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The legends called Nadeem-Shravan

Author: chetan_r411 from India
21 May 2010

For a six year old child it is very difficult to remember about movies and songs. However there are movies, their music and there was Aashiqui. It was not just another movie with hit music. It was a phenomenon. The sale of music players was increased dramatically in those days. Practically every home in India had a audio cassette(today's CD/DVD wielding kids would probably never know of them!!) of Aashiqui in their home. It is not very common to come across albums with almost all the songs being awesome. However in this case, the word "almost" can be easily dropped. Each and every song of this movie is timeless. Nadeem-Shravan may not be creative and experimental like A. R. Rehman, but it is true that if "melody" had a second name it would be Nadeem-Shravan. "Aashiqui", "Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin","Sadak", "Saajan", "Deewana", "Dil Ka Kya Qusoor", "Salami", "Damini", "Dil Wale", "Raja Hindustani", "Jeet", "Pardes" are examples of this genius combination. Mahesh Bhatt is one of the finest filmmakers we had, but it is sad that his biggest commercial success is probably his weakest work as a director, or probably got overshadowed by the lovable music. The acting in this movie is anything but good. Rahul Roy caught the fancy of many young girls in those days and his hair style was an instant rage, however the guy just couldn't act and sadly it was clearly visible in the movie too. Recently in a TV show, Kareena Kapoor admitted, she has a poster of Salman in her room, which she replaced with Rahul's when Aqshiqui released. However anybody who had seen this movie can easily predict that Rahul lacked the charisma to be a major star. Anu Agarwal showed the signs of things to come. Apart from acting in B-Grade Hollywood soft porn, the girl couldn't achieve anything. It is common for an actor to pull off a movie single handedly despite of shoddy script and bad music. In some cases even some directors have pulled off a movie by tight narration despite unconvincing performance. Aqshiqui is one of the rare cases, where Music alone pulled off a movie.

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Excellent music plus Mahesh Bhatt

Author: mohsin ali khan from Pakistan
20 February 2005

Why I have given this movie 10/10 is because of its romantic, melodious, lovely and cool music. The music of a life time, the music forever. Then comes Mahesh Bhatt. Mr.Mahesh Bhatt! you are my best director. Your description of relationships in life, your view of love is most agreeable. Yes readers, this is how he shows that when you love some thing, love it from the depth of your heart. There are relationships in his movies. Readers would say that relationships are there in every movie. Yes its true but watch the difference in Mahesh Bhatt's description and description of other film makers. If you have watched Aashiqui, watch the relationship between Rahul and his friend and then between Rahul and his mother. Are they not executed brilliantly?

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A sweet, pure, passionate romantic fantasy

Author: charsobees from United States
2 May 2014

I love Bollywood romances, and I absolutely loved this! The songs are beautiful (especially Dheere dheere). What I found just as moving as the songs is the depiction of a fantastically pure, innocent and passionate romance between the couple. It's so beautiful in its earnestness and intensity (which the less romantic among us will find very silly) that it's almost haunting.

A sensitive but impetuous young man falls in love with a withdrawn and shy orphan girl. Their love comes across all sorts of obstacles and, of course, overcomes them all. There are good themes about women empowerment, valuing love and relationships, and good winning over evil.

What I found really attractive throughout the movie is the haunting, yearning, love-filled gaze the couple has for each other. There are several scenes where they just gaze into each others eyes with such longing and tenderness that anyone who has ever loved will feel their passion themselves. Anu Aggarwal has these beautiful eyes that communicate both the ecstasy and pain of her love, and Rahul Roy has a soft-hearted passion in his tone.

Yes, there are mannnnyyyy deux-ex-machinas. The tears are always rolling. The bad guys are really bad, and the good guys are really good. But the movie recognizes and even indulges in its silly passion. Towards the end there is a line spoken to one who doesn't understand, perhaps also spoken to those who have groaned and winced and rolled their eyes through the whole movie -- "Yeh tu nahi samjhega. Yeh love story hai. Aashiqui." (You won't understand -- it's a love story. It's passion). It's a fantasy, and for that it's really beautiful -- a fantasy where goodness and badness exist only in purity; where love is good, and good conquers all.

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Author: varghesejunior from India
18 May 2013

A very nostalgic romantic movie, Aashiqui may seem too simple nowadays, but it definitely did well over 20 years ago.

Free lance musician Rahul, coming from a broken family, meets orphan Anu at a most unexpected rendezvous, and love blooms in. The couple battle against all odds to be together, in a harsh world with harsh realities,but ultimately they do come together, which is when their egos clash. Will the two be able to maintain their Aashiqui? This is what the film is all about.

The best part is the music, which is what this film is famous for. I still remember how my mother loved the songs of this film those days....soooo nostalgic. Rahul Roy does a good job for a debut lead role. i am surprised he did not get better offers after this film.

Like an other bolly film of the 90s, editing is little weak.

Want something vintage and romantic? Then Aashiqui is for you!

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Love the music. Hate the movie.

Author: sredsha from South Africa
19 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

One thing that I love about this movie is the music. It is beautiful. I can guarantee you, that generations to come will be listening to this music long after we have all left this world. There is something eternal and evergreen about the soundtrack.

That being said I feel that the movie in no way reflects the sheer genius of the music. One can see tiny glimpses of coping from the movie Rebel Without A Cause throughout the entire narrative, the obvious being the scene in the police station at the being of the movie. In fact the entire narrative seems contrived and stiff.

Rahul and Anu did the best that the could do with their cardboard characters.

While the music will remain eternal, I predict that Aashqui the movie will fade into obscurity in the years to come.

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A good musical

Author: silvan-desouza from India
17 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In 1990s Bhatts took a break from his heavy duty films and made romantic films Aashiqui was one of the first of that kind The film is still remembered for it's hit songs The film is a normal Hindi film love story with some twists and turns In typical Bhatt world, Rahul Roy(his name is Rahul Roy in the film too)'s father re marries leaving Reema Lagoo alone, Rahul Roy is irritated and creates a rucksus finally he is arrested and there he meets the heroine Anu. Both fall in love slowly and then she becomes a model Bhatt claims that the story is inspired from his own life where he trained his wife to be a typist, anywayz most Bhatt films are supposedly based on his life. The film does have lot of madness which were seen in 80s and 90s like the end where the cop Avtar Gill rides a Fire engine van.

Direction by Mahesh Bhatt is good in parts Music by Nadeem Shravan is a big hit, Saanson KI Zaroorat, Jaanejigar Jaaneman, Ab Tere Bin are all chartbusters and remembered even today Kumar Sanu who sang most songs was a rage that time

Rahul Roy is awkward in his debut, his dubbing by Aditya Panscholi too doesn't suit him, However his hairstyle became famous Anu Agarwal is okay Tom Alter is okay in a brief role, Musthaque Khan, Avtar Gill are Bhatt regulars ditto for Deepak Tijori there are okay. Reema Lagoo is as usual, Homi Wadia is good, Anang Desai is okay

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A Classic Romantic Movie

Author: chocolate-xox-cupcake
8 March 2013

I give it 6 out of 10, because the movie portrays two young, innocent characters, capturing their romance, strengths and weaknesses in their budding relationship. While watching this movie since 1990 and up till today, Bollywood movies today are incomparable to Aashiqui. This movie captures the romance of two innocent, young lovers...Which is why I gave additional bonus points for this classic movie. You can't find a good quality, innocent romantic movies in this generation without sex.

The music definitely makes up the flaws of this movie. It's flawless. Even to this date, there is no other music that is elegant and timeless such as the music featured in this movie. The soundtrack is what made this movie famous and a success. It had garnered bonus points, because of the soundtrack. It ranked fourth place on Planet Bollywood's Top 100 list for a reason: It's worth listening to.

On the other hand, the acting is very "bland"...I also have no words to describing the characters' enthusiasm to their skills in dancing. It was very tasteless and there was no "oomph" in their moves. It's very upsetting to see two reasonable looking actors, that fit the image of the decent characters very well, but yet their acting was below average. A disappointment on both Rahul Roy and Anu Agarwal. I could only compliment on Dipak Tijori and Reema Lagoo for their acting skills. They deserve bonus points on their supporting roles.

In addition to the disadvantages, the movie was set up in a chronological order: Boy meets girl, they fall in love, there are obstacles where they can't meet each other and they finally live happily ever after. Very traditional. Very Bollywood...With a few twists and turns. You just know what was going to happen next.

In conclusion, the high verdict is mostly based on the timeless soundtrack and the innocent romance of two young lovers that are deeply in love. If you're looking to pass time with your loved one and curling up to watch this movie or feel like falling in love all over again, watch it...But I wouldn't say it's a must-see. Skip it if you feel like it...You're not missing out on too much. But the music is very much worth listening to.

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Silly Bollywood romance...

Author: dwpollar from Evansville, Indiana USA
1 March 2010

1st watched 2/27/2010 -- 3 out of 10 (Dir-Mahesh Bhatt): Silly Bollywood romance where the best part is the danceable tunes(and there are plenty of them). The problem is that the story is very formulaic and predictable with no real depth to the characters. The story is about a lounge singer, played by Rahul Roy(which is also the character's name in the movie), who gets in trouble with the police after disturbing his father's 2nd marriage, and glances at an orphan named Annu -- who he immediately falls in love with. The main characters are the typical troubled-youngster characters with checkered family histories(which of course makes them rebel). He pursues her, frees her from the orphanage, and then she tries to make it on her own as a model. Due to this freedom and also because of Rahul's mom's insistence, she decides not to marry him for 2 years -- until Rahul makes something of himself. This, of course, makes him unhappy and he bursts into song(in typical Bollywood fashion). He is then discovered and becomes a big singer, but the two main characters' reunion is, of course, not that simple. This movie is very long, but very simplistic with no real backbone in any of the characters(except maybe Rahul's mother). It's a simplistic Romeo+Juliet story with a lot of singing and dancing(which as I said before is the best part). Avoid this one -- there are many better Bollywood movies around.

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