The Celebration (1998) Poster

Plot Keywords

speech birthday
secret patriarch
60th birthday celebration
suicide friend
restaurant tears
respect twin
party prodigal son
country estate estate
family secret psychic
senility excessive drinking
riddle father son conflict
daybreak dawn
drunken man scandal
copulation man punching a woman
disrespect disdain
dismay nervousness
haunted by the past dirty old man
underwear telephone call
venison racism
sex pregnancy
hallucination abuse
cafeteria pedophile
drawing piano
locked in a wine cellar water
reference to little black sambo kissing
eating restaurant owner
servant funeral
face slap vomit
wine cellar food
fight toast
ostracism drunkenness
apology tuxedo
singing incest
rape song
cranberry pie dinner
gravestone dancer
bondage dogme 95
freemason banging on a door
toastmaster waitress
disgust whistle
kitchen kicking
cigarette smoking stoned
singer airport
hotel drawing of an arrow
breakfast friendship
cooking imaginary friend
cognac coffee
tied to a tree lodge
hypocrite dancing
car keys bare breasts
wine pianist
crying taxi ride
disgrace falling asleep
racial slur cook
reference to alfred hitchcock retribution
kiss bathroom
bath candle
drawing of fish despair
disappearance beating
boarding school bully
bitters cell phone
nudity memory
anthropology hunting
letter spit
shower curtain drink
knocked out companion
tapping glass birthday dinner
alcoholic drink danish culture
giving a toast receptionist
child rape child abuse
father daughter incest father son incest
wedding waltz socialist
upstairs downstairs depression
male frontal nudity topless female nudity
male nudity female nudity
wearing clothes in a bathtub drowning in a bathtub
suicide by drowning prejudice
falling in a shower hypocrisy
caught in the act circular staircase
bathtub black comedy
interracial romance alcohol
racist boyfriend girlfriend relationship
abortion pedophilia
murder grandmother granddaughter relationship
grandmother grandson relationship grandfather granddaughter relationship
grandfather grandson relationship reunion
death of twin mother son relationship
uncle nephew relationship death of daughter
death of sister suicide of daughter
drinking satire
birthday party suicide of twin
suicide of sister brother brother relationship
husband wife relationship one word title
father daughter relationship family relationships
brother sister relationship cult film
sexual abuse interracial relationship
humiliation uncle niece relationship
mother daughter relationship family gathering
dysfunctional family family reunion
father son relationship

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