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15 Feb. 1999
Send in the CatDog/Fishing for Trouble/Fetch
Dog drags Cat to Clown College, where our heroes are confronted by the stern Sgt. Sillybells, who leads the recruits in Drill Sergeant manner./Dog wins a goldfish at the county fair, which he names Veronica.
16 Feb. 1999
The Lady is a Shriek/Dog the Mighty
In an effort to get Dog to notice her, Greaser Dog Shriek goes to to Randolph's Charm School and House of Beauty./Dog inadvertantly saves Mayor Rancid Rabbit from being crushed by the world's largest hamburger.
17 Feb. 1999
Hail the Great Meow Woof/Battle of the Bands
Dog grabs on to his homemade kite as it flies away, dragging Cat with him./CatDog form a rock band in order to compete in the Nearburg Battle of the Bands.
18 Feb. 1999
Adventures in Greaser Sitting/The Cat Club/Cat Diggety Dog
Cliff the Greaser Dog leaves his baby niece in Cat's care. / Cat joins a "Cats Only" club. At the first meeting, Dog dresses up like a Cat. / This is a CatDog short where they go onto a stage and sing about how they get along.
19 Feb. 1999
Fred the Flying Fish/CatDog Divided
CatDog set out to find the legendary Fred the Flying Fish. Ersatz magician The Amazing Ray saws CatDog in half, then is arrested and taken to jail.
23 Feb. 1999
The Unnatural/Dog Ate It/Dopes on Slopes
While playing sandlot baseball, Dog is a superstar, but Cat is humiliated. CatDog go on their very first ski run, causing havoc and mayhem on the slopes. Cat and Dog practice their cha-cha moves for the upcoming Nearburg Dance Fiesta.
24 Feb. 1999
Spaced Out/Nine Lives
Dog drags Cat to see "Mean Bob in Space, Part 12" for the 73rd time. Dog opens the jars which contain Cat's extra eight lives, and sets all the ghostly Cat-like apparitions free to wreak havoc all over Nearburg.
25 Feb. 1999
Dem Bones/Winslow's Home Videos/You're Fired
Cat takes Dog to a museum, so they can see the canine that drools all over the the dinosaur skeletons; "Winslow's Funniest Home Videos" features clips of CatDog; CatDog get fired.
26 Feb. 1999
Showdown at Hole 18/Sneezie Dog
Cat tries to teach Dog the finer points of golf. Dog gets a serious case of the sneezes.
1 Mar. 1999
Climb Every CatDog/The Canine Mutiny
Cat sets out to beat his childhood rival, Mindy Wonderful, and be the first person to climb to the top of Mt. Nearburg. While searching in the garbage for Cat's favorite spork, CatDog, Mervis, and Mr. Sunshine become stranded.
26 Jul. 1999
It's a Wonderful Half Life/Shepherd Dog
Fed up with each other, Cat and Dog dream that they are separate creatures, never having met. A truckload of sheep crashes near the CatDog house, and Dog artfully herds the flock back into formation.
27 Jul. 1999
Surfin' CatDog/Guess Who's Going to Be Dinner!
Cat poses as an ace surfer to woo a pretty Surfer Girl, who promises to be his queen if he can surf the "big" wave. To Cat's dismay, Dog follows his instincts and chases a dragonfly all over the house.
28 Jul. 1999
The House of CatDog/CatDog Campers
Rancid Rabbit comes to CatDog and says that he is going to tear down the CatDog house in order to build a freeway. CatDog are the favorite to win the Forest Fire Boy Of the Year Award, but first they must win their camping badge.
29 Jul. 1999
Let the Games Begin/Winslow Falls in Love
CatDog find themselves in the dog pound because Dog urinated on the dogcatcher's leg. CatDog try to find a soul-mate for Winslow because they think, if he's in love, he'll stop tormenting them.
30 Jul. 1999
Dog Power/It's a Jungle in Here!
To save money on electric bills, Cat hooks the hyperkinetic Dog up to a treadmill in order to create his own juice.Cat meticulously cleans the house in preparation for a visit from Sally.
9 Oct. 1999
Sumo Enchanted Evening/Hotel CatDog
A famished CatDog eats a ton of food at Rancid Rabbit's Rib Room, become incredibly obese, and can't afford the $34,000 bill.CatDog turn their house into a hotel, opening up their doors to, among others, a demanding Bavarian.
16 Oct. 1999
Rodeo CatDog/Teeth for Two
While wandering through the State Fair, CatDog find themselves expertly riding a ferocious bucking bull. Dentist Rancid Rabbit finds out that whatever Dog eats affects CatÃ+s teeth, and vice versa.
23 Oct. 1999
Sweet and Lola/Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek
CatDog relax in the yard when they first meet Lola Caricola. CatDog work as caterers at a glitzy debutante party in a Nearburg mansion.
26 Oct. 1999
It's Halloween and Cat, dressed as Duke Kahanamoku of Hawaii and Dog, dressed as Count Dogula, go out Trick-or-Treating.
6 Nov. 1999
Remain Seated/CatDog Catcher
Despite Cat's objections, Dog drags Cat to Theme Park World Land to ride the Butt Buster, a roller-coaster that goes 200 miles an hour.Mayor Rancid Rabbit needs more funds for his hot tub full of gold coins.
21 Nov. 1999
Talking Turkey
Walt, the turkey from the Nearburg Thanksgiving parade, shows up at CatDog's house looking for refuge.
30 Nov. 1999
A Very CatDog Christmas
When a bratty preschooler tells Santa she wants CatDog for Christmas, Cat convinces Dog to accept so they can live in opulent splendor - which causes Santa to cancel Christmas!
4 Dec. 1999
Shriek on Ice/No Thanks for the Memories
Shriek decides to quit the Greasers and fulfill her dreams of being a champion ice skater.Dog gets bonked on the head while chasing the garbage truck, giving him amnesia.
11 Dec. 1999
Extra! Extra!/CatDog Squared
CatDog take over a paper route after Dog chases the paper boy, again, and he quits. CatDog meet DanStan, ostensibly another CatDog. Cat is elated but Dog senses there is something wrong about those two.
31 Dec. 1999
CatDog 3001/Cloud Bursting
CatDog are beamed into the year 3001 to fight the evil Big Winslow.Lola beats Cat for first place at the Nearburg Invention Convention, making Cat an envious enemy.

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