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Christian Science Monitor
This is the kind of movie that literate viewers pine for, laced with gracefulness and wit.
Entertainment Weekly
This genteel period piece invites a typically Mametian tension between its characters' stylized manners and their underlying motivations.
Chicago Sun-Times
Sixty seconds of wondering if someone is about to kiss you is more entertaining than 60 minutes of kissing. By understanding that, Mamet is able to deliver a G-rated film that is largely about adult sexuality.
New York Daily News
Hell has not yet frozen over, but here's something equally unexpected: David Mamet has made a G-rated movie for adults.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The result is a rare treat, a revival of a period piece that doesn't descend into mere quaintness or prettiness, and that manages to capture the spirit of an earlier time without sacrificing the perspective of our own.
A study in unexpressed emotion, but Mamet turns the flame so low that his film lacks the emotional payoff we expect.
USA Today
In the movie's high point, (Jeremy) Northam conducts an antagonistic interview with the boy, who eludes well-placed lawyerly traps.
Chicago Tribune
A pleasure to watch and also serves as a reminder of a time when "right over might" was at the core of a powerful country's credo. [28 May 1999, Tempo, p.5]
At once a stifling exercise in thwarting emotional dynamics and a heated invitation to engage in the film's discourse on the shortcoming of sexual politics and justice in a media-saturated land.
Mamet illustrates that he can work as capably from someone else's script as he can from his own, and that his talent as a director is not eclipsed by his ability as a writer.
Mamet loves to cast his current wives in lead roles -- Whatever you may feel about Mamet's writing, he has an uncanny knack for marrying mediocre actresses.

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