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Season 3

3 Mar. 1994
Rupert and Ginger
Rupert's encounter with a friendly Stegosaurus in Nutwood Forest leads him on an adventure to the Jurassic Era. Once there, he helps his friend, The Wise Old Goat, repair his malfuntioning Time Machine and avoid becoming a Tyrannosaurus' next meal.
10 Mar. 1994
Rupert and Growler
Rupert and his pal P.C. Growler do their best to bring a band of sneakthieves to ground, but only succeed in casting suspicion on themselves.
17 Mar. 1994
Rupert and the Dragon Race
A series of misadventures necessitates a trek by Rupert and Pong Ping to the Valley of Dragons, on a rescue mission to save pals Edward, Bill, and Toby from an uncertain fate.
24 Mar. 1994
Rupert and the Hedgehog
Rupert and Bill's experiment with the art of topiary leads them to use a bit too much of the Professor's new growth formula to restore one of Dad's favourite shrubs to it's proper size, which results in a 'Hedgehog' the size of a tour bus running loose through the Nutwood Countryside.
31 Mar. 1994
Rupert and Ottoline
Rupert and his new friend Ottoline Otter are swept up on a race to find the long lost King's Gold before it falls into the hands of a 'ghost' and his cohort who are actually a pair of nasty treasure hunters.
7 Apr. 1994
Rupert and the Cloud Pirates
Rupert and Bill do battle with a Cloud Pirate who has shanghaied the Four Winds as part of his dastardly plan to control the world's weather.
14 Apr. 1994
Rupert and the Nile
While on holiday in Egypt, Rupert foils the plans of the evil explorer Sir Humphrey Pumphrey to loot the newly discovered tomb of the legendary Pharaoh Ramindas.
21 Apr. 1994
Rupert and the Lost Memory
In a bid to get his hands on the Professor's latest invention, a misguided inventor steals the entire Nutwood file from the Memory Bank, the place where everyone's memories are stored.
28 Apr. 1994
Rupert and the Sea Serpent
Podgy's feud with his cousin Rosalie leads Rupert off on a wild adventure on the high seas and an encounter with a gigantic Sea Serpent who guards King Neptune's Treasury
5 May 1994
Rupert and the Bell
The local delinquents, Freddy and Ferdy Fox, find a bell that renders them invisible when they ring it. They put it to good use by playing nasty tricks, making Rupert appear to be the perpetrator.
12 May 1994
Rupert and the Carousel
Rupert and Ottoline find a merry-go-round that has been abandoned on the common and restore it to it's former grandeur. After The Sage of Um accidentally brings the wooden characters to life, the kids find they must rescue the enchanted carousel from the evil Thogmort who wants it for his own financial gain.
19 May 1994
Rupert and the April Fool
Rupert and Gregory Guinea Pig encounter 'The April Fool', an odd little guy living in an even odder little house. He's a load of fun at first, but when the boys grow sick of his relentless jokes and tricks, The Fool isn't inclined to let them leave...
26 May 1994
Rupert and the Clock Cuckoo
Rupert enlists the help of his pal Odmedod the scarecrow to rescue his new friend Ticktock the Clock Cuckoo from the clutches of a greedy bird collector.

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