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Chicago Sun-Times
You can see how this movie could have been jacked up into a one-level action picture, but what makes it special is how Thornton modulates the material.
Chicago Tribune
Thornton and his excellent company summon up for us the long rides, dangerous companions, rites of passage, the mad love and, most of all, the special relationship between the man/boys that rode over the border and the horses that carried them there.
San Francisco Chronicle
An elegiac, visually hypnotic film about love, honor, reverence for nature and the loss of tradition.
New York Daily News
Thornton, directing his first film since the minimalist "Sling Blade" (1996), has a much better grip on the material when he's focused on the scruffy desert landscape and the adventures of the two Texans.
Boston Globe
To paraphrase Andre Malraux, it invokes but it doesn't always supply, doesn't course strongly enough with the book's themes of blood and earth and dislocation.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Lacks an essential sense of purpose.
Baltimore Sun
Even a full week after seeing it, I'm still influenced enough by the film's many enchantments not to be overly concerned with its flaws.
Rolling Stone
It doesn't help that Damon and Cruz fail to generate sparks or that the second half of the film, in which John and Lacey face hell in a Mexican prison, feels bluntly edited to fit a two-hour running time.
USA Today
As this year's literary adaptations go, Horses comes a lot closer to being a truly bad movie than "The Perfect Storm" did, yet it would be hard to argue that the two are not the year's most disappointing in terms of trampled hopes.
Miami Herald
It's like a tantalizing CliffsNotes version of what could have been.
Entertainment Weekly
McCarthy's rawhide has become movie Naugahyde, a substance unknown in literature or in nature.

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