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Always Relevant
georgiads26 November 2005
Meet the Press is the most important show about politics on the air. It is on regular network television so that anyone with a television has access to it, and it airs on Sunday morning when many people are home to view it.

The show is always on top of pressing issues in the news and Russert always brings in great guests from all sides.

No matter what anyone thinks of Russert, he asks EVERYONE the important questions and respectfully allows them to answer (unlike other shows that end up being shouting matches.

This show is a must see for anyone interested in politics.
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davecon71-1327 March 2004
I have noticed those who accuse the host, Tim Russert of being some kind of liberal. While he may have worked for democrats in the past, he is no more liberal than chris matthews. i watched him skewer and interrupt Ted Kennedy last week, as he does on a regular basis to anyone left of Dick Cheney. Remember his hostile questioning of Mrs. Clinton during a debate for NY senate. NBC is trying to show they do not have a liberal bias by employing him. it's time they some actual liberals on the shows panel to stand up to him. the best person on his panel is Robin Wright of the Los Angeles Times. i always look foward to her insight on foreign affaire, especially the middle east. as a whole i think it's sad that democratic politicians are forced to appear on this program.
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always relevant but clearly biased
ibarrio15 October 2004
Meet the Press is a must-see for anyone concerned with current events, if for no other reason than that it's a must-show for the participants in those events. It's a show with a clear liberal bias, but compared to most of today's news programs I would call it pretty even-handed.

Russert is a skilled interviewer, able to pose a question and then shut his mouth for however long it takes the guest to respond fully, but he has a tendency to become overexcited about his hypothetical constructs, as in "If you knew then what you know now, would you still do what you did?" It's hard to imagine any sane, self-respecting person trying to answer a question like that, but somehow they all take a stab at it. (In fairness to the guests, Russert is so over-enthusiastic with these that he rarely takes "I really don't know," as an answer to such questions.

In my opinion the greatest strength of the show is the way it confronts guests with their own press and allows them to respond to it. Russert is well-known for describing a video clip of the guest that's about to be played, and then saying briskly "Let's watch!"
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kennedy ass kissing
evlin_ra26 May 2008
I was awake at 3:45 this morning. Surfed to Meet the press. It still amazes me how so called mature objective adults can react to the Kennedy Mystique. Everyone on the set was giving their obituary of a living individual. More to the point, they were glorifying a murderer, alcoholic, rich, white man who, like all people like him, live by their own rules. I listened to Maureen Dowd insinuate herself and her brothers into the lives of the family. How double minded she sounded when she is supposed to be objectionable about others. Oh Yea! I forgot . The Kennedy's are not "others." After I vomited, I sat down to write a comment about the show. Alright, before he dies, he will have a possible president kissing his ass also. Barack Obama, the Blackest white man in America, has his lips planted on Teddy's backside. So much for a "change" and not being beholding to anybody. I am a liberal Democrat, who will never vote for a Kennendy or a Barack Obama. Mr. Russert, you probably will not read this email. Your lips also are pointed to a site south of Kennedy's bad back. Embarrassed for a bunch of "Toadies."
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Tim Russert is a real journalist
rquallsins3 November 2006
Tim Russert is a great host for "Meet the Press". He has never made any real bones about having been raised in a working-class union Catholic household in Buffalo, or acted as if this has in no way shaped his thinking. This background does not, however, prevent him from asking real, probing questions of his guests, Democrats and Republicans alike. He is less objective about his beloved Bills than he is about politics, but he is at his very best when he asks people their stance in light of their own past comments which he has at his disposal on videotape. Russert, contrary to some of the other opinions posted here, has in my opinion been far less of a Democratic partisan than his MSNBC counterpart, Chris Matthews.
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always no 1 on Sundays
venuslove623923 June 2006
Meet the Press is one of my favorite Sunday shows including ABC's This Week, Meet The Press is always no 1 why? Because sometimes my favorite panelist including Judy Woodruff, Kate O'Beirne, Mary Matalin and some others I remember the week of my 20th birthday last year another favorite panelist that was on Meet the Press three times (The Supreme court ones) is NPR's Nina Totenberg, I do like Tim Russert I should his book Big Russ and me. I remember the Meet the Press minute when Paul Duke died. It was very sad when he passed.

If is Sunday is Meet The Press is the tag for Sunday's no 1 show in America and on NBC.

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A Sunday ritual. If it's Sunday then watch NBC's "Meet the Press"
Danny Blankenship3 April 2007
Over the years this TV news program has became a must watch for millions on Sundays almost like a ritual, "Meet the Press" remains one of the best and most updated and informative news programs in the business! Always the one hour program is done in a debate style type which both guests discuss the same issues. The issues discussed are the most up to date like the Iraq war, terrorism, the economy, justice and court issues, immigration, and political elections. And the viewer gets to hear from both sides of the spectrum as views from the democrats and republicans are both represented. Many times a panel of journalists from top magazines and newspapers around the country join to give their thought and opinions. I must say the program is hosted beautifully by Time Russert who's a veteran of news and politics who always asks the politicians the tough questions, he's so straight forward and does his job with eagerness, and determination and seems happy and Tim is just a great interviewer. Overall this program always stays on top and up to date every week of the most hot button issues and political topics and it asks the tough questions and the opinions giving are good with interviews done from a good host. So if it's Sunday and it's NBC then make it an American ritual like millions and watch "Meet the Press"
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Changing The Channel
arhuckla26 February 2017
I have always loved Meet The Press, but now I am changing my channel. I looked forward to having a cup of coffee and watch the news for the week. I have always been a Democrat, however, I feel everyone has the right to their opinion and the News Stations should deliver the news, not pass on judgment in an unfair manner. Tim Russert was a fine journalist. He was a Democrat, but he delivered news in a fair a respectful way. It discusses me to see how Chuck Todd delivers attacks and an extremely disrespectful way.

It is obvious that his assessment was poor before the election. He led everyone to believe Donald Trump would lose. Obviously, he has no insight. Now, he continues his poor assessment. DELIVER THE NEWS!!! Respect America.

I have watched Meet The Press for 50 years, but no longer. I have changed the channel for as long as Chuck Todd delivers negative disgusting reviews of America and the president that America voted to represent us.
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Meet the missing press
steve valliere3 February 2013
Here's a representative example of why MTP should be taken with a grain of salt: This week we have Ralph Reed on the round table. Ralph Reed? Seriously? We could sure use Christopher Hitchens now.

Also, It's always instructive to note who sponsors this media. There will be no objective perspectives from something like this.

Alternate title might be: Meet the money or Where's the press. Or Meet the predict ables.

It's getting harder to find unbiased media.

If you enjoy talking back to the TV in utter frustration (which i must admit i do) you may like tuning in.
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