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9 Mar. 2000
Royal Dog/Springtime for CatDog
It's Jolly Olde England and Rancid Rabbit is king. Meanwhile, CatDog are living the life of lowly garbage pickers. Cat and Dog both fall in love with Loraine Dejardin, who likes opera and playing fetch.
9 Mar. 2000
A Dog Ate My Homework/The End
Dunglap hires Dog to eat his homework so he can truthfully use the excuse, "My Dog Ate My Homework." While looking through Winslow's telescope, CatDog become convinced that a big, black cloud is foretelling the rain to end all rains.
16 Mar. 2000
Cliff's Little Secret/Freak Show
CatDog find out that Cliff is taking ballet lessons. Randolph recruits CatDog for his "Freak-A-Palooza" circus.
16 Mar. 2000
Fire Dog/Dog Show
CatDog get a job as the Firedog at the Nearburg firehouse. Dog enters the Nearburg Dog Show, and dresses as a woolly Afghan with a hairy butt (Cat).
23 Mar. 2000
The Geekers/The Golden Hydrant
Tired of being bullied by the Greasers, CatDog, Eddie the Squirrel, Dunglap and Mervis form their own gang -- the Geekers.Dog finds The Golden Hydrant, a mythical talisman that will bring eternal good luck to whatever dog pees on it.
23 Mar. 2000
Lube in Love/Picture This
CatDog's car breaks down and they are forced to take it to Lube's garage. Dog finds Cat's old camera, and goes all around Nearburg taking pictures of people in embarrassing situations.
30 Mar. 2000
Stunt CatDog/Greasers in the Mist
CatDog stumble upon a movie set, where they become stuntmen. CatDog convince Lola to infiltrate the Greasers and study their habits so they can find a weakness.
30 Mar. 2000
Doo Wop Diggety/CatDogumentary
Winslow stumbles upon the Greasers on a street corner singing Doo-Wop harmony. CatDog's new neighbor, the yellow-tailed whipporwhill Lola Caricola has to make a documentary about CatDog to satisfy her angry financier, Mr. Bottomleiner.
10 Sep. 2000
Kooky Prank Day/Back to School
Dog is excited because today is Kooky Prank Day, Nearburg's version of April Fool's Day.CatDog prepare to go back to their old school reunion, where Cat wants to rekindle his romance with Sally Chenille.
3 Nov. 2000
Monster Truck Folly/CatDog's Gold
Dog builds his own Monster Truck and drags Cat to Nearburg Square Garden to enter the Monster Truck Rally. Lola convinces CatDog to make honey in their own backyard.
25 Nov. 2000
CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery
It's Annual Parents' Day and as usual CatDog are excluded due to their lack of parents.

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