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I'm Just a Jitterbug was one cool and swingin' Walter Lantz cartoon!
tavm3 June 2009
I just saw this rare Walter Lantz cartoon on YouTube as linked from Cartoon Brew. In this one, as the animators (in a live-action sequence) call it a day as does an animated cuckoo bird, various other characters from many animals to fairy tale people dance up a storm when one of them sings a swing number with some frogs joining in the chorus. That cuckoo bird, however, doesn't like it and takes matters into his own hands...This was quite an entertaining Lantz short that was among the first to showcase big band music. Particularly nice was a jitterbug dance sequence of a rotoscoped Jack and Jill. There was also a very funny gag of a dancing turtle couple in which the male one accidentally has the female one jump too high out of her shell! The ending, however, while initially hilarious, threatens to put a sour taste in your mouth. Still, despite one couple made to look like the stereotyped African-Americans of the time, I'd highly recommend I'm Just a Jitterbug.
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