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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas); John Podesta, chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign; retired Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn; and political strategists Stephanie Cutter and Steve Schmidt. Panelists include Doris Kearns Goodwin; Hugh Hewitt; Gwen Ifill and Mike Murphy.


1 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 1 January 2012
Gregory interviews presidential candidate Rick Santorum prior to the Iowa Republican Caucus. He then speaks to some political commentators and journalists about the state of the race and the chances for each candidate in the caucus.
8 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 8 January 2012
In a special edition, Republican Candidates for president meet and debate live from New Hampshire in the last debate before the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary.
15 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 15 January 2012
Gregory interviews Newt Gingrich about his campaign for president. He then speaks to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about the upcoming State of the Union address and the President's work on taxes, spending and the debt. Finally, he discusses perspectives on Republican voters with Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative Tim Scott.
22 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 22 January 2012
Gregory interview Newt Gingrich about his victory in the South Carolina primary. He then discusses with Chris Christie the consequences of that victory on the campaign of Mitt Romney. Finally, he analyzes the Republican race with a round-table of journalists.
29 Jan. 2012
Episode dated 29 January 2012
Gregory discusses the upcoming Republican primary in Florida with Romney supporter John McCain and Gingrich supporter Fred Thompson. He then discusses the president's state of the union address and general campaign strategy with David Axelrod. Finally, he breaks down the race for Florida with a round-table of journalists.
5 Feb. 2012
Episode dated 5 February 2012
Gregory discusses the results of the Nevada caucuses with Newt Gingrich. He then discusses politics, the economy, football, and the Super Bowl with Mitch Daniels, Deval Patrick, and Michael Bloomberg. Finally, he looks at the jobs and unemployment numbers with a panel of guests.
12 Feb. 2012
Episode dated 12 February 2012
Gregory discusses with Jack Lew and Rick Santorum the recent controversy over whether birth control should be covered by health insurance provided by religious institutions. Later, he discusses the Republican presidential nomination race with a panel of journalists and considers whether Mitt Romney can regain his place as front runner.
19 Feb. 2012
Episode dated 19 February 2012
Gregory discusses the controversy over contraception coverage and the recent payroll tax cut with congressmen Paul Ryan and Chris Van Hollen. Later, he discusses the presidential race with a panel of journalists and examines how the recent attention given toward social issues will influence the race.
26 Feb. 2012
Episode dated 26 February 2012
Gregory talks to Rick Santorum about his efforts in the crucial Michigan and Arizona Republican presidential primaries. Later, he discusses immigration, jobs, the economy and gas prices with governors Jan Brewer and Jerry Brown. Finally, he discusses with a round table of guests what will happen if Santorum manages to upset Romney in Michigan.
4 Mar. 2012
Episode dated 4 March 2012
Gregory discusses "Super Tuesday" and the ongoing fight for the Republican presidential nomination with Chuck Todd. He speaks to Newt Gingrich about his efforts to win Georgia and, later, gets differing perspectives on the race from Eric Cantor and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Finally, he offers analysis of the race with a round table of guests.
11 Mar. 2012
Episode dated 11 March 2012
Gregory talks with Rick Santorum about his chances of getting enough delegates to challenge Mitt Romney. He then discusses which party has a better strategy for economic growth with governors Bob McDonnell and Martin O'Malley. Finally, he discusses calls for civility in politics with a round table of guests.
18 Mar. 2012
Episode dated 18 March 2012
Gregory discusses the Republican nomination race and developments in Afghanistan with John McCain. He, then, discusses with a panel of experts the recent civilian deaths in Afghanistan and the controversy over the accidental burning of Korans. Finally, he speaks to George Clooney and John Prendergast about their efforts to end the ethnic cleansing in Sudan.
25 Mar. 2012
Episode dated 25 March 2012
Gregory speaks to White House adviser David Plouffe about the foreign policy challenges facing the president, the Trayvon Martin shooting, and gas prices. He then speaks to a round table of guests about racial tensions and the recent spike in energy prices. Finally, he speaks to Rachel Maddow about her new book on military power.
1 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 1 April 2012
Guthrie talks to Rick Santorum about his effort to win the Republican presidential nomination and the growing support for Mitt Romney. She then speaks to Ron Johnson who announces his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Guthrie next talks to Chuck Schumer about the Supreme Court's skeptical hearing of the case against Obama's Affordable Care Act. Finally, Scarborough leads a round-table in a discussion of the health care law, the politics of the Supreme Court, and the upcoming Wisconsin primary.
8 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 8 April 2012
Gregory talks to Dick Durbin and John Kasich about recent job numbers, the U.S. economy, and the different policy visions offered by the Democratics and the Republicans. In honor of Easter, he then discuses religion and politics with a round table of guests. The discuss the HHS Mandate, religious freedom, Mormonism, and the pervasive belief that President Obama is a Muslim.
15 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 15 April 2012
Gregory talk to Tim Geithner about the economy, gas prices, and the need for tax reform. He then speaks to Kirsten Gillibrand and Michele Bachmann about recent controversial comments made about Mitt Romney's wife, how women are faring in the the present economy, and the president's record on the economy. Finally, he discusses with a round table the gender gap between the candidates and a possible appearance by Mitt Romney on "Saturday Night Live".
22 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 22 April 2012
Gregory talks to representatives Darrell Issa and Peter King about the recent secret service prostitution scandal in Columbia. He then speaks to David Axlerod about the political fallout of the scandal and the Obama campaign's strategy for the fall election. Later, he discusses with a round table the consequences of the Secret Service scandal and whether Romney is thinking of picking Marco Rubio as his running mate. Finally, he takes a look at the Stanley Cup with a surprise guest from the Hockey Hall of Fame.
29 Apr. 2012
Episode dated 29 April 2012
Gregory talks to Ed Gillespie and Robert Gibbs about the presidential election, the politics of Osama bin Laden's death and the revival of General Motors. He then speaks to Hilary Rosen about her controversial comments about Ann Romney and discusses with a round table efforts by both campaigns to attract women voters. Finally, he speaks to Brian Williams about his upcoming special on the killing of Osama bin Laden.
6 May 2012
Episode dated 6 May 2012
Gregory speaks to Vice President Joe Biden about the economy, the Romney campaign, Chinese dissident Chen Guangjang, same sex marriage, and the killing of Osama bin Laden. He then discusses with a round table the impact of the economy on the election, the gridlock in Congress, and Biden's support of gay marriage.
13 May 2012
Episode dated 13 May 2012
Gregory interview JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon about the risky trading bet that cost his company two billion dollars. He then speaks to Levin and Sorkin about regulating Wall Street. He then talks to Reince Priebus about Obama's recent support for homosexual marriage and his opposition to Wall Street regulations. Finally, he discusses with a round table the political implications of Obama's stance on gay marriage.
20 May 2012
Episode dated 20 May 2012
Gregory moderates a debate between Paul Ryan and Dick Durbin about austerity in Europe, tax reform, and the direction of the U.S. economy. He then talks to a round table about what would happen if the election were to happen today. The round table discusses campaign strategies and how Democrats are targeting the business practices of Bain Capital and Republicans are targeting Jeremiah Wright. They also examine the G8 summit and the problem facing the EU.
27 May 2012
Episode dated 27 May 2012
Gregory speaks to Newt Gingrich and Martin O'Malley about Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, Obama's attacks on Romney for his work at Bain capital, and Gingrich's now ended campaign for president. He then discusses with a round table the presidential race, the Wisconsin recall election, and Donald Trump. Finally, he then speaks to Maria Shriver and Michael Lewis about their recent commencement addresses.
3 Jun. 2012
Episode dated 3 June 2012
Gregory speaks to governors Patrick and Kasich about the economy, unemployment, and the upcoming presidential election. He then discusses with a panel which states are in play for the upcoming election, Romney's connections to Bain Capital, and possible vice presidential choices. Finally, he talks to Bill Bradley about his new book 'We Can All Do Better'.
17 Jun. 2012
Episode dated 17 June 2012
Gregory speaks to David Plouffe about the economic situation in Greece, immigration, the economy, and Obama's strategy for the upcoming election. He then talks to Senator John McCain about the Dream Act, Obama's record on the economy, and the influence of money on the presidential election. He then discusses the presidential election with a panel of guests focusing on the economy, Hispanic voters, and the personalities of the candidates.
24 Jun. 2012
Episode dated 24 June 2012
Gregory talks to Marco Rubio about Arizona's immigration law, the Dream Act, and the presidential election. He then discusses with a round table the congressional investigation into "Operation Fast and Furious', the debate over executive privilege, immigration, and possible Republican vice-presidential picks.
1 Jul. 2012
Episode dated 1 July 2012
Gregory talks to Nancy Pelosi about the Supreme Court decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act and whether the individual mandate should be understood as a tax. He then speaks to Howard Dean and Bobby Jindal about the expansion of Medicaid and Romney's support of an individual mandate in Massachusetts. Finally, he discusses the political impact of the Court decision with a round table.
15 Jul. 2012
Episode dated 15 July 2012
Gregory talks to Gillespie about Romney's tenure at Bain Capital and Obama's charges of outsourcing. He then speaks to Durbin and Kyl about the economy and the future of the Bush era tax cuts. He then discusses with a round table the political impact of the outsourcing charge and the tax debate. Finally, he speaks to Bob Costas about the Penn State scandal.
22 Jul. 2012
Episode dated 22 July 2012
Gregory talks to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper about the recent movie theater shooting and Kate Snow offers a report from Aurora, Colorado. Gregory speaks to Bratton, Chertoff, and McCarthy about recent incidents of gun violence and efforts to regulate assault weapons. He then speaks to a political round-table about the impact of the gun issue on the upcoming the presidential election.

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