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Season 1

17 Sep. 1985
Patrick McKay and Vincent Danzig both grew up together but took different paths in life. McKay became a policeman and is now one of those being considered for the soon to be vacated position of police commissioner, while Danzig became a criminal. And there has been a feud brewing ever since McKay's son, Patrick Jr. was killed and it's strongly believed that the Danzigs were the ones who did it. Now that McKay is on the verge of being appointed Danzig has his son do everything he can to have McKay discredited so that he won't be appointed. Part of his plan is to set up...
8 Oct. 1985
Runaway Movie Queen
Frank arrests a pimp for killing one of his girls but the Feds tell them that the pimp works for them and wants him released. When they look at Frank's case they tell him it's unlikely they can charge him with murder so they ask him to release and his father sides with them. He tells Frank get proof that he killed the girl and he will back him up. Frank learns that another girl may have seen him commit the murder so he tries to find her. The pimp learns of this and sends someone to take care of her.

 Season 1 

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