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Heart Melter

Author: staisil2 from Wisconsin
1 January 2004

When this movie came on, I was glued to the seat. It's one of those movies that you feel like you are right there and can identify with and feel for the characters. A movie that shows women independence and true love is one that you will need a tissue for, no doubt. 8 out of 10.

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Brava Ms. Thompson!

Author: AnnieCian ( from Canada
10 May 2006

I have seen these miniseries on TV when it first came out, and for years I have been searching avidly for a copy. Finally I could obtain it. It is a very uplifting experience, a great plot and a gripping story that moves through the generations and one that carries a very high emotional impact on the audience. But most of all I admired Ms. Lea Thompson's superb performance although she was in the company of a very talented and superior cast. I have always seen her in comedy and the stellar dramatic performance that she has brought to the screen with this work is truly exceptional and genuine proof that she is indeed a versatile actress with a very rare talent.

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DVD spoiled by lack of captions

Author: emuir-1 from United States
24 February 2012

Being hearing impaired, I need captions so I can follow what is being said. I'm not sure when the DVD was released or where and when I acquired it, but as this was a fairly recent series it would not have been too much to expect it to come with captions. The loud music on the sound track swelling every time anything dramatic was happening ruined any chance that I might have had of catching the words. As more people age and their hearing diminishes, filmmakers need to be aware that background music drowns out dialog. I kept having to ajdust the sound between barely audible speech and blasting brass instruments.

The acting was pure soap opera. The moment Lea Thompson's character came across the dark haired photographer he could have had 'vile seducer' tattooed on his forehead. Although Lea Thompson aged beautifully during the saga, no one else did until the very end.

Overall, the men were seducers, bullies and drunks and the women were victims or just plain selfish and no one was more selfish than the lead character. It might have lent the story more credibility if the noble doctor whom she married to give her child a name had been played by a less handsome man than John Shea. What were his reasons for marrying her anyway. Was he a masochist who reveled in noble sacrifice? The pacing was also very uneven and galloped along, especially at the end where events of "ten years later" had less than two minutes of screen time. Stories were begun and dropped. Was the heroine in prison after the HUAC hearings? What happened to Pearson her bullying son in law? Why did she never return to where she had been raised? The sound bite pacing indicated that the film was adapted from a book, which maybe I should try and find.

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Have a Hanky Ready

Author: Jalea from USA
1 January 2003

Overall, I enjoyed this mini-series. The characters weeped a lot and there was plenty of melodrama. However, the message of the movie was clear which is that being true to yourself and personal principles is essential. This is a series that is about strong-willed women, whether they are that way from the outset or become that way over time. Pre- and post war periods and how it changed women's roles are addressed here.

It is work checking out although it is, as I said before on the weepy preachy side.

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A tidbit from an insider..

Author: Shantulip from United States
17 January 2009

I was an extra in this film. They just used me for one day..a scene shot in the Sheldon theater.

It was a great 13 hour day.

What an experience! Faye Dunaway was a mess...could not remember her lines for anything.

We all knew them and were shouting them at her.

She wasn't happy with that. Loved the movie...of course!

St.Louis was the main shooting spot for this film and i think everything turned out great!

I was one of the many women sitting in that hot room with period piece hairstyles, chanting "Our bodies belong to us...our bodies belong to us!"

I had to buy this on DVD.

It was hard to find, but well worth it!

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Overall good movie.

Author: Nikki4195 from Texas
25 February 2007

Historical inaccuracies aside, I think this is a wonderful movie for women. It's a TV miniseries so the acting is not Oscar worthy, but it is an overall good movie with something to say. I watch this with my mother at least once every couple months. It shows women who are determined, strong-willed, independent and driven. This was quite unusual for the time period the movie is set in. It transits well throughout the years it is set and I found myself crying in the end. I love how it shows different and important times for women throughout history. I also liked how it shows the role women played throughout world war one and world war two. Lea Thompson overacts at times and when she is supposed to be playing a 17 year old it is just obvious that she is not. I would recommend every female to watch this movie just once and form your own opinion about it.

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I don't get it

Author: adam-1009 from Poland
2 March 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Personally I've watched it because of Lea Thompson's appearance and I didn't really expect to enjoy the movie as such, but surprisingly I kept watching it until the end.

Let's face it - it just one of the saga-like stories and isn't particularly original or entertaining, but strangely it just keeps you by the TV. My opinion about Will of Their Own would be much better if there wouldn't be one point that I just don't get.

There is lovely and really touchy scene in which Lea Thompson's character is running on the street holding baby in her arms, the snow is falling, she is cold, scared, and has no place to stay, she doesn't know what to do next. And then about 10-12 years later, when things are better for her, she just leaves the same kid without any warning to take up the career she was dreaming about.

I just don't get it - I don't see how is it possible that she would do such thing, it was the opposite action to all that she done so far in her life when all that she was doing was aimed on that child survival. After this character flip I just couldn't enjoy rest of the movie.

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This was an awesome movie!

Author: colefamily from USA
1 January 2003

A great movie for girls to watch and mothers and daughters! A model for us to remember how much we've overcome and how one woman really does change the world! This movie moved along well with great performances and a wonderful cast! It was a tear jerker at the end! I can't wait to watch it again!

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Loved it

Author: Ebony Lovelace (
23 July 2001

Another wonderful movie that is not being released on video. why don't these people get with it. A wonderful story of women, strong women. Who wouldn't want to see that over again. I loved this movie please someone get them to release it.

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Great variety movie

Author: Krystle Bruggeman ( from PA, USa
20 March 1999

I loved this movie. It had Drama, a slice of comedy now and then, Romance, action. Everything I like in one mini-series. I hope it comes out on video or they show it again. I even bought the book,"A Will of Their Own" by Susan Richards Shreve. The movie was kind of based on Shreve's Daughter's of the New World, but it is unlike the series.

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