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Season 3

3 Nov. 2000
Monster Truck Folly/CatDog's Gold
Dog builds his own Monster Truck and drags Cat to Nearburg Square Garden to enter the Monster Truck Rally. Lola convinces CatDog to make honey in their own backyard.
25 Nov. 2000
CatDog and the Great Parent Mystery
It's Annual Parents' Day and as usual CatDog are excluded due to their lack of parents.
14 May 2001
Silents, Please!/Gorilla My Dreams
In this largely silent and black and white episode, a broke CatDog dance on the street and paint people's portraits. A gorilla shows up at CatDog's house just as CatDog are about to join Mervis and Dunglap for a big bowling tournament.
15 May 2001
Seeing Eye CatDog/Beware of Cliff
CatDog become the seeing eye dog for blind billionaire TJ Wolfington.After an accident pumping iron, Cliff becomes a changed dog and vows to stop doing mean things.
16 May 2001
Rinky Dinks/Hypno-Teased
Nearburg becomes a winter wonderland, and CatDog, Lola, Dunglap, Mervis, and the Greasers take the opportunity to sled and frolic in the snow. Dog gets a toy hypnotism kit, and Cat uses it to hypnotize Winslow.
17 May 2001
CatDog Candy/Movin' on Up
CatDog fight over lunch then grapple in the kitchen, sending flour, sugar, chocolate, fruit, all over the place. CatDog inherit some land on the shores of beautiful Lake Wanamaker.
18 May 2001
New Cat in Town/CatDog's Booty
Nearburg is terrified by a huge, giant cat that reminds everyone of the movie monster Catzilla. CatDog go down to Nearburg Cove to find the fabled treasure that sank with the pirate Orange Beard. Orange Beard.
28 Nov. 2003
Harasslin' Match/Dog the Not-So-Mighty
It's been a year since Dog's superhero alter-ego Dog the Mighty saved Mayor Rancid from the grim reaper, and now Nearburg is celebrating with "Dog the Mighty Day".
15 Jun. 2004
Mean Bob, We Hardly Knew Ye/CatDog's Adventures in Winslowland
Ever wondered what goes on inside Winslow's house and how he's able to pop out of doorways in so many different locations? Well, so has Cat, and his curiosity finally gets the better of him. He trespasses inside Winslow's hole-in-the-wall.
15 Jun. 2004
Cat Gone Bad/The Old CatDog and the Sea
Avast ye landlubbers! This is a salty old fisherman's tale about the Swordfish on CatDog's living-room wall./Cat suffers an identity crisis when a gang of alley-cats set up shop near the CatDog house.
15 Jun. 2005
Cone Dog/The Ballad of Ole' 159
Ever since he was a puppy, Dog has chased the venerable city garbage truck, fondly known as "Old 159". Tired of being dragged along the road once a week, Cat invents a high-speed high-tech flying garbage machine that he hopes will make Old 159 obsolete.
15 Jun. 2005
Vexed of Kin/Meat, Dog's Friends
Sibling rivalry runs rampant when Mom and Dad come to visit the CatDog home. /Ever have a meat problem? Dog has one when he finds out that his favorite source of nutrition in fact comes from animals and his friends are all animals!

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