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Nothing "mellow" about this lesbian melodrama
Marshall Crist10 October 2001
Bathos rules the day in this apparently sincere combination of mild sexploitation and message picture. The narrative is so insubstantial that I am loathe to reveal its few turns here--rather, I urge you to marvel at it for yourself! You may find yourself surprised to be caught up in this story of a woman-girl-man love triangle despite the turgid soap opera histrionics. I have seen two different splicey, pink-faded prints of this film, leading me to make the following plea: Restore THAT TENDER TOUCH now! I hope it's not already too late.
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Underrated love movie
valbrazon20 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The unique reason i watched it was because of the beautiful Sue Bernard who played in "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!". The story is about homosexuality between two women, by the way Sue Bernard looks very younger than Bee Tompkins who looks like her mother than her friend.The soundtrack is a bit poor because i only remember the main song named "That Tender Touch" as you can hear few times in the movie. It's a shame as this movie didn't become famous, it's not as bad as the IMDb rating. The main theme of the movie is like many others love stories : love at beginning and jealousy a bit later so don't except for a original story. Sue Bernard has a good role in it, we see her much more than her invisible role in "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!".
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Homophobic , depressing melodrama.
sonya9002814 March 2009
When a sophisticated woman named Marcia, befriends a younger, emotionally wounded woman, their relationship blossoms into a love affair. The plot premise revolves around the problems in their lesbian relationship, when the younger woman, named Terry, decides to marry a man. Once Terry is married, she has trouble adjusting to sexual intimacy with her husband.

Meanwhile, Marcia (played with a sullen earnestness by Bee Tompkins) shows up at the home of Terry and her new husband. Seems that Marcia has lost her job, and needs a place to stay, until she can recover financially. While there, Marcia tries in vain to win back Terry's love. As Marcia becomes more desperate in her attempts at reconciliation with Terry, Marcia suffers a psychological collapse, with tragic consequences.

Homophobia was rampant in society, when this film was made in 1969. And so this film has strong negative assumptions, regarding lesbianism. The attitude typically held by mainstream society, was that all a lesbian needed was a good man, to cure her of her 'abnormal' sexual desires. That Tender Touch reeks with that kind of moralistic, homophobic tone.

Thankfully, things have improved markedly for the lesbian community, since 1969. This movie could be recommended as a historical reference, so that today's lesbians can see how far we've come, in terms of social acceptance. Otherwise, this film is overly melodramatic, and a bit depressing.
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