Diego end up as a chalk outline in the yard?
18 Feb. 1999
Bar Remodel
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25 Feb. 1999
Touched by an Angel
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4 Mar. 1999
Cecil, the Angry Postman
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11 Mar. 1999
The Parent Trap
Jeese would like to go to movies with Diego, but Diego has some other plans and he refuses to reveal what they are. When Jesse threatens that thee're will be a week without sex, Diego cracks and confesses that his parents are coming to town for a few days from Chile. And Diego doesn't wan't Jesse to meet them because there is already enough friction between him and his parents. But Jesse insists that she can be a great buffer: she will ensure that Diego's parents enjoy their stay and don't get into arguments with their son. At least in theory.
18 Mar. 1999
Momma Was a Rollin' Stone
Little John is being harassed by a bully named Moe in school. Jesse intends to speak to the boys mother but Little John panics at the thought - "It's just not done!" he insists. Jesse promises that everything will remain between just her and the bully's mother. "And so it begins!" Little John resigns to the fate that awaits him. Jesse goes to see the Moe's mom but only finds a stoner who says his name is Terry. And he's not Moe's dad. "Moe is Susan and Fez's kid. I'm just a friend... of Fez's", he explains. Terry goes to find Susan, who turns out to be Jesse's mother!
25 Mar. 1999
Finders Keepers
Darren has renamed the bar Drinkies and is holding the "first annual scavenger hunt". The grand prize is a Harley Davidson that Diego really wants, so he and Jesse split the list, although Jesse would rather spend the day together with him. So she has to play the "naked girl if we go together" card to talk him out of splitting the list. But what to do when the find an abandoned baby in the park?
1 Apr. 1999
I Do, I Think I Do
Jesse and Diego are playing strip-pool - where nobody loses! Main story: Jesse receives of a letter of acceptance from the local school of nursing, with full scholarship. Darren confides in Jesse that he's nervous about running the bar without Jesse. And poor Diego gets fired from the University. Which means that if he doesn't find another job, he will lose his work visa and therefore he is in danger of being deported. And the visa applies only to art teacher jobs...

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