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Charming lost jewel of stop-motion
Raymond Tucker18 March 2007
A Cantinflan-esquire hero named 'Pepito' woos a Latina beauty, but learns that one must be careful what they ask for, since they just might receive it! I saw a rough print (sadly, all that survives) thanks to historian Jerry Beck's Cartoon Brew. I'm stunned at the quality of this delightful stop motion short (made using replacement figures; IE: a separate figure or limb for each frame of movement) which gives the animation a rubbery quality that's absent from techniques which use jointed figures. Scored by Disney composer Paul Smith, miniature sets designed by Bernyce Polifk (whose minimalist designs grace many later WB cartoons) figure work was carried out by veterans of Disney and George Pal's Puppetoons, I can't recommend this film highly enough.
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