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Its frank good humor stands in sharp contrast with the strange combination of timidity and exploitiveness of more widely distributed recent teenage comedies.
Like oversolicitous lovers, the filmmakers are hung up on foreplay -- and not enough old-fashioned teenage raunch.
Village Voice
Refreshingly direct and even courageous in its confrontation of female pleasure -- specifically orgasms and masturbation, the staple of teen-boy comedies, but hitherto off-limits for girls.
New York Post
Too crude for serious audiences and too serious to be good exploitation, Coming Soon is a teen sex comedy that's predictably getting a token theatrical release prior to its imminent debut on home video.
Just because it was written and directed by a woman doesn't mean the title isn't exactly the vulgar double entendre you think.
Los Angeles Times
It's amazing how boring endless talk about more and better orgasms can become.
New York Daily News
A deadly script.

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