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A nice sound track.
Terry-2311 February 2001
That's about the only good thing about this film. Set as one giant flashback as told by drug dealer/poet "Dipper" as he sits in a police interrogation. Everyone has great nick names like "T-Bone", "Nick the Stick" and "Big Fats".

Dipper tells the story about how he get contacted by this "wanna-be" crook named Billy (the only character, it seems, without a nickname). Of course, everyone is trying to double-cross everyone else and in the end "Dipper" is left holding the bag.

The biggest problem is the parts that "Dipper" is supposed be describing when he isn't even in the room where the action takes place. Then there are unneeded scenes with "T-Bone" and his girl "Mo".

Even with all that, they couldn't come up with enough dialog or action to make a full length movie, so they throw in scans of the city in what seems like every 10 minutes.

The of course there is the diamond, which is supposed to be worth $180,000. Give me a break! If that diamond was more then 2 carats (in the movie they save 8 or 9) it's not by much.

Given all that, Robert Patorelli does a decent job as T-Bone, as does Glenn Plummer in the role of "Dipper". And of course, Brion James always plays a good psycho.

The story is tired, the dialog is poor, the plot is full of holes and the ending you can see from a mile away, which is how far you should stay from this movie.
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This movie just sucks
drummyralf10 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I was hoping for a nice little action movie with a diamond being stolen from some impossible-to-reach place. Boy was I wrong. The biggest problem was that this movie takes itself so seriously. Halfway in the movie, I was thinking I was seeing a comedy movie. The whole feel of this movie just screams "bad comedy" There is never a moment when you feel really tense. This movie doesn't draw you into the story, or makes you feel you are there. Instead it's just a weird story that just kind of happens, and you are just there and being bored about it.

The scene were Abbie gets dressed as a woman and receives threats from T-Bone? That was just laughable. This movie is trying to be so serious, yet it's all so unrealistic and so laughable. With some adjustments, this movie could actually have worked as a comedy. And that's not a compliment for a thriller.

And then there's the soundtrack. The music is good, but most of the time it doesn't fit at all. Again, with all the scenes where Abbie is getting all frightened by T-Bone and Nick-The-Stick(horrible names...)The way the actors act is like a comedy. You don't believe for a second that all the things T-Bone is saying is for real. However, the music tells you otherwise. The music is like: "Something is going to happen! Wait for it! Wait for it!" All that suspense, and nothing really happens.

Just believe me... One not worth seeing. It's not funny enough to be a comedy, and it's not tense enough to be a thriller. There's not enough action to be an action movie, and the dialogue doesn't keep you watching either. It just sucks.
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