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Catdog is a very good show
dannylafontaine1325 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Cat dog is a very good show but its not for kids its very vilonte cat climbs out of dogs mouth skinned alive a bull tries to get catdog off his back by laying on some spikes and lifting a weight a bunny mounts cat dogs head on his wall dogs favorite movie astronaut dies by falling into the sun a armidillo threatens to kill stuff and mount a girl character on his wall and there's lots of adult jokes a bunny tells a character to show some class and he pulls down his pants cat says hes trying to admire some heavenly bodies and dog says woah you can see the beach from here a character sends a cow to the bull pen and the bull is seen dancing in a suggestive way by a disco ball a poodle finds out lube is a greaser and she says the greasier the better i just want to get down and dirty cat says hes not a pussy cat and a hotdog opens his skin and looks like hes flashing dog. with that being said i think Cat dog is not for kids and is a very good show for teens and adults.
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Cat + Dog = Entertainment
adonis98-743-1865033 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
The life and times of a cat and a dog with a unique twist: they're connected, literally. They share one body with Dog's head at one end and Cat's head on the other. Adding to their dilemma is Cat's annoyance with Dog, mainly caused by Dog's stupidity and Cat's up-tight personality. How in the hell does this show has a 6.6/10 explain me? CatDog was one of my many favorite kids TV show from that time it was pretty hilarious with Dog being the dumb one and the Cat being the brains of the show basically but also this small blue mouse or whatever it was he was pretty funny also or episodes when Dog went nuts or when he broke something and he tried to hide it from Cat this is a pretty cool TV show and for it's time it's still pretty good.
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I Used to Like this show as A kid but now I don't like it anymore.
Warning: Spoilers
CatDog was a Show I like as a kid but now I don't like it anymore. The Show was about a cat and dog together and their wacky misadventures. They get beat up by the greaser dogs and other bad things happen. I find this show to be a little mean-spirited and I Feel like everyone hates CatDog. Then their Winslow who is just a jerk to CatDog and I kind of hate him. I also Hate Rancid Rabbit who is really mean to CatDog Like in the Episode "All You Can't Eat" where he would not let dog eat anything in the Taco Depot. Anyway I loved this show as a kid but now I don't anymore and it's not a bad show it's just I don't like it as much as when i was a kid. Anyway I give CatDog a 6/10 Stars. Updated on September 30th, 2017
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Not bad, just quite average
thefirstandreaayala16 March 2016
I remember loving this cartoon when I was around 11, but after growing up and watching this again, I find this show pretty average. It's not as horrible as some of the cartoons being aired nowadays nor it's the worst cartoon ever aired on Nickelodeon (which some of the reviews would suggest) but it's not in the same league as Rocko's Modern Life, Invader Zim or Hey Arnold, which I still consider to be among if not Nick's finest.

The show stars the titular catdog, a curious creature which is a cat and a dog joined at their behind (a concept that is mind-boggling but not that creative in my opinion), because of what he is, catdog is usually confronted with many issues such as both brothers trying to get along and overcome their clashing personalities, facing discrimination, dealing with apathetic people and achieving mundane tasks, which could make for a great show if the writers could hand out messages in new and clever ways, but instead this shows focus on wacky slapstick that sometimes gets repeated so much that it stops being funny, and when the morals are handed (which is done by the last minute of the episode) they feel forced. There are a few episodes that are diamonds in the raw, like dog gone, but most of the series could be considered something to watch when well, there's nothing else to watch. Like I stated before, it's not Nick's worst cartoon, far from that, some of the jokes are funny (though I didn't laugh out loud during most of them either) the character design is okay, and the animation is okay, the voice acting makes the viewing experience better (specially Jim Cummings as Cat) but very few things in this show are something to write home about.

If you like slapstick, I would recommend Rocko's Modern Life over this, if you like a dark and adult-like humor Ren and Stimpy and Invader ZIM are way more creative, if you want to watch a cartoon that are about the morals Hey Arnold! or Doug make a better job by far. Another show in the same vein as Catdog is the Regular Show, which has better written characters, plot and is more amusing. I say you could skip this unless you're heavily interested in Nickelodeons animation history or want to feel nostalgic if you grew in the 90s.
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Best Nicktoon Ever Aired
mra-129-4346509 October 2014
I grew up watching Catdog and it was my most absolute favorite cartoon of all time. I was extremely upset when they stopped showing it on nick. It was my favorite childhood show. I don't see how anyone could hate this show. I mean come on! A cat and a dog joined together at the abdomen? AMAZING! I know some people think it's weird the first time you see CatDog but just give the show a chance. ITS HILARIOUS. I loved all the unrealistic things that would happen in this show. It is SO funny! I loved the characters personalities. The show also showed me brotherly and friendly love. The comedy is hilarious, I LOVE the voice acting and the music and it has the best theme song ever. Very unique theme song. I love it. I have to admit though the only thing I hated about CatDog was the fact that the Greasers pounded them for no reason but I like the fact that Shriek had a crush on dog. I thought that was cute. I don't see why lots of people hate this show? What has this world come to!? It's come to people having a bad taste in cartoons. I read some of these reviews and I hated some of them. Some people are saying Nickelodeon went down hill when they added CatDog. The truth is, I'm pretty sure it started going down hill when they CANCELED the show, heaven knows why. Nickelodeon started getting terrible when they canceled CatDog and all the other amazing 90s shows. I love Rockos modern life a lot to and everyone says it's better than Catdog but I think CatDog was WAY better than Rocko. I miss Catdog so much. And to all the haters, you have a bad taste in cartoons if you hate something as amazing as CatDog. You need to get something checked cause you haters have a problem. All the haters need to grow up and get a life. I respect their opinion but it's getting too over board. CATDOG RULES. Haters are dumba**es. CatDog was the best Nicktoon. They should've gotten rid of it. I give Catdog 10/10.
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Missing CatDog
michellecampbell24625 September 2013
Having grown up in this generation, I truly miss the show. Yes, it had gross out humor and, now that I've grown up and watched it, it has plenty of references that I wouldn't have ever understood at that time. The Greasers were on air way, way, way too much! But, despite the crude jokes & gross out humor it did Occasionally have some good qualities that cartoons today just do not have. Like respect for others, respect for yourself, and how to be a Functioning part of society despite difference and prejudices. There may be some that disagree, and if so, then please go watch the nonsense of horrible television that is now Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Gumball, Adventure Time, etc., make CatDog look like the most decent cartoon known to the human species.
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What was the big deal on Catdog?It was a wonderful show.
lqto5552 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand why some people found that show disgusting and gross.This show had a message for all the fans out there-to be respective,kind and teach acceptance.I really loved it-I even gotta admit it was one of my favorite Nick cartoons.Every episode meant something.And after all,it was just a cartoon that showed everybody violence is an awful thing. Catdog never gave up no matter how much they were teased and this was something everybody was supposed to notice.

So,there were other stuff on the show that made it so awesome-the hidden humor,all the details and the jokes.It was a nicktoon that was meant to show love. But the whole bathroom thing-too bad everybody was caring only about that.What was the big deal how do they go?

But still,it was a show that was worth to be watched and it was very enjoyable.I love it.If I was a cartoon critic,I would give it 4,8 from 5 stars total.It had some tiny issues,but it was still a great show,which I loved since I was little girl ^_^.
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This is actually pretty decent
TheLittleSongbird8 August 2010
I do agree it is not as good as the wonderful Rocko's Modern Life, but CatDog is not that bad. Actually it is decent. Yes some stories are predictable and some of the jokes are somewhat tiresome, but there are some intriguing and sweet story lines such as Lube falling in love and there are some good jokes and solid writing.

The animation is quite unique, and I liked this unique style. True it is not the best looking of the Nick shows, but the animated style is colourful at least. The music is also pretty good, outstanding no, good yes. The characters are funny and engaging, especially Lube, who is moronic yet likable, and the voice acting as far as I am concerned is superb.

Overall, this show for me was actually pretty decent. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Another good show from the later 1990s nicktoon era
rocky59941525 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Yes i was born in 1991 and i grew up with classic Nickelodeon in defense of this cartoon it was good but not great like the classics(Rocko's Modern life, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Doug ETC.) This show is kind of a twist you have a half cat/half dog animal living in this bone/fish house. the guy who played rocko played Winslow in this show. Tom Kenny who original voiced Heffier in Rocko, voiced Dog in this show. Also the Billy west the guy who voiced doug voiced Rancid Rabit the guy who always ripped people off in this show and a mock of public figures in society. I remember a lot of the characters from this show more than the episodes. I remember the greaser dogs one of which had a crush on dog. Anyways the episodes i do remember is the one where dog is chasing something and him and 2 other animals get caught in a garbage dump and they roll down hill and get caught in the middle of a pond(but they think its the ocean) or where one of the greaser dogs and Dog get married in Cats fantasy, and when Cat Wanted to have an REAL Butt lol and the last one i can remember is where Cat thinks he sees the sign to the end of the world but its really just a peanut in this telescope only to see the real cloud of destruction afterwards.

The opening song is another thing i remember real well from this show. It used to air on nick and nicktoons when there would be an intermission in between shows and it would air like a music video. It was a very cool theme song. One of the reasons why this show was one of the last great Nicktoons was mainly the fact how dog would drag cat to do something he wouldn't want to do and the one time cat made dog do something he didn't want to do he almost got them killed. Also they where brothers but yet they had completely different personalities.Like dog wanting to do all the dangerous and dirty stuff while cat wanted to be all sophisticated.

Anyways this is one of the last good nicktoons it ran from 1998-2004. It ended over a month after 2 classic nicktoons had ended. The Rugrats and Hey Arnold 2 of my favorite Nicktoons as a kid. This show has yet to be seen a DVD release but is supposed already released on iTunes like Ahh Real Monsters. I have to check out my info on that one. Anyways a lot of good cartoons like this have been faded out from Nick TV now and it is kind of sad all because of shows like sponge bob that all suck now.
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Excellent show I grew up on.
Claudia McCarey30 May 2008
I use to watched Catdog every afternoon years ago and frankly I still love it.Later on,I read peoples comments on IMDb for how underrated the show was,which I agreed with.

But the problem is that it's mostly the Americans who hated Catdog and claim that it was the reason Nickelodeon was doomed,which is actually far from the truth.Catdog was a very creative,original and humorous type of animated show in good ways.It wasn't dark or gross,but it was decent and watchable.The characters like Cat and Dog had interesting and hilarious adventures(Dog was my most favourite character and still is),but there were times when the other characters in the cartoon were plain annoying sometimes,like the Greasers and the Lola bird,but that doesn't mean that I hated the show,there was just too much of them in some episodes. I mean,what the bloody hell has America come to?First they bashed Catdog,and then they protested Borat.Come on,Borat was a smart comedy,and as a matter of fact,the actor,Sascha Baron Cohen is a Jew himself,so really just chill out,Borat's not real,just like Catdog.

But I do understand how bad Nickelodeon has gotten ever since Rugrats came along,and then new shows started airing and then I had to rely on reruns of Catdog and Rocko's Modern Life(also a brilliant cartoon I use to watch)and tape them as possible before they're off the air.

It's a pity Catdog is not being produced anymore,since it was always a marvellous show(to me).
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Not even Funny
tommypezmaster30 January 2007
This show is pathetic. It stinks. It's not even funny!! Nicktoon's done it again. They feature another stupid show! One about Super Mario clones & dubbed by 4kids entertainment!! Even more pathetic!! Nicktoons used to be great! What happened? This is what happened. Nicktoons is trying to get really funny shows on, but all the shows they get are basically trying too hard to be funny. In doing that they make the show over-funny! And over-funny is not funny! Not funny one bit!!! CatDog is one of those shows. And I hate OVER-FUNNY shows. It's pathetic. All I have to say to CatDog is this, "Try Again. You guys suck. You're pathetic. Even more you're ridiculous than Cow & Chicken."

Never, I mean NEVER, Thought that a show this disgustingly horrible could even possibly exist. Back when NicktoonsNetwork began advertising for it's new set of shows, it wasn't Yakkity Yak that caught my eye, it was CatDog. I had high expectations for this show, despite the fact that it was thrown completely out of the blue at us, with no explanation or description of the core plot line. I eagerly awaited for it to preimere, and then, finally the morning came. Man was I let down.

It was so downright terrible that it was actually PAINFUL for me to watch the first 15 minutes of it! But trying to hold fast to my policy of watching at least one whole episode of a show before judging it, I sat still for the daunting task of sitting through 30 minutes of this garbage.

Why is it so bad? Let's start with the characters. For a moment, lets completely ignore the fact that both Nicktoons Network and the show itself refused to explain what exactly was supposed to be going on with this show. The story was filled with one cliché after another. You have the two friends, the Brawny and brave, the brainy and cowardly. Absolutely nothing new here. And the characters had no depth, and no personalities, outside what I just mentioned before. Throw in a cute little animal that follows them everywhere, and, ta-da, your unoriginality soup is finished.

The story, which, when read about actually sounds semi-interesting but as stated is a pain to watch, fails in every aspect and is only pushed down lower by the poor writing for each individual episode. The jokes failed to even get me to grant a small smile. Corniness and clichés abounded.

The only redeeming quality I can find in this show is that the animation style is nice to look at; there's not much more going for this show other than that. I suggest you avoid "CatDog" at all costs.
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Decent Show
The_Wagon9 December 2006
By this time, most of the greatest shows of Nickelodeon had either been cancelled(Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life) or went kind of downhill(Rugrats). The best thing on at this time was The Angry Beavers. Then, Catdog came along, and lasted 3 years. It was decent show, but it wasn't Rocko's Modern Life. It had some good episodes, and there were laughs and stuff, but the show's just nothing great. I liked it, but not many people do. It's not as crappy as people say. I think that most people don't like it because it's not as good as Rocko. There hasn't been a cartoon for kids better than Rocko in the past 10 years. There have been great shows like Spongebob and all that, but nothing is as good as Rocko. CatDog gets a 7/10.
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Poor Ren and Stimpy fans
Joshua Cimarric-Penczek30 August 2006
I was a kid in 1998. I was a big fan of Ren & Stimpy. I just loved them. It was my favorite show (untill ZIM came along). Anyways, it was a good show. Then a friend of mine told me about some brand new show, called Catdog. It was about A dumb dog, and a smart cat. I thought it was like Ren and Stimpy switch minds. But when I found it was about a dumb dog, and a smart cat put together, I felt so disappointed. I felt so sorry for Ren and Stimpy. It even copied some jokes off of it. Poor Ren and Stimpy fans. It copied 1 song, many jokes from some other shows, a character, and even a plot for an episode. They also did this stuff to Invader ZIM, and The Angry Beavers. Comen on. It could have been WAY better. And then again, no it could'nt.
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Okay show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh31 July 2006
I used to watch this show a few years ago. When I think about it, I only remember it vaguely, though. However, I remember the opening sequence and theme song pretty well. If you ask me, it was an okay show. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was okay. The performances were okay, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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We are the Geekers...
DirectorsCut1922 August 2005
This show is okay, not the heap of trash I expected it to be from other user comments. The song is great, and the stories are funny. But there's too much of The Greasers. WAY TOO MUCH. People should had watched some more episodes before describing it as garbage and putting it down, especially anyone at the Jump The Shark web page. Anyway, if you had never heard of CatDog, it's that cartoon about a cat and a dog put together by a potion and was raised by some odd parents, not to be confused with that cartoon with the odd parents name. The show didn't catch on, it was hated by most, and was canceled before 2 episodes could air. You should watch it and give it a shot, it's an okay cartoon, it might not be as good as the old Nicktoons like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy, and the old Doug, but it's worth watching anyway like Invader Zim or Yakkity Yak.

Grade: B
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blonde_ambition18 July 2005
Since this show started when I was about ten, I've watched it and always very much enjoyed it. Though it does seem to have gathered a lot of bad reviews. But I do believe that a lot of people find the concept a little creepy. It's about two friends, a cat named Cat, and a dog named Dog (how imaginative) who are joined together. A cat and a dog kind of joined in the middle, so God only knows how they use the toilet. Anyway, CatDog is a very enjoyable show and I only wish it would be shown on TV more. It only seems to be on VERY occasionally, for very short runs, after it was cancelled in 2001 or around there. But should it come on, it is worth watching. It's highly amusing, and frequently funny, and yes, very odd. But look at that as a good thing, and it's a great show. And the guys doing the voices, Jim Cummings (Cat) and Tom Kenny (Dog), work very well together, and are a great team. I do believe the two of them have worked together several times. Overall, CatDog is a strange, but entertaining show (with a one of the best theme tunes) and deserves to be seen, so enjoy!
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CatDog, a bad show? I don't think so!
sailor_mmsis14 March 2005
I have seen WAY too many people give "CatDog" a bad rap. People have even called it the worst show that has ever aired on Nickelodeon. However, I would like to make a formal statement: these people are wrong and have no clue what they're talking about.

I admit, I used to be among the many who hated "CatDog." I, too, thought it was disgusting, and only for the reason that the main characters are a pair of conjoined twins-- a cat on one end, a dog on the other. "Eww!" I said. "How do they go to the bathroom?!" It seemed pointless and stupid.

But then, thanks to my little sisters, I started watching the cartoon on a semi-regular basis. My interest in it grew. I saw little jokes and details you had to watch closely for. I developed a taste for the absurd drawing style. I began to get a feel for the sense of humor "CatDog" had, and I liked it: it was very different than what I was used to, even more subtle at times, but nonetheless just as wacky as most other funny cartoons. I developed a sort of sympathy for Cat and Dog-- two people forced to live with each other, putting up with each other's antics, and being scapegoated, bullied, and taken advantage of on a constant basis... just because they happened to be born differently. It's a situation they can't help. Cat and Dog themselves represent two different views on such a situation: Cat is dissatisfied and tries to change things for the two of them, but Dog is happy with things just the way they are. When Cat's plans backfire, Dog is there to support him. When Dog's optimism runs out, Cat's leadership helps them back on their feet. It's a symbiotic relationship in the figurative and literal sense. No matter how strange it looks at first glance, Cat and Dog cannot be without each other.

For kids watching this show, "CatDog" is a good tool for teaching them what it's like for people who are different in any way. It also teaches kids who are slightly different themselves how to make the best of their lives. Cat and Dog live their lives just like everyone else and try to stay happy, even if no one respects them. The show teaches that, in the end, self-respect and support from your friends and loved ones are all that you need to live a happy life, no matter how different you are.

"CatDog" is not meant to be a gross-out show. Yes, there are some gross jokes, but they are minimal. The focus is mostly on Cat and Dog's lives and the problems they face, whether with each other or with other people. If a gross joke happens to fit the situation, the writers will slip one in when it's funny. Admittedly, "CatDog" is not a laugh-a-minute show, but do all cartoons have to be like that? There's no unwritten law about what makes a cartoon funny. How about a cartoon that makes you think about the jokes, and the situations? Now there's an idea, huh? And really, who cares how they go to the bathroom! It's a cartoon, for crying out loud. Asking how CatDog goes to the bathroom is like asking how Strong Bad (from types e-mails with boxing gloves on. WHO CARES? It's a cartoon. Why should we worry about that? I hold this show very near and dear to my heart not only because I find it so different and original, but also because it's so under-appreciated and spit upon. How very ironic that a show, whose premise is about a pair of characters who are hated because they're different, is hated because the show itself is different. Give "CatDog" a chance like I did, and let it grow on you. You won't regret it.
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Wonderfully Underrated
themartyr5 February 2005
Why in the world does Catdog get such disrespect? People said that it's the reason that Nick went crashing down, no it's not, the reason behind that is because of Rugrats adding 5 million characters. In my mind, Catdog was Nick's last great struggle. Some of the humor was so great, and so unique unlike current shows playing on Nick. Most of the characters were unique to Nick, where as they usually play over the same personalitiess. Catdog was smart, but not too smart for children, it made sense, but could be silly. It had its own unique town and gave you curious questions. Like the episode where Eddie tried to take over the city "You shoulda seen your faces, you were all scared, especially Cliff. 'Hey I'm Cliff and I'm big and tough.'" Lube was one of the characters who was a complete moron that made it funny, and the episode where he fell in love with the rich girl was completely sweet.
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I know many people hated this show. I didn't. It's one of my favorite Nickelodeon shows actually
segabeat15 January 2005
Back when I watched Nickelodeon, I saw some commercials of CatDog way back in early 1998, it was quite interesting. As I saw more advertisement for CatDog later on, I grew more interested in the show. Finally, when it was set on air, I watched a couple of its episodes and they were good. I've been watching Catdog episodes all the way to its bitter end, when the show got canceled in 2001. Today, (as far as I know) It only appears on Nick every once in a while. I wish they released a DVD set for CatDog fans, like myself. Instead, they only released 2 VHS tapes of 5 episodes back in 1999. I will try to look for them as best I can.

Generally speaking, CatDog involves a cat and dog attached to each other. They encounter funny moments and stupid adventures. CatDog wasn't strong on humor, but it was good on voice acting, and the character presentation.

This was a very good show, in my opinion. I consider it a nice follow up the Nick classic, Rocko's Modern Life. Many people don't think so, but I believe it sort of does.

Not to mention, the music in the show is pretty good.
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Nickelodeon Falls into the Pits of Hell
kevinm124 June 2004
Catdog is THE Show that made Nickelodoen fall into the Pits of hell (They were at rock bottom before this). Viacom did a great job of scraping at the Bottom of the Barrel to Find Catdog, but The Show is not even fun to insult. Basically There is an Uptight Cat and a Stupid dog attached to each other. The Show itself is an unfunny watered down version of Ren and Stimpy (Which is ultimately superior to Catdog), and the "jokes" are more aggravating than unfunny. The Supporting Characters (An Annoying Blue Rat, A Group of Gang Dogs, and a Stupid Rabbit) have nothing to offer the show, and the Animation actually makes Pokemon (another show i hate) look like a Walt Disney Silly Symphony.

Bottom Line: I can understand why Nick put such a crappy Lowest Common Denominator Show on its Channel, but what i can't understand is how people (Which includes several IMDb users, much to my chagrin) can enjoy this show.

Rating: -100/10. Thankfully, Catdog's Been Cancelled, But the Episodes should be destroyed so no one can find out of the crap pile that is Crapdog.
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Another one of my favorite Nick-toons!
SonicStuart25 May 2004
I really liked CatDog a lot because this was one of my other favorite Nickelodeon cartoons that I liked. At first when I saw the sneak preview episode of this show after the 1998 Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, I thought it was pretty interesting and funny, other people thought it first at was a little crazy but then it became popular for a while and really liked the show! I thought Jim Cummings did a great job at doing the voice of Cat and so did Tom Kenny doing the voice of Dog in this show about two conjoined brothers that live with each other along with their roommate mouse, Winslow. Every time when CatDog is out they always get chased and beaten up by The Greaser Dogs! Or sometimes when they are out Rancid Rabbit tries to offer CatDog something or make them famous. I really like this show even though most of my friends don't like it. This show premiered on Nickelodeon back in April 1998 and ended May 2001. Another good memorable cartoon.
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What was Nick thinking?
SaltyCorn8 November 2003
I've been watching NIck for well over 11 years now, and I know that they cycle through shows faster than any other cable network on television today. Sometimes, they get it right, and we get great shows like "Rocko's Modern Life", "Invader Zim", and "Salute Your Shorts", (all shows that they canceled, by the way), but most of the time they spit out garbage like "Romeo", "The Amanda Show", and "Rugrats: All Growed Up". However, no show compares to "CatDog".

Just the thought of people actually enjoying this show confuses me to the point where I can no longer distinguish reality from a terrible nightmare. And the sad part is that this show lasted longer than most of the better shows. They even made an hour long movie about it.

Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think Nickelodeon should have left the idea of "CatDog" in the studios, rather than actually broadcasting it to the homes of children. I am, however, greatly satisfied that they canceled it. Now if they can only stop showing re-runs, we'd be set.
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the attention to detail is flawless
MeowWoof2 September 2003
If you want to watch something fun, wacky, creative, that is thought provoking and interesting then CatDog the cartoon on Nickelodeon might be for you.

Two brothers one an uptight, neat and tidy smart feline, the other a carefree, dirty, ditsy canine, share the same body. It's a shame this cartoon is so under-rated. CatDog are 2 very inspiring characters showing us all that if you work hard and don't give up you can live a healthy happy life no matter what weaknesses you have and how different you might be to others around you. It's heartfelt showing of unconditional love is amazing. CatDog proves that no matter how day vs night personalities can be, that with understanding, friendship and love, 2 loved ones can get along and work together. This cartoon gives a very emotional look, at what characters can go through with a one of a kind feature. Since CatDog are the stars, viewers feel empathy towards these brothers when other characters pick on them. It's like Charlie Brown. I highly recommend this cartoon for anyone that loves social satire, and very creative story telling. The detail to this cartoon is incredible and can be enjoyed by all ages!
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Mildly intelligent, but for the most part mediocre **spoilers? I dunno**
Hancock_the_Superb24 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
When the show first came out, I was too young to know any better and deemed it my favorite show. Now, of course, I like more intelligent and mature shows (the "Black Adder"s, "Mystery Science Theater 3000", "Invader ZIM", etc.); but CatDog is mildly enjoyable.

The music and animation certainly aren't the best out there. The humor is gross-out fairly often, and while I usually like gross-out humor (eg. "Zim" and "Rocko's Modern Life"), the jokes here are tiresome. Mild intelligence occurs every now and then (the reference to "Patton", the Speakeasy episode, etc.), but these attempts to play up to adults are lame. The show works best as a diversion for kids.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is the voice cast. The superb voice cast includes Jim Cummings, Tom Kenny, Billy West, Carlos Alazquerie, and John Kassir. They make the show somewhat watchable, if only for the star power.

Bottom line: CatDog's a decent show, but it's hardly great. However, when compared to such other shows like "The Fairly Oddparents", post-Dill "Rugrats", "Chalk Zone", and, of course, "The Butt Ugly Martians", it's a regular masterpiece.

Five stars, mostly because Cummings and Kenny are two of my favorite voice actors, and occasional enjoyable episodes.
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