10 Things I Hate About You (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

shrew school
dating rebel
love feminist
tutor goth
mansion dancing
doctor montage
music store security guard
friendship interracial friendship
unrequited love juvenile delinquent
bully comeuppance jock
geek white male pretending to be black
clique boyfriend girlfriend relationship
woman punching a man bribery
betrayal seattle washington
product placement cafeteria
subtitled scene library
laboratory bar
biker englishman abroad
high school principal high school teacher
teen angst battle of the sexes
black comedy single father
high school student 1990s
shakespeare adaptation reference to william shakespeare
female protagonist teen comedy
marijuana car
car driving sexual humor
black humor adolescent girl
adolescent boy girl with glasses
woman with glasses feminism
shakespeare adaption modern day adaptation
reference to ernest hemingway reference to fabio
shakespearean quote teenage girl
teenage boy bad poetry
shakespeare in modern dress high school shakespeare adaptation
teenage daughter teen romance
school life opposites attract
misanthrope love triangle
dream girl deception
attraction seattle space needle
teen movie shot in the butt
sister sister relationship shot with an arrow
serenade model
marching band french lesson
football stadium feminine mystique
drunkenness detention
concussion cigarette smoking
bookstore anti smoking
party english literature
dancing on a table guitar
paintball motorcycle
overprotective parent misfit
flasher prom
poetry bloopers during credits
shakespeare's the taming of the shrew pool table
high school bob marley impersonator
resentment vomit
single parent archery
teacher teenager
intolerance father daughter relationship
rastafarian balisong
soccer based on play
number in title

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