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think fast and don't forget to eat every 24 hours or so

Author: rogierr from Amsterdam, Netherlands
10 December 2001

The best video game ever made (considering pc-games AND consoles), Quake generated a cult-community with its own idiom and special rules of engagement. Five years after first release, Q1 still lives ferociously and heretic and the thrill of it all is that you can play it on any obsolete pentium system (75 Mhz, 4MB video-card and 60 MB hd-space ran fine for me). And besides that, the Linux-servers where the best of all! There are about 40 levels in the game (incl. multiplayer and secret levels): Quake consists of 4 episodes (like Star Wars and Alien so far), but there are still herds of people who haven't seen the game once (let alone 3dfx accelerated OpenGL Quake).

'Cheapo' and other downloadable 'cheating' local proxies make it harder for newbies to understand why they were being fragged and to like the flagellating game at all. On top of that, hardcore players construct their own configuration files with pre-written actionscripts (rocketjumping etc.) to climb faster in the ranking, although anybody can check out the console tutorials for miscellaneous commands and scripts. There is no taunting (as in Duke Nukem 3D and Unreal) in Quake, except for the few lines of text on top of the screen where you can spout your indecent proposals and pre-fab messages. Newbies who don't understand the game or have a slow connection (HPW: high ping whiners) are allowed (by consensus) to 'camp' (wait in a corner and shoot unsuspecting passers) to at least prevent a negative end-score (after unintentional suicide etc.). But the lucky few with pings of below 20 ms become the real 3D acrobats (LPB: low ping ba**ards). I'm really not interested in professional gamers, but I would have liked to get some dough for all the time I have spent in those dungeons, arenas, grottos, vaults and oubliettes.

Q1 is less humourous than Duke3D, in fact: no humour at all. Also less empty and post-apocalyptic, but more macarbe and dismal. I do not only love quake for the looks of it, but especially for the mechanics. That was never topped by Q2 and Q3Arena. Q3A looks infinitely better, but as Q2 it lacks the aggressive and direct gameplay of Q1. Duke Nukem was already addictive, but has flat pictures moving around without changing perspective, in contrast with Q1's 3D entities in a convincing medieval setting or more uplifting futuristic surroundings. This engine proved to be revolutionary although most game-developers were interested to use the Q2 engine (Half-Life, etc.). id software proved itself as the most innovative developer of eye candy and gameplay itself. Funstuff like incorporating your own sounds into the game has become a lot harder with Q3A unfortunately. And there aren't as many hiding places, secret passages and exploitable level bugs anymore. Let's hope those will be back with Quake4 (resurrection?).

Quake Done Quick is a downloadable (5 MB) speed demo of 90 minutes recorded by several people running through Q1 as fast as humanly possible, for which you also need the full game installed first. You can sit back and relax and watch the protagonist killing everything and opening every secret in first-person view or movie mode. There are people who did a lot of effort choosing the right camera-dynamics and even incorporate some jokes in the 'plot'. Besides that, there is the Q3A movie 'Quad God' that unfortunately never really saw the daylight because of copyright issues (?). These entities will be locked up in there forever.

Other enthusiasts built their own maps with their own favourite interiors and entities (mods and total conversions like Capture The Flag, Weapons Factory, Malice, Rocket Arena, Team Fortress, Airquake, Future vs. Fantasy, Awesome, Carnage etc for which you'll still need the original game to function). Finally, Unreal and UT are also some of my favourites as they are better than Q2 and Q3A, but the deathmatch multiplay mode of Quake1 is still unsurpassed. HF!

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The best first-person shooter for its time, and still one of the best today.

Author: Spartan_234 from United States
1 May 2006

Even with other competing shooters like Descent and Duke Nukem 3D around in the mid-90's, Quake lives up to its name: it truly "Quakes" the competition with its fast, non-stop action and excellent level design. Duke Nukem 3D may have had a fully interactive environment, but nothing could match Quake's lightning-fast and tremendously entertaining action. Weapons consist of standard-issued stuff (axe, shotgun, rocket launcher) and innovative weapons for the time, like a nailgun, grenade launcher, and thunderbolt gun (which you shouldn't even think about shooting underwater!) In an attempt to speed up the pace, there aren't any reloading times, and switching from weapon to weapon is very quick.

Along with the gameplay, the graphics are also Quake's biggest strength. Unlike Doom or Duke Nukem 3D, Quake uses a true-3D graphics engine to create detailed and believable environments. Gone are the choppy animations of enemies and their flat-looking appearances. As in Duke Nukem 3D, you can also swim underwater. All of this at a super-smooth frame rate! (At least, if you have a Pentium or higher processor.) In 1996, once I played Quake, I was fighting the urge not to play anything else. If you're looking for a solid piece of nostalgia to play, then this is exactly what you're looking for. It's a classic.

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This is still my favorite multi-player game...

Author: doom-mike from Stockholm, Sweden
2 February 2005

I bought this game back in the summer of 1998, and there are no regrets here. When I started playing multi-player, I was hooked. Best memories are from the Finnish server iNET Small(was taken over by eDome, then EUNet if memory serves me correctly). The graphics improved with the releases of FuhQuake and most recently eQuake. Instant gibbing on maps from DM4, DEATH32C to AEROWALK and who can forget NAKED3. New 24 bit textures adds a lot more atmosphere to the maps as well.

Special thanks goes to the gang at the now closed SH9 Server in Härnosand, Sweden! The server had an amazing group of people playing there, immortalized through the screen shots!

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One of my favorite Computer Games

Author: 5CENTLE55 APPRENT1CE from Hamilton, Ontario
15 June 2000

The original Quake is one of my favorite computer games of all time. When it first came out in 1996, it was very revolutionary. It was the first 3d shooter to use texture-mapped polygons and the enemies looked very good. The weapons were very cool too. I really liked the nailguns and the grenade launcher. The animations of the monsters are, in my opinion, still top-notch even by today's standards. Unlike most enemies in today's 3d shooters, the monsters are scary and horrifying. The fiend and the shambler are the most terrifying monsters that you will face and they require very quick reflexes to defeat. Upon hearing that one of my favorite musical groups, Nine Inch Nails, would be doing the soundtrack for this game only heightened my anticipation of playing Quake for the first time back in 1996. The soundtrack does not disappoint. Trent Reznor has created an atmospheric and immersive ambient music that truly brings you into the twisted and weird environment of the game. The game designers are obviously big NIN fans because the textures, environments and monsters seem too look as if they could be from an NIN video. They also named one of the guns the "nailgun" and the ammo for it has an NIN logo embroided on it. All in all, Quake is a wonderful game even by today's standards. It is also a very revolutionary game and is now a part of computer gaming history. The game has great action, great weapons, freaky monsters, fun single player, addictive multiplayer and an NIN soundtrack. What else more can you ask for?

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Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
16 November 2004

The Quake series is one of the most exciting first person shoot em up video games! The characters, monsters, and the action makes this game a fun non-stop playing time! Below is a brief look how I think the game is!

Game Play: The game play is very good. There is really basic controls here and is easy to perform. Novice gamers should have a good time here!

Graphics: The graphics are wonderful especially for the Nintendo 64. The backgrounds are really beautiful!

Difficulty: The game is easy but as it goes on you find out that it will become more difficult!

Music: The music is great! Just fantastic catchy tunes through out the game! In My opinion its some of the best music ever in a video game!

Sound: The sound is great. Nuff said!

Overall: I have always loved Quake! If you like excellent shoot em up games then I strongly recommend you play this game!

To purchase this video game check out!

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Outstanding bloodshed from Id Software...

Author: BUTCHER-5 from Poland
18 April 2000

If excellent "Texas Chain Saw Massacre" is a classic in the horror genre,then "Quake" is the best splatter computer game ever.The atmosphere is incredible-very murky and gruesome,the monsters(especially Fiends and Shambler)are scary as hell and there's blood everywhere.You almost feel an acrid smell of death in the air."Quake 2" isn't as good as this one,but it's also a nice first person perspective shooter.If you are a fan of "Quake" and you want more mayhem check out two mission packs:"Scourge of Armagon" and "Dissolution of Eternity".By the way,I think that Ogre is a little bit similar to our beloved Leatherface.

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One of the best video games ever made, thanks to ID software and NIN!

Author: andy-227 from Sterling Heights, Michigan
11 March 2000

Simply put, "Quake" is one of the best games available for PC. Although the game may be somewhat dated in terms of the graphics and the multiplayer capabilities, it's very atmospheric, detailed, and at times, scary! It may look like another 'shoot-em-up' game, since it is made by the creators of "DOOM", but it is probably one of my most favorite games! I didn't like the multiplayer game that much(but maybe it's because my computer is slow), but I thought the single player game was great! The music and sound effects were created by NIN, and there were times when I thought I was playing NIN's version of a video game. The dark, brooding interiors look much like the video "Closer", and the music is probably the darkest side of NIN I have ever heard!

In short, get this game! One, for it's graphics and fun gameplay. Two, for NIN's music and sound effects!

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An all time great.

Author: Warren Hawkes from Melbourne, Australia
13 November 1999

The game that evolved Doom into a true 3-D experience and paved the way for a hundred imitations can be considered nothing less than a classic of modern gaming history. Out went the 2-D scaled bitmap graphics and in came a true interactive 3-D engine with dynamic lighting effects, animation and equally creepy 3-D enemies to inhabit this world, something today we all take for granted, but was very much a new milestone back in 1996.

I.D's game had it's critics in one-player mode, (the Polygon monsters came in lesser numbers than the flat enemies of Doom) but in Multiplayer it was and still could be considered one of the most exciting, immersive combat experiences that you could ever play on a PC. Anyone who's played a 16-man deathmatch amongst friends or acquaintances alike cannot deny the sheer power of this game. The sound was sickly detailed (with the help of one Trent Reznor) and the graphics were dark, earthy and atmospherically unmistakable.

Quake for many has been the closest thing to experiencing armed warfare (or a close approximation) without having to actually leave your seat, except of course when you need one of those sweaty adrenaline induced toilet breaks after you've just slaughtered your best buddies in over the top (but graphically intense) detail, with the fattest smile on your face, and for that I.D. we salute you!

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New Tech. New Theme

Author: gelziabar
1 December 2006

Quake was the first proper FPS to have a fully 3D polygon rendering engine and 16 bit color for dynamic lighting. The theme of the game was also very dark and that could range from moody to strange. While the level design is advanced technically, the themes are just repetitive although the action is frantic. This game also featured a title song by Trent Reznor. On higher difficulty levels, Quake was always fun to play and along with the loads of user maps and addons released for it, had a pretty long life. Quake also offered a 16 player deathmatch capability and quickly became the most popular multiplayer game in the world, during its time.

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The fastest POV game ever made!

Author: BaDaBOOM from USA
9 January 2000

This is amazing. First time I saw it, it was on a 486, with the smallest window and the lowest resolution. I was not impressed. After a few month, I saw its action on a pentium. It just blew me away. That summer, I played it from dusk till dawn. After its sequel came out (Quake2), Quake remains the funner game. It's fast and modifiable. The best mod ever in my personal opinion is the rocket arena mod.

Quake is one of my favorite POV game. Q3 is the top one. Q2 never made my list.

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