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Shame on him,vol.2
dbdumonteil21 May 2008
Oddly ,this follow-up to "Roger la Honte" is praised by the critics ,just because Charles Spaak lent a helping hand with the lines.In my opinion,this second part is more confused than the first one.There is a ludicrous scene where Jean Desailly and Simone Valere (two excellent thespians ,husband and wife in real life)take part in a motor race (old rattle-traps that is).There's "a story so far" at the beginning of the film which often looks like a poor man's "les Miserables" ,Roger and his daughter looking like Jean Valjean and Cosette with captain Lacroix as their Javert.

"Roger la Honte" ,like "la Porteuse de Pain" will see his name cleared at last.Entertaining stuff ,because of the very good cast:Lucien Coedel,Maria Casarès,Louis Salou (these two were in "les Enfants Du Paradis" ),Paul Bernard,Jean Tissier...
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