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dead again/or nature going awry

Author: usman khawaja from United Kingdom
4 October 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

its rather bizarre this classy reincarnation epic from 1981 was made by Emma Thompson as dead again in 1988, was it a coincidence or deliberate ,but its not mentioned in the credits, the female lead wears a necklace which is replaced by an anklet in the British version, i prefer this any day over the malnourished dead British version. the lead actors and the composer redeem themselves with a superb script and camera work as well as a chilling climax , with great performances from an ensemble cast and a hauntingly melodious soundtrack which will linger in your mind forever as will the powerful dialiogues and the moral ambiguity of this period epic.

this is enhanced by some brilliant acting in the court room sequences ,the British raj and the period details of forties are painstakingly captured in the reincarnation drama .the director was a master storyteller and this is a marvel he has lovingly created , the lead actress looks and acts like a truly beautiful reincarnation and the locales are equally eye-catching in the eternal Himalayas , encore

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Spooky film.....

9 April 2004

This movie is an interesting past life chilling drama. Hema malini and Rajesh Khana play the part of lovers in their past life only to be reawaked by the Reincarnated Hema malini who unearths a dark secret. This film is not a full on horror flim its more of as supense murder mystery that will leave you really spooked. The film features a lovely soundrtack featuring some lovely romantic numbers. Hema Malini's performance is really very good.Raj kumar plays the evil protagonist whose actions form the basis for the drama Though this wasn't the scarriest film I have ever seen it sure did spook me out for the rest of the evening. Worth a Watch 9 out of 10.

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Love, killing, rebirth and prevalence of justice

Author: jmathur_swayamprabha from India
6 November 2012

Kudrat (nature) starts with the arrival of Chandramukhi (Hema Malini) with her parents to Shimla and to the pleasant surprise of her parents, an old friend of her mother has also come over there with her young son, Dr. Naresh (Vinod Khanna) who is a psychiatrist. Naresh and Chandramukhi become friends and Naresh silently starts feeling love for Chandramukhi in his heart. However a trouble starts taking place with Chandramukhi. She starts experiencing nightmares. A dream that frequently occurs to her is her chasing someone and then getting entangled in the hanging roots of a huge banyan tree. Further, she finds many places and people as quite familiar to her though she has never been to Shimla before (except when she was just an infant as told by her parents). Besides, she gets fascinated to the public prosecutor in the city court - Mohan (Rajesh Khanna) and in a state of something like seizure, she starts calling Mohan as Maadho and herself as Paaro. As she is undergoing fits time and again, it's a challenge for her friend, Naresh to correctly diagnose her problem and then cure it.

Naresh uses hypnotism and makes Chandramukhi to revisit the bygone phase of her life. However by default, in that hypnotic state of hers, Chandramukhi reaches back to her previous birth when she was Paaro and was in love with Maadho (now Mohan in this incarnation). Maadho's sister, Satto (Aruna Irani) was her best friend and she was living happily with her father (Satyen Kappu) in a nearby village. Through this experiment and talking to Satto who is still alive, Naresh comes to know that she was raped and killed by someone. Besides, her beau, Maadho had died even before her death. Knowing that Mohan is none else but Maadho of the previous incarnation, Naresh seeks his help to cure Chandramukhi (who was Maadho's sweetheart Paaro in that birth). By meeting Chandramukhi frequently, Mohan feels himself as in love with her despite the fact that he is supposed to marry Karuna (Priya Raajwansh) who is a lawyer and the daughter of Mohan's godfather, Chaudhary Janak Singh (Raaj Kumar). When Mohan invites Chandramukhi and Naresh to a party thrown by Chaudhary Janak Singh (Raaj Kumar), she gets frightened like anything to see him and runs away with a terrible shriek.

Now Mohan and Naresh alongwith Satto who is still alive, starts digging the buried past related to Maadho's death and Paaro's going missing. By hypnotizing Chandramukhi again, they now know a lot about the crime and the culprit. But the problem is how to prove the guilt after so many years. There's a dismissed (and drunkard) police constable (Keshto Mukherjee) still alive who knows something significant about Paaro's death because her aggrieved father had lodged an FIR in the local police station for her disappearance and her dead body was never found. Satto, Mohan and Naresh also seek the help of a holy man (Raj Mehra) who tells some relevant things to them with the help of Bhrigu Samhita (the holy code supposed to have been written by the great sage, Bhrigu Maharaaj).

Mohan gets the case of Paaro's disappearance reopened and files a criminal suit in the local court against the supposed culprit on the basis of the evidences and the witnesses available with him. After a gripping court-room drama and many twists in the story, justice finally prevails and the love-birds of the previous birth get united in this birth.

This brilliant and intriguing story would have got messed up in the hands of an inefficient director. However fortunately, it was directed by one of the most proficient and respected directors of Indian cinema, Chetan Anand (the elder brother of Dev Anand and Vijay Anand) who has handled very well not only the intricate script but also the high profile star cast. He has done justice to the roles of all the actors including Raaj Kumar, Hema Malini, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna and Priya Raajwansh and presented the story on the screen in the most interesting manner.

Alongwith suspense, there is a good dose of romance also in the movie which gets enhanced by the melodious songs composed by R.D. Burman and penned by seasoned lyricists like Anand Bakshi, Majrooh Sultaanpuri and Qateel Shifaai. Hamen Tumse Pyar Kitna Ye Hum Nahin Jaante, Tune O Rangeele Kaisa Jaadu Kiya, Dukh Sukh Ki Har Ek Maala Kudrat Hi Piroti Hai, Saawan Nahin Bhaadon Nahin etc. are all very good songs. I will mention my two favourites from this album - 1. Chhodo Sanam Kaahe Ka Gham Hanste Raho Khilte Raho (sung by Kishore Kumar and Annette) which is a foot-tapper, 2. Sajti Hai Yun Hi Mehfil Rang Yun Hi Dhalne Do (sung by Asha Bhonsle) which is a soulful song and should be listened to peacefully.

The cinematographer has ably captured the beauty of Shimla and the picturesque scenes are a treat for the eyes. Besides, since the flash back (pertaining to the previous birth of the lead characters) belongs to the British rule in India, the milieu of that period has been very impressively brought alive on the screen for which the art director deserves a pat.

Chetan Anand has given all the principal actors ample opportunity to show their talent. Hema Malini and Vinod Khanna have emerged as the best performers. Raaj Kumar could not fully get rid of his mannerisms. Rajesh Khanna and Priya Rajwansh have disappointed. The court-room scenes have gone unnecessarily over the top due to Priya's unnatural performance. Aruna Irani, Deven Varma, Keshto Mukherjee, Satyen Kappu etc. have impressed in their supporting roles.

Summing up, this reincarnation based drama is a spellbinding musical suspense-thriller with a good dose of romance.

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Reincarnation story but with a difference

Author: alokc from India
26 April 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The story of Kudrat is based in the city of Shimla where two lovers are born again. SuperStar Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini. They were separated in their earlier lives by the evil desires of RaajKumar. How the story unfolds is told very differently. It has the stamp of the master director Chetan Anand who has used his talented cast very well. RaajKumar and Rajesh Khanna play their roles to their best and are ably supported by Vinod Khanna, Priya Rajwansh and Hema Malini. The music by R D Burman is excellent and few songs are immortal. A true classic movie with a lot of British Era period buildings, atmosphere of the era goneby. It has suspense which chills you and holds you till the end. The court scenes are good. Over all a must see as to how Super Star Rajesh Khanna takes on the stylish RaajKumar.

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Excellent suspense-mystery-reincarnation-drama movie that boasts of some remarkable sequences and some memorable songs

Author: Piyush Dewan ( from India
27 March 2014

The finest film-makers have, at times, taken the most mundane of stories and have presented them in such a novel manner that they have left the audiences spellbound. They have proved that though the plots may be limited, the possibilities are endless. And this is what essentially Chetan Anand did in his 1981 feature Kudrat starring Rajesh Khanna, Hema Malini, Vinod Khanna, Raajkumar, and Priya Rajvansh in principal roles.

Kudrat is Chetan Anand's intricate version of Madhumati set entirely in the serene locales of Shimla. It begins with Chandramukhi (Hema Malini) and her family returning to the place of her birth, Shimla, after twenty years. Even though the twenty years haven't seen the twenty something Chandramukhi return to Shimla, she starts finding a lot of things about the city very familiar. Just two days into their stay, she meets Dr. Naresh Gupta (Vinod Khanna), a family friend, and they start dating all over the city. Just when things look like they couldn't go any better, Chandramukhi runs into Mohan Kapoor, a city advocate who has the city's richest man Choudhary Janak Singh (Rajkumar) for his guardian. Although Mohan Kapoor is a stranger to her, she feels a quaint pull towards him, as if they had been romantically involved at some point in their lives. For his part, even Mohan seems a bit perturbed when Chandramukhi is around him, despite having Choudhary Janak Singh's daughter and his fiancée Karuna (Priya Rajvansh) with him.

Over the next few days, Chandramukhi starts getting flashes of her past life triggered by her visiting the places she used to visit with Madho (Rajesh Khanna) in her previous birth. Not only this, she starts getting nightmares that leave her feeling utterly depressed and scared. To help her, Naresh, also a psychiatrist, decides to do a past life regression on her and through it he discovers that what Chandramukhi was claiming was absolutely the truth. She and Mohan Kapoor had been lovers in their past lives and had lived in the very city in which they were present at that point of time. He relays all this to Mohan Kapoor who refuses to believe the story. But soon, even he starts getting convinced about Chandramukhi's claim. In fact, she makes him recall something more sinister. He and Paro (Chandramukhi in her previous birth) had been separated in their past lives because of a terrible crime. Paro had been raped and killed by an otherwise honorable man who turns out to be none other than Choudhary Janak Singh. What follows next is a riveting courtroom drama in which Mohan Kapoor accuses the most reputable man in Shimla (and also his beloved guardian) of a crime that he had committed twenty years ago. What adds more drama to the proceedings is that the man is defended by none other than his own daughter Karuna, who refuses to believe that her father could commit such a ghastly act.

Chetan Anand laces the screenplay with some brilliant sequences that are truly one of their kinds in Hindi cinema. The past life of the two actors is set in the pre-independence era when Shimla was the summer capital for the Britishers. The past-life regression is done very authentically and the way it has been shot is way ahead of its times. The entire court-room battle and the superb culmination are captivating, and in fact haunt you till much later after finishing the movie. Also, the scene of the crime and the subsequent few minutes, are shot in a style that is not usual for the Hindi cinema. The inherent drama in the script is accentuated by superbly designed situations and some wonderful dialogues. The performances by all the actors complement the brilliantly written screenplay. Hema Malini has the most complex role of all and she does well while looking absolutely gorgeous throughout the movie. Vinod Khanna and Rajesh Khanna are able, while Rajkumar is his usual flair and glory. Priya Rajvansh looks a misfit in the cast as despite the tons of make-up she looks far from the young lady she plays (But then she and Chetan Anand were romantically linked and he used to cast her in all his movies). Even Aruna Irani has a critical role which she performs well.

The entire feel of the movie is of melancholy and suspense. The setting is akin to an old English mystery drama- and rightly so for Shimla is indeed a Victorian town in many ways. What adds to the whole atmospherics is a wonderful tune by RD Burman, who is at his best in the movie. The tune which forms the song 'Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna' comes more than once in the film and complements the soul of the story wonderfully well. The other memorable song in the enterprise is 'Tune O Rangeele' which is like a beautiful show-reel of both Shimla's beauty and Paro and Madho's romance. The other songs too are good, though not as fondly recalled.

Parting Note: Kudrat is an excellent suspense-mystery-reincarnation-drama movie that boasts of some remarkable sequences and some memorable songs. Although its story seems to be a homage to Madhumati, it has its own uniqueness and own charm which is a result of the brilliant screenplay and direction by Chetan Anand.

For more such write-ups on lesser talked about Hindi movies, visit

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Captivating cinematography

Author: oldwine from India
25 July 2011

I loved the movie as it held my attention and interest till the end while offering a visual feast of sorts, replete with the ethereal beauty of Hema and the very handsome Khanna (in a supporting yet powerful role), the picturesque locales and overall colourful ambiance, be it in costumes or surroundings. Performance wise, Hema Malini proves herself worthy of being the centre of attraction and action of the movie, vinod khanna has lived his character to perfection, Priya rajvansh though seems lacklustre initially, transforms into a beautiful substantial portrayal of a proud indefatigable daughter. Raj kumar is....well, raj kumar again!Aruna Irani is wasted in a half baked character but the real let down is the hero himself. Yes, Rajesh Khanna disappoints on all counts. Period. I might be biased against his 'style of acting' but I did find it woefully short of the requirements of the role. Maybe that is why I found the character one dimensional most of the time. The only thing that works for him here is his superstar status. The music is excellent(the name of the music director guarantees that!) although the songs could be better choreographed. The story clichéd but told with a difference. The courtroom drama is the highlight of the movie and takes it to another level altogether. Crowned in the end with a perfect climax,overall, the movie is a must watch for film buffs.

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Wow, what a movie!

Author: Ace_of_Hearts
27 January 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Bollywood movie holds all the elements a good movie is supposed to have. Romance, thriller, suspense. The story - POSSIBLE SPOILERS - is about a young woman (Hema Malini) remembering events from her past life as Paro who was madly in love with Madho, and who one day just disappeared. Dharmendra plays the role of the reincarnated Madho, but unlike Chandramukhi he does not remember his past life and believes Chandramukhi to be mentally ill. Yet he finds himself strangely drawn to her. With the help of a friend psychiatrist (Vinod Khanna) Chandramukhi tries to solve the mystery that haunts her. In flashbacks we see the story unfold which makes for a very suspenseful ride. One can't help but hope that justice will be served for the two lost souls of Paro and Madho. The story is beautiful as is the scenery of Simla. I strongly recommend this movie.

****/5 stars

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Author: anibhat from India
20 June 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is a waste. A total waste. Insipid, uninspired, magnified by lousy acting and a horrible script. Priya Rajvnash should have long given up acting. Its a wonder how she was given to continue, maybe there could have been a special low banning her entry to any film studio. Her emotional scenes are straight out of a circus. They are a laugh riot.

Raj Kumar too lives up to his Jaani image. He proves for the nth time that people can keep on acting in Hindi films as long as they have a stupid bunch of people to watch them perform.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing to recommend in this film except the beautiful music of R D Burman and the dignified singing of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar.

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