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Chicago Sun-Times
A preposterous plot, but it's not about a plot, it's about acting.
Baltimore Sun
It's just another modest, unsurprising little heist flick. So why is it so much fun? Newman.
Portland Oregonian
A light, old-fashioned, likable film that capitalizes on the personae of its three key performers and a sort of playfulness.
Entertainment Weekly
I don't know that Where the Money Is would work at all were it not for what we, the audience, bring into the theater.
Charlotte Observer
Maybe this is a case of too many cooks spoiling a simple broth: The movie had four producers, five executive producers, three writers (credited ones, anyhow) and three editors.
New York Daily News
The film makers are so anxious to please their audience that they turn the last act into a preposterous cat-and-mouse game that nullifies the integrity of the story.
There's very little here that rises above the level of a competent straight-to-video picture, except that whenever Paul Newman and Linda Fiorentino are onscreen together they create something special.
Los Angeles Times
The only way the film could have had a prayer of working--and thereby tapping its stars' considerable strengths--is by taking a much harder edge and going for dark, even bleak humor.
Chicago Reader
This caper movie starts off as enjoyable guff before turning strictly formulaic and winding up as unenjoyable guff.
Village Voice
A caper film hardly worthy of his (Newman's) presence.

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