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For the most part, the film is brilliant.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie's dialogue is smart. It doesn't just chug along making plot points.
Jennifer Aniston...doesn't have much screen time, but in playing this slightly insecure, affable young woman, she does her best film acting to date.
New York Daily News
Work was never funnier.
Christian Science Monitor
In a surprise move, the creator of "Beavis and Butt-Head" has made a laid-back, even subtle comedy that generally favors mischievous ironies over outlandish jokes.
USA Today
From morning traffic jams to passive-aggressive bosses who justify their existence by making yours miserable, Space gets it right. [19 Feb 1999]
There are plenty of good sight gags here, and anyone who can work the phrase "ass clown" into a script is all right with me.
It fails to sustain its comic momentum or high energy level. The first half is fresh and funny, but it doesn't last.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
What began as discomfiting satire soon devolves into silly farce. By the time Friends star Jennifer Aniston pops up as a waitress-cum-love-interest (quite a stretch for her), it's a sure sign we're back within the smug confines of the Tinseltown formula flick.
Entertainment Weekly
Feels cramped and underimagined. I think Judge is capable of making an inspired live-action comedy, but next time he'll have to remember to do what he does in his animated ones--keep the madness popping.
Chicago Tribune
Drably shot, unimaginatively written and shallowly acted, it's a poor example of the "daffy, goofy, sex-crazed guys" occupational comedies that flourished throughout the job-obsessed '80s. [19 Feb 1999]

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