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Here's What Bob Saget and Dave Coulier Said When They Finally Got to Go Back to the Real Full House House

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When Fuller House comes back this month, it won't be the most nostalgic thing to happen in the Full House fandom. That's because earlier this month, it was revealed that show creator Jeff Franklin bought the real house in San Francisco. His first order of business was having the cast of Fuller House promote the new season of the Netflix hit at the actual house (well, sort of: the exteriors were shot at the house, while the interior is on an La set). In front of the San Francisco Victorian, I chatted with original Full House cast members Bob Saget and Dave Coulier, who expressed as much, if not more, nostalgia for being with their costars at the house. Popsugar: What are the feelings being at this house, the real Full House house? Dave Coulier: Well, it's 30 years later. I don't know how many shows get to go back in time like this.
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Exclusive: Dolly Parton Reflects on 50 Years in Showbiz: 'It Makes You Feel Proud' and 'Old'

Exclusive: Dolly Parton Reflects on 50 Years in Showbiz: 'It Makes You Feel Proud' and 'Old'
Dolly Parton is gearing up for another Golden anniversary.

Less than one year after celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary with husband Carl Dean, Parton will celebrate the 50th anniversary of her debut album, Hello, I'm Dolly, in February. To help her get ready for the occasion, Et caught up with the living legend in Nashville on Thursday to reflect on her five decades in the spotlight.

"It makes you feel proud. It makes you feel old, but it makes you feel like you might have done something good in your life," the 70-year-old superstar said. "Just being a part of country music after all these years, I feel like I've been here a long time."

It's no surprise that Parton has achieved such massive career longevity. During her first Et sit-down in 1982, the "Jolene" singer told us: "I will never retire, I like the work!"

Watch: Reese Witherspoon Met Her Idol Dolly Parton and 'Nearly Passed Out' When
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Can You Pick Out the Fake Lana Del Rey Song Titles?

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Can You Pick Out the Fake Lana Del Rey Song Titles?
Lana Del Rey, my favorite almost-Oscar nominee of the past few years, is about to deliver her second album "Ultraviolence" on June 13. The moody vocalist is a distinct songwriter with a taste for memorable titles, which brings us to today's challenge: Can you find the 10 real songs on "Ultraviolence" from this list of 25 titles?  We've left off "Ultraviolence" since that's the name of the title, but Lana's 10 other songs on the album are buried in this list. Can you name them? See how you do.    1. Painted Lady 2. West Coast 3. Black Bandanna  4. Boulevard 5. Sad Girl 6. Pretty When You Cry 7. Old Money 8. Money Power Glory 9. Femme Noir 10. Cemetery Light  11. Gunplay 12. Soap Star Joe 13. Lips Like Knives 14. Happier Than I Can Say 15. His Friends are More Than Fond of Robin 16. Cruel World 17. He's a Dancer 18. F*cked My Way Up to the Top 19. Brooklyn Baby 20. Paris By Night 21. Stars are Blind 22. Would
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Recap – Persons Unknown 1.2 "The Edge"

If you missed last week's premier of Persons Unknown, check out my review here.

This week's episode, "The Edge," begins on the interior of one of the empty hotel rooms. The blinds rise mechanically as the camera zooms out to the town square. Cut to the hotel lobby where Joe is lying face-down on the bar. Moira (who is evidently a surgeon, too) is removing the biometric implant embedded in Joe's leg. Without anesthetic, and witha lot of screaming, Moira successfully removes the implants from all of the Captives (does this moniker work for everyone?). With the devices removed, Joe and McNair try to test the border of the town. With Joe tied to a rope so he can be pulled back from any possible danger, Joe walks past the point he previously collapsed. While he marks out the extending border, Janet takes a private second to reread her fortune,
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