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not a bad little movie

Author: dave from australia
4 January 2001

i would like to see don teamed up with a hong kong movie crew that way we would all see his potential instead of van damn of the late eighties style... the only other thing that struck me about this movie is that it appears to be quite similar to a certain television series. But apart from that not a bad effort...alot better then his previous films *two thumbs up*

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Nice b-film with lot of action!

Author: Fan-9 from Haapsalu, Estonia
9 March 1999

I am a big fan of Don "The Dragon" Wilson and when I saw this film in store I grab my money and I buy it. Where was lot of action ( I mean fights) to keep every action fan happy. Fighting choreography was good too. It's not the best "The Dragon" film but I recommend it.

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It's always great to see Barbara Steele in anything new.

Author: darkdiva ( from Houston, Texas - USA
18 October 1999

I was lucky enough to get an uncut copy of this flick . I will be honest, I wanted to see this flick because of Barbara Steele. Although I do like The Dragon. Naturally I felt there wasn't enough of Barbara. Also, I felt the director lost an opportunity to create a really great story. I felt the experiments on the children wasn't explored as deeply as it could have been. Overall, the film is a very good action flick. Lots of fun for a rainy afternoon. I recommend it for both fans of The Dragon and the Queen of Horror.

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this movie gets 4 stars for the mammary glands of the female co-star

Author: ebbosl from United States
26 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Other than that, some slightly improved acting on Wilson's part, an underrated plot about mind control experiments on kids a la Project Monarch or the McMartin preschool case, and lame fight choreography. Not a great movie by any stretch, but for a Don Wilson movie, pretty darn good with some pretty smart plot twists and quasi-political content. Someone is mysteriously killing all the people Wilson was programmed with as a child.

It's one of the few worth seeing from this kick-boxer-cum-actor, and even more so for aforementioned huge mammary glands. It's not good for anything but maybe sitting on the couch late at night with a bowl of spaghetti, killing time before you fall asleep or your lady-friend arrives; rent 'Redemption' if you want an honest-to-goodness bearable Wilson film.

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Cheap, but just about gets by

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
10 March 2016

THE PROPHET is an action thriller with sci-fi elements, starring the one and only Don "The Dragon" Wilson and directed by Fred Olen Ray. With a pedigree of that calibre, how could it possibly go wrong?

The answer is that it doesn't, and THE PROPHET does deliver the goods in fulfilling its aims, but it's not a particularly good movie regardless. Olen Ray has always been a cheapie director and that's no exception here, with little thought or sense having gone into location photography, staging, or storyline.

Still, as an action showcase for Wilson, this could be a lot worse. His acting is very poor but his fight scenes are a lot of fun, and there are plenty of them. Being an Olen Ray movie, the director also finds time for cameos from Barbara Steele and Robert Quarry, but most of the attention is on pneumatic starlet Alexander Keith, who has to be seen to be believed.

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Laughable (unintentional) action movie

Author: businessdr from United States
3 December 2006

I am not a movie critic in part because I don't tend to be critical of movies. If I find the movie even halfway believable, with a plot that is interesting, I am easily satisfied. However, I only continued to watch this movie to see how much more ridiculous some of the scenes would be. For a bunch of characters who are supposed to be highly experienced operatives of various Federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, it was amazing to me how badly they all shot. In one scene three agents come into a room and fired automatic rounds continuously for nearly 30 seconds with no target in sight, only to have the hero suddenly enter from a side room and kill all three with a revolver before any could return fine. While the hero is so fast and accurate with a revolver in one scene, he has a shoot out in a train car with another villain and neither can hit the other while emptying their guns. The same is true in another shootout in a hallway in which they are only 15 feet apart. The acting of Don Wilson and a few of the others is passable, but most of the second tier cast is amateurish at best. Don't expect to see Oscar performances in this movie.

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Bad plot + bad acting + bad action = don't watch

Author: Annette from Chicago, Illinois
26 January 2003

There are few action stars I watch for their acting skills and Don Wilson is certainly not one of them. But if he is put in a picture with a weak and incoherent story and action scenes that are so lame and poorly choreographed, they make you weep, you have one bad movie. Don't watch it unless you enjoy guys shooting at each other at 20 feet with no cover for minutes and missing their targets, Don and his 'partner' parking their car and strolling leisurely although they are closely followed by the bad guys, Don leaving 2 rounds in a gun to allow the murder of an innocent man, just to expose a traitor.

At one point two bad guys corner Don against a wall with a car, but he is fast enough to duck under the car before he is hit. The two guys pull back the car and naturally Don is gone. There is nothing else around, no other cars or hiding places. But the two guys get both out of the car, pull their guns, walk towards the wall and stare at the floor where Don should have been lying squashed. Don of course stands right on the car's roof and shoots them from there.

There are many more scenes that insult the intelligence or strain the patience of the viewer (in fact there are few that don't). So unless you want to make a study of how many mistakes a director can cram into an 83 minute film, avoid this one at all cost.

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Its a Don Wilson movie. What do you expect??

Author: njldst from India
8 November 2007

Its really hard to be critical about a movie because i really have a tendency to like any film i get. Even if it sucks i'd still enjoy watching it because it sucks. So when i give 3 stars here, it doesn't mean i didn't have fun watching it. But critically speaking, the movie just isn't good. The plot isn't very original even though it tries to make you think it is, acting is bad but not incredibly bad and the fights are just passable. And yeah, why do the people in these type of movies act so dumb?? And if these people have ESP powers enough to find hidden people and stop tripwires from exploding, how come they cant realize the danger they're in till they have a bullet in their heads??

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Possibly the greatest movie ever.

Author: montanaj0e
4 November 2003

This has to be one of the greatest action movies ever. I mean this low budget action flick was crazy! Don "the dragon" wilson delivers an action pack performance that is out of this world. From start to finish you'll be on the edge of your seat with action and drama!

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