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Season 2

23 Sep. 1999
Jesse's New Job
Diego proposed to Jesse, who declined. Diego had to accept a job elsewhere because otherwise he would have had to return to Chile. Linda is living in Diego's apartment until he gets it sold. Jesse's still studying, but she wishes to get a job on the side, so she has a job interview at the Student Health Center. The interviewer, Kurt, is a hard-ass nurse, who bluntly rejects Jesse in less than 60 seconds. Jesse pleads her case, but Kurt does not give in. Then he is told to clean up some vomit, which leads to him hiring Jesse who can be ordered do it for him.
30 Sep. 1999
Driving Miss Jesse
Jesse's car breaks down. Linda refuses to leave from Diego's apartment. Diego could give Jesse and Carrie a ride, but there is too much friction between Jesse and Diego for it to work. Danny and Kurt carpool and Danny offers Jesse a seat. Kurt's not too fond of the situation. Diego threatens Linda with police, and Linda says she has found an apartment. But has she?
7 Oct. 1999
Students Get Flu/Carrie at Zoo/Monkey Throw Poo
Diego tries to get Linda to paint his kitchen but Linda has found out that is too boring to do. She also has found out that Little John spends too much time with a boy called Gabe. Gabe is a nerd. And in Linda's mind, it is not in the best interest of Little John to hang out with a nerd. Meanwhile, the clinic is full of flu epidemic patients and Kurt is ecstatic to have so many people to boss around. Carrie arrives there to ask Jesse's advice and Danny declares to Kurt that she is 'fantastic'. When Jesse goes to do her work, Danny approaches Carrie. It does not go ...
14 Oct. 1999
Everything But the Grill
It's the middle of October and it's unusually warm. So Jesse suggests to Carrie and Linda that they all barbecue. Jesse asks Linda to get her sweater, but Linda is reluctant to go home since Diego is there, painting and moping all day long over Jesse. So Jesse decides to invite him to barbecue. Carrie gets over-excited about the barbecue and stops by at the clinic the day before. Again, Danny embarrasses himself in front of her, but at least he gets invited to the barbecue. Even Kurt comes, despite his superficial lack of interest. Then he actually finds something ...
21 Oct. 1999
Jesse vs. Kurt
Linda comes out from the shower to answer the phone, her towel drops and Diego sees her naked. Linda and Carrie then interpret everything Diego does (or does not do, for that matter) as a sign that Diego is now into Linda. Cue lots of confusion. Jesse has her first lunch together with Danny and Kurt. Danny says Jesse is now part of the "crew" and suddenly Kurt mentions a big mistake Jesse made at work. On the next day, he declines Jesse's invitation for lunch with her and Danny. Then Danny reveals that Kurt claims Jesse has stolen supplies. Jesse decides to confront ...
4 Nov. 1999
Jesse's Flat Tire
Little John leaves for a 3-day trip to Albany. Carrie and Linda offer to take Jesse on a girls night out, but Jesse has already rented 'Shakespeare in Love'. The she gets a call from Kurt: she is needed at work because the new girl quit on her first day. Jesse tells she's sick. Kurt doesn't buy it. Jesse finds out that the video store gave her a documentary instead. So she decides to change the flat tire of her car. Diego happens to pass by and starts providing help. Both get a chance to admire each others behinds and old feelings start to rise to surface. Soon they ...
2 Dec. 1999
A Woman's Prerogative: The Jesse Warner Story
Jesse still has Diego's key, so she sneaks in before Diego comes home, surprises her and tries to seduce him. Despite her best efforts, Diego resists her. So she decides to quit and move on. But not with the weird student guy Patrick, who announces that he's available. Danny considers Carrie "the whole package". He explains to Kurt that he's waiting for the exact right moment to strike. Kurt thinks Danny actually has fear of intimacy. Jesse has too much work to do to go to lunch with Carrie, so Patrick volunteers. Much to his amazement, Carrie accepts. At 1 a.m. the ...
9 Dec. 1999
L'Eggo My Diego
Linda provides Jesse with crucial info on the mystery woman Jesse saw enter Diego's apartment: From what Linda could understand of their speech, her name is Irma and she is Diego's childhood-ex. She may have come to rekindle the old relationship, but she still did not - at least yet - sleep in the same bed as Diego. Danny thinks he's making progress with Carrie. Even though Carrie earlier had no time to go have some coffee, Danny has decided to try again - but not before consulting Jesse. Then he actually gets a "yes" from Carrie. Jesse goes to introduce herself to ...
16 Dec. 1999
The Christmas Party
Little John is going to New York to see his father and Jesse is having a Christmas tree trimming party. Naturally, Kurt, Linda, Danny and Carrie are invited, but Jesse decides to also invite Diego and Irma. Diego then offers to hang the Christmas lights outside Jesse's house. Later, Diego and Irma stop by to announce that they can't come because Irma already had tickets to the mayor's charity ball. Which also means that Diego doesn't have the time to hang the lights. Jesse gets fixated on her anger towards Diego and starts venting it out on everyone else. Add the ...
23 Dec. 1999
Jesse as Nurse, Fills In: Diego Throws Ice at Children
Diego is trying to shovel his yard clear of snow, but three kids keep having a snowball war that undoes his every effort. So he has to drive them away. Linda does not approve. At the Student Health Center, Jesse faces an emergency: Carrie has found a squirrel lying outside, in the snow, an has brought it inside. Danny's first guess is that the squirrel is hypothermic and asks Kurt to take it to the exam room. But Kurt refuses to touch the nurse, so Danny enlists Jesse as a nurse in Kurt's place. Back at Diego's yard, Linda manages to provoke Diego into a snowball war.
6 Jan. 2000
Kurt Slips, Niagara Falls
Linda is pressuring Jesse to talk with Diego about their "magic moment" during the Christmas party. Jesse is reluctant, but then she sees that something is troubling Diego. He lost a professorship to a Kubist. She tries to cheer him up. There is *a* moment, but still no more talk. At the Health Center, Danny misses Carrie, who is on a trip (nooooo! No Jennifer Milmore in this episode!). One of the discs in Kurt's spine ruptures and he's hospitalized. Luckily for Jesse, Kurt's doctor, Jeff, shows interest in her. Unluckily for Kurt, his nurse, Rosemary (a pre-'Alias' ...
13 Jan. 2000
Small Time Felon: The Jesse Warner Story: Part 2
One morning, Jesse finds out that her car has been stolen. Luckily for her, it was an *insured* "piece of crap", which means she gets money to buy a better one. But not much better. Carrie has a problem for which she needs advice from Jesse: she thinks that she and Danny are getting into a rut, sexually. Luckily for Jesse, Linda interrupts by barging in and telling that her cousin's shop has a '84 Volvo that Jesse can afford. Later, Carrie comes to ask advice from Jesse again, but Jesse tells her that she needs to ask from someone else. And there is only Kurt present....
20 Jan. 2000
The Rock
The girls receive reminders of their upcoming high school reunion. They have no intention of attending. But at the Health Center's "Flu Free Friday" (free flu vaccinations), Carrie announces that she wants to go to the reunion. He wants to show Danny off. And Diego wants Jesse to show him off. When Linda hears about the decision, she gets really upset at Jesse. Turns out Jesse always did what Linda told her to and now she does not take orders from anyone. But why is Linda so reluctant to go?
3 Feb. 2000
Jesse Gives Birth
Jesse is hosting a movie night at her place, with Carrie, Danny, Diego, Kurt and Linda invited. Danny's pick, 'Last Tango in Paris', does not generate much excitement. Linda's pick, 'Ouch!, where people get hit by stuff, does not get the thumbs up either. Jesse asks for a comedy, and Diego has one - until he is told that 'Midnight Express' is not the same movie as 'Midnight Run'. This leaves Kurt's pick, 'The Sound of Music'. During the movie, Danny reveals that he played Rolf at the a singing camp. Diego reveals he would like to have seven kids and Jesse gets anxiety...
10 Feb. 2000
My Boyfriend Went to Chile and All I Got Was This Lousy Moustache
Diego returns from Chile - with HUGE mustache! He thinks they look "pretty nice", Jesse is petrified. Linda gets a job at the Health Center as a security guard. She has named Jesse her reference so the Head of Security has some questions for Jesse too. Turns out Linda may have exaggerated her achievements a little. Danny thinks Diego's mustache is "muy macho", but Diego tells him that he's gonna shave it off because Jesse doesn't like it. Danny has only one comment: Whipped! So Diego decides not to shave it off. which is not okay with Jesse. Linda announces that she's...
24 Feb. 2000
Jesse's Coat a Useful Crutch, Diego's Kitchen, Not So Much
Jesse sees Diego's kitchen and points out that it's "really gross". Diego says it's Linda's mess and that instead of cleaning after her as usual, he has decided to see how long Linda can live in her own filth. Jesse states that he's going to lose. Neither is aware that Linda knows about Diego's plan. At the Student Health Center, one of the students does not believe that Jesse works there because she doesn't have a lab coat. Then a delivery guy does not believe she works there. Jesse pleads Kurt to give him a lab coat, but Kurt declares that it is awarded to her when ...
2 Mar. 2000
The Dump
Diego hasn't seen the Sun in 38 days and can't take it. Carrie and Danny are finally going out, just the two of them - so far, every time they've been somewhere, Diego has invited someone to join them. Then, Danny sees Diego and invites him, Jesse, Kurt and Linda on his and Carrie's dinner. The evening does not go well. How to make Diego and Danny normal?
16 Mar. 2000
Diego's First Sleepover
Jesse is getting her birthday present early: Little John is having a sleepover at Gabe's and the following morning they're going to go skating, so Jesse can spend a romantic night with Diego. Linda arrives from her boxing class and brags about her skills, so Carrie says she could beat her - so they decide to have a boxing match. Which Danny does not approve of because he is a pacifist. Then, on Jesse's special night, Little John stops by to fetch the skating helmet he forgot and sees Jesse and Diego half-naked.
25 May 2000
First Blood
Diego only does not get the professorship he was expecting, but the University is bringing in a visiting professor from London and Diego has to share his studio with him. As Diego needs his job to stay in the USA, he can not afford to protest. This Dawson, or more specifically "just Dawson" as he himself puts it, proves to be an incredibly irritating person. Can Diego control himself? At the Health Center, Jesse learns that the nurse's aide before her earned more and wants to know why. Danny and Kurt tell Jesse that the previous aide had a license to take blood. Jesse...
25 May 2000
My Best Friend's Wedding
Diego is still under impending deportation, so his only option to remain in USA is to marry and live with... Linda?

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