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28 May 1997
Buried Treasure
When Donkey Kong and his buddies find an antique map;they embark on a Treasure Hunt that leads them on an adventure to the far off Mountain Mines. What they don't know is that everyone else on Kongo Bongo;including King K. Rool;is on the same adventure! After a wild chase to find the treasure;no one is more surprised than our hero to find out what the contents of the treasure chest are.
12 Jun. 1997
Get a Life, Don't Save One
When Donkey Kong saves Bluster's life;Bluster is so grateful he decides to return the favor; appointing himself as Donkey Kong's constant companion - twenty-four hours a day;seven days a week! With everyone's patience reaching their limit;Donkey Kong and Diddy discover that the only way to rid themselves of Bluster's gratitude is to reverse the favour and have Bluster save Donkey Kong's life ... a task that's easier said than done.
26 Jun. 1997
When the Inca Idol summons Donkey Kong to test his skills in the Labyrinths of the Inca Ruins;Donkey Kong has no idea that his abilities are being tested in order to prepare him for his biggest challenge yet; - a Dance Contest against his most prized enemy;King K. Rool!
10 Jul. 1997
Double Date Trouble
Donkey Kong finds himself in the middle of a personal predicament when Candy and Diddy pressure Donkey Kong to choose whom he'd rather spend time with; his best friend or his girlfriend. In his hastiness;Donkey Kong accidentally makes plans with both of them on the same night. To add to his dilemma;Cranky sends Donkey Kong on a Top Secret Mission that completely backfires;leaving Cranky's Cabin an open target for a full assault by King K. Rool and his army.
24 Jul. 1997
The Curse of Kongo Bongo
Donkey Kong puts all of Kongo Bongo in jeopardy when he reads a letter delivered by the dead pirate Bluebeard Baboon which recites an ancient pirate curse! Kongo Bongo is soon in danger of sinking to the ocean floor unless Donkey Kong and Diddy can retrieve all the other letters sent to Donkey Kong's friends. In the meantime;Cranky has discovered a solution to the problem;which soon ends up in the hands of his archenemy; King K. Rool!
7 Aug. 1997
Bluster's Sales Ape-stravaganza
When Candy convinces Cranky to be the spokesperson of Bluster's Promo ad;everything seems to be running on schedule...that is;until Donkey Kong and Diddy accidentally give Cranky a dose of Sleeping Tonic which makes Cranky fall asleep -- indefinitely! And if that's not bad enough;they lose Cranky's body;which means Candy might lose her job. In the mantime;K. Rool and Klump are using the Secret Weapon Dungi Barrel to attempt to steal the Crystal Coconut.
18 Sep. 1997
When Krusha and Klump steal one of DK and Diddy's "Banana Phones" (the jungle version of the "Walkie-talkie");they believe they have found the perfect way to spy on our heroes and eaves-drop their way into stealing the Crystal Coconut once and for all. But DK and Diddy one-up their scaly foes by playing a practical joke on them and "discussing" the shiny "amulet" that is "even more powerful than the coconut and is hidden in the Forbidden Forest!" When Cranky hears of DK and Diddy's horsing around;he endeavors to teach them a lesson about how NOT FUN practical jokes ...
13 Nov. 1997
To the Moon, Baboon
Donkey Kong comes up with an amazing way to carve a place in history for Kongo Bongo: to send a time capsule to the moon filled with all sorts of artifacts from everyone who lives there so that future generations can see what kind of island it really was! But there's just one problem. Well;two actually. The first problem is that Bluster is put in charge of the mission (after all;he is the only one with an actual rocket!). The second problem is that DK cannot think of anything really important to put in the capsule! All of his ideas pale in comparison to everyone ...
9 Oct. 1997
Baby Kong Blues
When Donkey Kong and Diddy comment on how easy taking care of Baby Kong looks;Candy and Dixie decide to put them to the test and teach them a lesson about what a responsibility babysitting can be! Left alone with the baby;our heroes find out just how wrong they were when Baby Kong falls into the hands of none other than King K. Rool! And to everyone's surprise;King K. Rool is thrilled to have a little heir to his throne of evil! Donkey Kong and Diddy have to come up with a solution fast...not only to save face with the girls;but to save Baby Kong from a horrible ...
21 Aug. 1997
The Legend of the Crystal Coconut
Donkey Kong is a young ape who lives in Kongo-Bongo. He founds the magical ancient Crystal Coconut which gives DK one wish. He wished for banana's. But these were magic banana's to fight the Kremlings in the Island. DK found the crystal coconut in the temple of the Inka Dink Doo and said he is going to be the Future Ruler of the Island. But the evil, fat, old alligator, King K. Rool, the King of Kremlings, wants to be the King of Kongo Bongo island, so he tries to steal it with his General Klump, his very, very, VERY dumb body-guard Krusha and his army of Kritters ...
3 Sep. 1997
Cranky's Tickle Tonic
When Eddie the Mean Old Yeti keeps all the Kongo Bongoians awake at nights with his relentless "club banging";Cranky creates a Tickle Tonic to cheer him up. Unfortunately;while Cranky goes on a mission to deliver it;Donkey Kong and Diddy accidentally cast a spell on the Crystal Coconut;enabling the Coconut to "float" ...eventually floating right into King K. Rool's hands!

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