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Season 1

9 Jun. 1999
War Zone
Capt. Matthew Gideon assembles the crew that will be with him on the experimental starship Excalibur. Their mission: explore the reaches of space to find a cure for the deadly Drakh virus that will overrun Earth in five years.
16 Jun. 1999
The Long Road
Gideon mediates between Earth miners and the residents of a planet containing a virus-fighting mineral--and a fire-breathing dragon.
23 Jun. 1999
The Well of Forever
Galen persuades Gideon to seek a mystical crossroads. An investigator probes Matheson's mind.
30 Jun. 1999
The Path of Sorrows
A mysterious sphere prompts Gideon and the others to relive traumatic moments from their past.
7 Jul. 1999
Patterns of the Soul
Gideon must deport a colony of renegade humans. Dureena finds a lost tribe of her people.
14 Jul. 1999
Ruling from the Tomb
Gideon and Lochley must prevent a doomsday cult from killing everyone at a virus conference on Mars.
21 Jul. 1999
The Rules of the Game
The Excalibur goes to Babylon 5 so that Gideon can meet with an ambassador for permission to go to a planet that might have technology that can help Earth. But the ambassador refuses and Gideon is not going to accept it. And Ellerson runs into his ex-wife, who is in trouble with a loan shark. When he pays him off, he feels she owes him more. Anf goes to great lengths to collect.
28 Jul. 1999
Appearances and Other Deceits
Gideon must outwit an alien consciousness that takes over the Excalibur's crew.
4 Aug. 1999
Racing the Night
Gideon and crew find themselves trapped by an alien civilization using sinister methods to seek a cure for the same Drakh virus that attacked Earth.
11 Aug. 1999
The Memory of War
Galen warns Gideon not to explore a planet where the inhabitants were suddenly eradicated.
18 Aug. 1999
The Needs of Earth
Gideon conducts an illegal raid to free a fugitive with information that could save Earth.
25 Aug. 1999
Visitors from Down the Street
Two persecuted alien investigators believe that Earth is covertly invading them.
1 Sep. 1999
Each Night I Dream of Home
The Excalibur picks up a Senator who comes on board with a guy. He then instructs them to go to Earth but doesn't tell them why. Along the way they pick up a distress call from Lochley who is trapped in space. They pick her up over the Senator's objections. When they reach Earth a vessel comes out of Earth and explodes and a life pod comes out. The Senator tells them to bring it on board. And when they do, they discover that an experiment is being planned to take place on the ship.

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