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In the window of the department store
Filmmaker77711 September 1998
Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet are two hats that meet in the window of a department store and fall in love. They both get bought by different customers and spend the rest of their little hat lives trying to find each other. This cartoon is truly romantic and sweet. I have loved it since I was a little kid, and sometimes I still walk around singing the Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet song. This is one of my favorite cartoons.
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Amazingly cute...
MartinHafer13 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of a bunch of shorts that made up the full-length release "Make Mine Music". While most of the shorts in the film were pretty poor, there were some notable exceptions. While "Johnny Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet" is not the best, it is very sweet and enjoyable--particularly for older audiences. Kids, frankly, will probably be a bit bored and wonder what, exactly, a Fedora is!

The film is weird, as it's the tale of the love between two hats--Johnny and Alice. They were both from the same store--but they are separated and it looks as if they'll both end their days being broken-hearted. But, in a nice twist, you see them reunited in the finale. All this is set to music by the Andrews Sisters--and it's among their best songs. Well worth seeing.
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Johnny kept yearning. He kept on returning.
Warning: Spoilers
The review I posted a while ago for the identical 1946 version. Back then, it was part of "Make Mine Music". Here it is a stand-alone work.


This is one of my favorite short-films of all time. Animated or not animated. It's just such a beautiful little short story and everybody who thinks, Disney only reached heights in terms of comedy and animation, but not really in emotion, needs to watch this one. I just watched it the first time since the death of the last Andrew Sister at an ancient age of 94 in January this year and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes.

The song by the trio is so melodic and fits the story perfectly. I really can't understand how this short film is so little-known, but we, the very few who do, can't appreciate it enough. The future vision with Johnny and Alice living in their own hat-box with little baby-hat is so incredibly cute. I'm a grown man, but I'd never have thought I could build up such a strong emotional connection to a pair of animated hats.

Not too long ago, I watched the newest Pixar short about 2 umbrellas falling in love and the whole story reminded me a lot of Johnny and Alice. So if you've watched and liked this little gem from the 1940s, thanks for reading my review and I hope you'll soon find your very own Johnny Fedora or Alice Bluebonnet if you haven't already. Don't give up even if happiness hasn't been on your side for a while now. Don't give up hoping and don't give up dreaming, for true love will come smiling through.
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oh dear...
journey79426 December 2002
we used to watch this one in a collection of really old shorts when i was little...this one used to make me cry so bad! i mean yeah it was kinda cute...but it was soooo sad! i can't even hear that's still stuck in my head to this day...i didn't even know what a fedora was...
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