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7 Mar. 1994
Nieuwe buren
Sylvia de Jong moves from Friesland to Utrecht and gets a job at the local TV station as an assistant producer. But the married man she's been waiting for for the last ten years follows her to ask her back.
14 Mar. 1994
U bent mijn moeder
Roos refuses to see her mother, Mrs. Inge Steenmeyer, so Sylvia ends up having the woman stay with her for several days.
21 Mar. 1994
Gez. Asst./Vr.
When the news report is expanded to a full hour, Sylvia is allowed to take on an assistant. Unfortunately, Nanette talks her into being hired.
28 Mar. 1994
Het doek valt in Utrecht
Rudy has been trying to get his play on stage for years and not thanks to Fred he's getting his chance. Sylvia agrees to play a part, but only because it's based on her in the first place.
4 Apr. 1994
Je mag 'm hebben
Sylvia invites a young cameraman (who is also her bosses' nephew) to dinner and ends up fighting off his advances.
11 Apr. 1994
Alle hens aan dek
Put in charge of the station's election coverage, Sylvia is put to the test when a blizzard completely suspends election results and newscaster Fred Cordoba us forced to improvise.
18 Apr. 1994
Mevrouw de Jong
Roos decides that she and Sylvia need to double date. So she invites a man she recently hit with her car for herself and an old acquaintance of Sylvia who can't stop gushing about her.
25 Apr. 1994
Schikken of voorkomen
Sylvia is very nervous about a visit from the tax man and ends up going on a date with him.
2 May 1994
Het geluk is met de dommen
Everybody at the TVU Television station is excited about being nominated for the local newscasters award, the 'Golden Dom'.
9 May 1994
Volgende keer beter
Roos persuades Sylvia that they both join a club for divorced people (despite neither of them being eligible) so they can win a trip to Paris.
16 May 1994
SOS Nieuwslezer
Nannette asks if Sylvia can get Fred Cordoba to speak at her women's club, with disastrous results for all involved.
23 May 1994
Toulouse Lautrec is mijn favoriete schilder
When Sylvia interviews an author because Fred is ill, she accepts to go out on a date with the man before noticing that the man is quite a bit shorter than her.
30 May 1994
Afscheid nemen is opnieuw beginnen
Sylvia is offered a better paying job at the VARA, but doesn't really want to say goodbye to her colleagues at TVU.

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