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Boston Globe
The sly and subtle Minus Man is a wicked little sidewinder of a black comedy.
Rolling Stone
A potent thriller that grows in intensity as the audience realizes that the character it likes most is most likely a nut job.
Chicago Sun-Times
Low-key, understated style. The suspense beats away underneath.
Entertainment Weekly
With no climactic showdown and no comforting revelation of motive or reassuring psychoanalytic diagnosis, the nerve-rattling potential of this sly, paranoia-inducing story may sink in only later.
Christian Science Monitor
Excellent acting and a finely tuned screenplay spark this genuinely offbeat melodrama.
San Francisco Examiner
Fancher's placid, eerily subdued first directorial feature.
Mr. Showbiz
It's a drab, familiar story with no oomph (and less humor than you'd think), and it's inconsistent.
Baltimore Sun
Its mood of ennui and dread will haunt long after its title character's beaming grin has faded.
USA Today
There is no tension here. Actually, The Minus Man is minus a lot - intensity, a point of view, maybe even a point - and that equals an unsatisfying film.
New York Daily News
There are absolutely no psychological insights into sick minds in The Minus Man, a poky, opaque drama with a good cast and not much going on upstairs.
San Francisco Chronicle
A half-baked disappointment...never flies, never comes close to meeting its own expectations.

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