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Season 22

4 Sep. 2016
Jef wants to join his friends on a beer drinking weekend and gets Lukas to help him mislead Jeanne. Their plan involves some ominous chain letters. Meanwhile, Victor is offered a one year academic job in Jakarta.
11 Sep. 2016
Former student Paulien shows up highly pregnant and seeks volunteers to take care of her baby once a week. Jef smells an opportunity to join a beer tasting club that meets on the exact same evenings.
18 Sep. 2016
Jeanne is jealous of her best friend Mimi getting an expensive new kitchen. Jef however refuses to spend that amount of money. In the meantime Victor believes he has invented a new type of girl's clothing.
25 Sep. 2016
De bedrijfsuitstap
Jef gets punished for being too lazy at work and is not allowed to join his colleagues on a gardening tour in France. In order to convince his boss he could use the time off, he fakes Jeanne has Alzheimer's.
2 Oct. 2016
Het grote lot
Mimi has won a lottery. Victor immediately sees a chance to become a successful investor. Meanwhile, another of Lukas' macho dating stories leads Ines and Martha to make him believe he got someone pregnant.
9 Oct. 2016
Jef is good-humored, but suddenly turns very cranky when he hears he is added to the green department's trimming team. Ines' latest boyfriend, a psychology student, believes Jef has a serious mental problem.
16 Oct. 2016
De kuisvrouw
Jeanne gets inspired to look up old classmates through the Internet. When she spots one of them posing in a cleaning outfit, she wants to rub her success in the woman's face by hiring her as a cleaning lady.
23 Oct. 2016
Twee tinten ros
Former student Filip has written a biographical novel about his time at Jeanne's. She reacts very proud, but changes her mind after learning she has been portrayed as a nymphomaniac that was his sexual mentor.
30 Oct. 2016
Visvijver te koop
The fishing pond is for sale and Jef and his buddy Kurt want to buy it. Since Jeanne would not agree to spend money on such cause, Jef makes her believe Kurt wants to borrow the amount so he can leave his abusive wife.

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