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Decent thriller
Ed Uthman12 September 1999
On the face of it, INTERLOCKED (as titled on cable) is a cheap sexploitation fed to fans of the soap opera, "The Bold and the Beautiful" whose cast members populate this film. The opening scenes feature the signature prolonged (but not especially titillating) sex scenes one associates with Playboy Channel soft-porn productions. However, if the viewer will just stick with it, this turns out to be a pretty tense thriller with a good cast. Jeff Trachta is effective in his transformation from the self-confident golden child to the tortured wrongfully accused man whose life has been ruined. Schae Harrison is equally good at going from charming flirt to murderous ueber-bitch. This is definitely worth a viewing.
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A regular plot with a bad cast
rcltasman23 March 2001
Even though I think this movie doesn't deserve more than a 4 out of 10, I'd say that with just a little more dedication from the director and a better-chosen cast (maybe real actors instead of soap opera stars), this movie could have been saved to become at least somehow entertaining. Yet some of the actors seem to try so hard to play their roles as well as possible that they overact it. Others, in exchange, act as if they were reading every line directly from a script. And not to mention the goofs -like the birth of a baby that is evidently more than three weeks old, just as an example- and plot holes that a good director would have never left in a movie.

If you try to look over those details, I think that you could enjoy this 90-minute movie, as the story is nonetheless interesting.
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Makes the grade, but not with especially high marks.
Hermit C-21 September 2000
We've seen dozens of movies redo the "Fatal Attraction" theme and this one doesn't add anything original or memorable to what has gone before. On the other hand, Schae Harrison, Jeff Trachta and some of the supporting cast put a great deal of effort forth into making this a watchable film, and that pays off. Fans of the erotic thriller type of movie most likely will find it entertaining to various degrees.
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the worst
Mario Pio15 June 2008
i've watched this movie (movie?) casually and i've never stop watching because is so ridiculous any dog can play this act and will be better then the actors (actors?)of this bad remake of the Fatal Attraction there is no directing, no playing, only an unlucky copy of the Adrian Lyne movie if you have doubt to suicide watch this and you can choose...for "yes"

i can't imagine people that went to cinema to see this rubbish; maybe someone that had an empty afternoon and choose the first cinema near house to stay 2 hours with some others to forget problems but it's hard to go back home relaxed
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Surprisingly Fun
ajsvideo7 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Caught this on cable. Thought it was another soft core TV movie, but it really surprised me. Great leading cast, especially Trachta and Harrison. Both were very believable. Several very intense moments and some funny ones, too. I also thought the girl who played Trachta's assistant was a special stand out. The scene where he confronts her about her crush on him is pretty hilarious. I was surprised there was so much humor in it, but it balanced the more intense scenes nicely. The story was compelling. There were a couple of twists and turns that I didn't see coming -- another nice surprise. I really thought that cat was going to get it when I first saw it. Animals usually don't fare so well in this kind of thing. All in all, very classy and well made for a B thriller.
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