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Good for Indie fans & a must for Seth Green fans

Author: sethfan from San Jose, CA
28 July 2000

While this independent film is flawed, it is nevertheless a gem and time worth spent. If you like suspense-yarns that don't spoon-feed you all the plot connections, you will have fun watching this one. On the other hand, if you need to have everything spelled out for you, this one may be a brain-struggle. Personally, I favor movies that let me do a bit of the work myself. But whatever camp you're in, I think you will ultimately walk away having enjoyed it.

Another reason to check this one out is Seth Green who, as always, is in top form. What I like about Seth is how he always brings flair and depth to his characterizations. He is a charming and talented actor, so I wish he had had more screen time. Brad Rowe is well suited as the farm boy lost in a big city, but his performance lacks dimension.

For those who haven't seen it, try not and read too much on this movie before seeing it. I've deliberately not delved into what the movie is all about'll have fun finding that out yourself!

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Reminded me of the Usual Suspects in a way...

Author: CriticwithAngerTowardsSatan ( from Texas
2 December 2003

To sum-up: Stonebrook isn't anything new but I still found it interesting as it progressed. Brad Rowe plays a college loner who sort of befriends Seth Green and gets caught up in some small time crime that gradually blows up in his face in a big way. The plot twists were very "expectable" but still enjoyable all throughout the film.

Pro's & con's:

+ Good storyline with fitting character's

- It has the feel of a Television movie

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An Expensive College

Author: bkoganbing from Buffalo, New York
2 June 2009

Young Brad Rowe thinks he's fallen into some of what he's been shoveling for the past few years. He's a country kid who's lost the family farm to back taxes and been working on other people's land as a farm hand. A friend of his father's who is a big city cop, William Mesnik, got him into the expensive Ivy League school of Stonebrook and off he goes to the big city.

But the scholarship doesn't materialize and he has to pay his own way. But Rowe has a roommate in Seth Green who is both a computer hacker and a con artist. He gets Rowe into his schemes which start off with pool hustling. It goes quite a bit beyond that as the boys start ripping off money from the mob.

Poor Brad Rowe, cursed with the same first name and a general appearance that closely resembles the more well known Brad Pitt. I don't think Rowe's a bad actor, but apparently unless he's fated to be cast as a brother to Brad Pitt some day, Rowe will get all the roles that Pitt probably turns down.

On the other hand in his own quirky way, Seth Green has a lot of appeal and his part here generally fits in with the characters he's usually cast as. It's like Dr. Evil's son has decided to branch out on his own and enrolled at Stonebrook.

Stonebrook is not a bad film, but it has a way too many plot twists and turns and they're not introduced in a clever Hitchcockian type of way. Still it's not too bad and some will enjoy it.

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A solid intricate thriller with many unexpected plot twists.

Author: keyser_soze4321 from Perth, Australia
3 June 2002

Co-writer, co-producer and director, Bryon W. Thompson, has created a very under-rated thriller. A story about a country boy (Rowe)who seeks a better life through the help of an old family friend (Mesnik). He applies to Stonebrook Uni, meets a beautiful girl (McLellan), as well as an eccentric room-mate(Green)who is in his own mind 'a very dangerous man'. Life is great, that's until he and his room-mate accidentally steals from a mob boss (Kamel). From here it's a rollercoaster ride full of unexpected twists. If the story doesn't sound interesting enough, wait til the underlying story unfolds. The performances are good. You believe every character. The direction is also good. There are many cut away reminiscing scenes (much like 'The Usual Suspects') that are needed due to the intricate plot. This allows the viewer to keep up with the story causing the plot twists to work more effectively. Good thriller. Not quite great. But if you like a thriller with a twist. I recommend you check it out.

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Everyones's a sucker....especially me for sticking with this Movie!

Author: John Taylor ( from Bedfordshire, England
29 June 2000

Why oh why do people insist on spoiling movies by making the plot far to difficult understand or keep up with? This film (Web of Lies is the Title in the UK) had a lot of potential and actually started quite well. I liked the bits when the boys were trying to hussle for money but all this got lost in a script that dissappeared up its own backside .I'm lost as to explain what happened in the end partially because there were to many twists and partly because i lost interest. Brad Rowe looks promising as an actor even if he is a clone of his name sake Brad Pit , apart from that i would advise you to do something more interesting for an hour and a half. 5 out of 10

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Very Confusing :/

Author: Irishmoviereviewer from Ireland
27 October 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

To be quite honest with ya, this film does really make your brain go round in circles, the plot is just awful. I honestly thought Seth Green was gonna do a better job then ever and this was when he started Family Guy! However I don't think he understood the involvement of the movie so it was kinda hard to understand him. It was a disappointment, I normally like Seth Green and his acting skills but hey it was good to see him anyway! So back to the film, we see a normal ordinary guy who has earned a scholarship and is a mature student in a college named StoneBrook. Right we then see Seth Green's character being weird,etc. This then really turns onto the confusing part where they meet mob boss Talli and starts talking business. The plot should've involved more detail on how the two students met the mob boss so that it would make more sense. I thought it wasn't going anywhere with the storyline. Anyways overall, its an OK movie but not great!

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It Definitely Does Not Suck

Author: BlinkFlame from Ohio
8 February 2002

When I rented this film, my friends and I had read the back of the box and mistakingly thought it was a comedy. Although it in some ways does spoof con movies, it really isn't that funny, and thus we were disappointed. However, as a con movie, it isn't half bad. The film keeps taking plot turns with helpful (or, if you're like me and have a good memory, annoying) flashbacks that keep the viewer in to the picture. Seth Green is very good, playing the quirky but brilliant room mate, and the Brad Pitt look-a-like is a decent actor. My only two complaints, and they weren't small ones were as such: 1) If you weren't paying full attention to every single moment of the film, you would miss out on something that would be brought up again later on. I didn't mind that, but most of my friends were confused by several crucial plot changes because of that. And then 2) It was too predictable. Again, that's just my opinion. I was calling the ending LONG before it happened, but the other people I was watching with didn't pick up on that, so it might be that I'm just too smart for my own good. Stonebrook is not the best con job film ever, but it definitely does not suck.

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not bad

Author: jules0182
29 July 2000

Stonebrook was a little hard to follow, with all the different cons going on, and I'm a little confused about some parts. It wasn't bad, though. Seth Green made the movie more enjoyable. Brad Rowe did a really good job. Overall I'd give it a 7/10.

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The con job extends beyond the movie to grab the viewer.

Author: BigAl-12 from Durham, N.C.
15 April 1999

Con games are fun and we often look at them and wonder who can be so dumb!?!! In STONEBROOK, there are a number of con games which fill the bill, and there is some tension and drama that builds in the process. Seth Green is slick and Brad Rowe does some good work. Along the way is a bit of moralizing. Is love more important than money?? STONEBROOK is a step away from being super, but it's not a bad way to while away a summer afternoon.

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Plot keeps this from being too bad

Author: oistrakh from Los Angeles
8 December 2000

The plot's twists and turns make the movie interesting to watch, even though a lot of the things that happen are a little hard to believe. The characters are really sketched pretty thin, although an effort was made to make them all interesting. Overall, it felt as though everyone on the production staff of this film was new to making movies, and so they were trying out different things and trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. The next couple of films these people make will probably be a lot better, but for this one, they seemed to be trying to find their way, from the director down to the music composer. Overall a good concept for a movie, it just needed a lot more polishing. I rented it for free, so no complaints.

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